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Introductory 2017 year

EastRussia counted how many plants will be added to the Far East this year

Introductory 2017 year
2017 year should be revolutionary in terms of starting the work of new industries in the Far East. This follows from the transcript of the recent meeting of Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev with President Vladimir Putin and the report of the Ministry of the Interior for the first half of the year, which shows the data on accumulated investments in mid-July and the forecast before the end of the year. EastRussia understood, many or few enterprises are to be put into operation this year. 


Last Monday, the Kremlin’s website reported
meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin Vice premier - presidential envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev. The official said that in the east of the country declared 637 investment projects at 2,11 trillion rubles. "Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are well aware that these projects still need to be turned into built enterprises, but this work is also underway," the deputy prime minister said. According to him, "until the end of the year the enterprises of enterprises that have been handed over will be 85." And he added one more figure: by the end of 2017, "the amount of private funds already invested in the economy of the Far East will exceed 115 billion."

EastRussia following the statements of Mr. Trutnev carefully studied the presentation of the Ministry for the Development of the Far East, distributed on the eve of investment officers of regional governments. The document contains data on the volume of capital investments for 13 July 2017 and forecast for the end of the year.

It follows from the presentation that by the end of 2017, 88 new enterprises created due to state support measures should appear in the Far East. Directly for 2017-th - 64. 

According to the ministry, this year, by the end of April, 7 new enterprises with an accumulated investment of 0,14 billion rubles were to be introduced. For May - four more objects were handed over, the amount grows to 1,4 billion rubles. For June - another 7 enterprises were handed over, the amount of investments - grows to 11,1 billion rubles. Thus, by the end of June, 42 should become the company.

The largest objects, already introduced in 2015-2016 years within the territories of priority development, Vladivostok Free Port or subsidized infrastructure construction, are as follows:
- the Inaglinsky open-pit mine of the same name GOK, being built by Kolmar in Yakutia, which already gives out 2 million tons of coal per year, total investments in the project - 5,95 billion rubles.
- "TechnoNIKOL" plant for the production of stone wool under Khabarovsk, investments - 2,04 billion rubles,
- pig-breeding complexes "Primorsky bacon", investments - 1,8 billion rubles.
- cement plant LLC "Technology C" in the Amur region, investments - 1 billion rubles.
- Feed mill "Mercy trade" in Primorye, investments - 830 million rubles,
- Prompark "Aviapolis" Yankovsky "in Primorye, investments - 590 million rubles,
- greenhouses JGC Evergreen in Khabarovsk, investments - 560 million rubles,
- water park in Kamchatka, investments - 530 million rubles.


The schedule for entering new enterprises in the Far East is as follows:

Of Enterprises
Enterprises, accumulated total
Investment, billion rubles.
Investments accumulated total, billion rubles.
January June

2016 2017


Two "splashes" of commissioning enterprises in the Far East are understandable.

In September, objects must be commissioned, which can be announced at the next Eastern Economic Forum. 12 enterprises immediately at 75 billion rubles. - it's not bad.

According to EastRussia, among the mined in this perspective, in particular, the GOK at the Natalka deposit in the Magadan region - this is immediately plus 67 billion rubles. Investments. Also by autumn, it is planned to hand over the lumber mill OOO Asia Forest in the Khabarovsk Territory for 6,5 billion rubles. Both projects - implemented for many years now, therefore, investments in them should not be attributed to the achievements of only the "new economic policy" in the Far East. In September, also commissioned the second stage of the greenhouses "Sayuri" in Yakutia (670 million rubles), a multimodal complex in the port of Olga (479 million rubles), marble processing enterprises in Primorye (500 million rubles), a polished diamond production KGK (530 million rubles) and a number of smaller objects.

Finally, December is the month of the traditional active putting into operation of various types of construction projects. 21 enterprise at 25 billion rubles. - good too. The largest of them promise to be the first stage of the RusAgro pig complexes in Primorye (5,6 billion rubles) and Mercy Trade in Sakhalin (2,3 billion rubles), as well as residential neighborhoods for Zvezda superstar employees in Primorye (1,5 billion rubles). ) And the Olginsky plant for the production of block foam glass (1,3 billion rubles). The second stage of greenhouses JGC Evergreen worth about 480 million rubles. Also promised to be delivered by the end of the year - as well as the plant for the production of dry sawn timber RFP Group in Amursk (326 million rubles). 


Another schedule from the ministry’s presentation makes it clear that the Ministry of Eastern Development is hoping not only to keep the dynamics of attracting investments, but also to “overclock” with each new year. For example, by the end of 2018, the accumulated investment should be 316 billion rubles, and the number of new enterprises put into operation should grow to 165. 

In the spring, we recall, Yuri Trutnev stated: "The main start of the launch is, of course, 2017 year, but today we talked about the need to introduce more enterprises at 2017-2018 years, because the economy of the Russian Federation is developing less dynamically , As we would like, and we are also responsible for accelerating development. "

Between the lines it reads: if in 2017-2018 years in the macroregion in the investment plan everything does not "soar", then further may not "fly" at all.

And three more interesting averages. The average annual investment in fixed assets in the Far Eastern Federal District for 2011-2015 years is about 914 billion rubles. The average annual volume of private investment for the same period, according to the estimates of the Ministry of the Interior, is 704 billion rubles. The average annual volume of investments due to new measures of support in 2016-2019 years - 129,5 billion rubles.

It is also noteworthy that in the first quarter, the volume of fixed investment in the Far East reached 172,9 billion rubles. The indicator has grown in comparison with the same period of 2016-th at 10,2%, as with satisfaction and Yuri Trutnev reported to Vladimir Putin. That's just the contribution of new instruments for the development of the Far East in January-March 2017 year was, we recall, 0,14 billion rubles. And this is a little more than 0,8%.

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