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The one who comes now will win

The one who comes now will win

Valery Raenko

Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka Krai

Valery Raenko, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka Territory:

- We consider the creation of territories of advanced development as a qualitatively new stage in the development of the Far East. This is the foundation that will allow to build a strong, modern and investment-attractive building of the Far Eastern economy in the near future. On this account there is a clear position of the country's leadership. There is a political will. There is a draft law on TOR, which the State Duma will consider in the fall. And we have no doubt that the Kamchatka Territory will be included in the program for creating TOP. And this is not only a serious leap forward, it is an opportunity to become a truly powerful growth point in the entire Asia-Pacific region. 

Kamchatka is the richest region that can be extremely interesting for foreign investors. Absolutely all countries of the Asia-Pacific region and Europe today are vitally interested in the development of the Northern Sea Route, and we have the largest ice-free port on this route. We also have huge reserves of minerals and precious metals. Ideal natural conditions for the development of hydro and geoenergy are in Kamchatka. Tourism? Please, here are the most unique natural parks, including those with active volcanoes and hot springs. Of course, for all this to bring investors real money, serious initial investments are needed. But! In the end, the resources of Kamchatka will still begin to work effectively for the economy. It's unavoidable. And then the winner will be the one who comes to explore the territory now, will start to “put down roots” without waiting for numerous strong competitors to appear. And I am sure that the creation of the TOP on the peninsula will be the very impetus that will set the high dynamics of the development of the region, after which this locomotive will no longer be stopped.

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