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The second youth of Amursk

Impressions of an East Russia correspondent on a trip to the City of Professionals

How to find yourself and believe in a small city? The answer to this question is known by the heroes of EastRussia material. The view of the teacher, the memories of the first builder and the genuine emotions of the youth who are building the future of Amursk today.

The second youth of Amursk
Photo: courtesy of Polymetal

“Five years ago I wanted to leave here, now I like living in my city more and more,” says Tatyana Pilipich, a logistic manager at the Amur Hydrometallurgical Plant (AGMK). - Recently, there are places where you can go with a child. And on my day off, I no longer make travel plans for, say, Komsomolsk-on-Amur to spend money there. Here I can go to the promenade, to the rollerdrome, to the cafe. I have an apartment that I acquired thanks to the company. There is a reason to say "thank you" and be glad that there is, and that there will be more. "

We met Tatyana during the Amur Drive festival hosted by Polymetal on Metallurgist Day. The holiday then gathered more than seven thousand spectators and participants, which is very impressive for a city with a population of 39 thousand. The number of celebrants surprised even law enforcement officers who could not recall a comparable in scale events of recent years.

Although 400 Amur residents work at the plant, many locals already call Amursk the city of metallurgists. In the 2008 year, the Far Eastern city attracted the attention of industry experts. Here Polymetal was laid by the AGMK, the country's first plant, where they began using the autoclave method to extract precious metals from refractory gold-bearing ores. For Russia, this has become a breakthrough technology. And not only in terms of its effectiveness for business, but also environmental safety.

Today, Amursk is both the Polymetal production base in the Far East and the pioneer platform where the company implements new technologies to support the social development of the territory where its employees live. The movement is growing: over 11 years in Amursk, Polymetal invested more than 150 million rubles in social projects, only last year - 38,9 million rubles. With the intensification of work on the construction of the second phase of the AMMC, which has already begun in Amursk, the portfolio of social investments will increase in volume.

With the direct participation of Polymetal, the area of ​​the bus station was improved, a rollerdrome was built, and the Molodist cinema was reconstructed. In 2018, the universal hall of the youth sports school was renovated, and this year the overhaul of the entire building, including the pool, begins. The company assisted in the improvement of the upper area of ​​the city embankment. In 2019, more than 11 million rubles were invested in the renovation of the women's consultation building of the Amur Central District Hospital.

To ensure the operation of the second autoclave line of the AGMK, which Polymetal plans to build and launch in the third quarter of the 2023 of the year, 400 will open vacancies. The main recruitment will begin in 2021-2022. The company intends to maximize the involvement of local residents.

Seeing the prospects for the development of hydrometallurgical production, residents of Amursk enthusiastically look to the future. In this sense, the opinion of the first builders is especially valuable. With one of them, Valentin Makoveev, managed to communicate at a sports festival. He will soon have 80, but he arrived at the construction site in the distant 1958 in the Komsomol package. I saw how not only the strongest hands, but also the most talented heads flocked here from all over the country. History repeats itself.

“The most important thing now is work. Polymetal - well done. They know how to earn money, and they give people such an opportunity. And the city is helped great, of course. They will launch the second stage - the enterprise will be richer, there will be more prosperity, and, therefore, they will invest more in the development of Amursk, ”says Valentin Vasilyevich.

The fact that people are actually returning is not a complacent myth of the local administration or top management of the company. Everyone has their own reasons, it happens, this is a necessary step, like Anna Bykova, who once went to Khabarovsk “closer to civilization”, but returned for family reasons. Now she works at AMMC as an environmental engineer.

“The city is changing, so my peers who now live and work far from Amursk look at the prospect of returning with much less skepticism,” says Anna Bykova.

The girl makes a small excursion into the history of the Khabarovsk Territory. According to her, if Komsomolsk-on-Amur is the City of Youth, then Amursk was called the City of Professionals. A large complex of military-industrial enterprises was planned there.

“When the USSR began to fall apart, many specialists left here. And those who remained ... Was, for example, an engineer, but became a seller. There is no culture. And with the advent of the company in which I now work, specialists began to come here again. Notice, we have a lot of students this year who came to practice? They are from beautiful cities, but there are those who are ready to stay here, ”adds Anna Bykova.

The statistics are not yet very impressive, but encouraging: in the first half of 2019, the population of Amursk increased by 45 people. This happened due to the fact that more people came to the city than left it: in six months, a migration inflow of 216 people was noted. 708 people arrived in the city of Amursk, 492 people left. The emergence of new Amur residents has not yet managed to compensate for the natural population decline, but local residents are rather optimistic: after all, a stork flaunts on the city's coat of arms.

Today 30% of AMMC employees are young specialists under the age of 30. And for young people now there are not only career prospects that open up with the commissioning of the second stage of the plant, there is a unique chance to get a professional education without leaving far from home.

“Now children’s interest in technical professions is growing, because technologies have become more interesting, more progressive,” says Elena Barsukova, director of the Amur Polytechnic College. - The AMMC is provided with completely unique equipment. Schoolchildren are there on excursions, they see it all. They are told what kind of specialists should work on such equipment. It is clear that this captures them. Computer literacy is also growing, and this is important for working on such equipment. The second point is that in secondary vocational education they gain knowledge and specific applied skills. As a result, once at the enterprise, the guys become self-sufficient, successful, get career opportunities. This determines the prestige of the professions that can be obtained within our walls. ”

This year, the college opened a set for a new specialty - "Technology of analytical control of chemical compounds." The number of applications exceeded the group capacity in 25 people.

Elena Barsukova proudly tells how pleased she is at Polymetal corporate events to see her graduates among those who receive prizes and awards. Moreover, as noted by the head of the only institution of secondary vocational education in Amursk today, decent work, recognition, and the possibility of growth are stimulating. At the enterprises that make up Polymetal, the process of selecting and promoting promising personnel is well established.

“Our students have several practitioners, from the second year they begin to work in industrial enterprises. Not everyone is taken. After all, in production, not only skills are important, there are teamwork, teamwork, responsibility, labor discipline. Technology slobs do not forgive. We immediately tell our students that they must take this into account, and then they can apply for a job, ”emphasizes Elena Barsukova.

The graduate of the technical school - laboratory assistant-ecologist Lyubov Soloviev, the staff of the laboratory of the AMMC noticed in practice.

“We immediately realized that she was our man! The AMMC is not only looking at professional skills. It is important for us that a person wants to learn, love his job, ”Anna Bykova explains. - Lyuba is determined to develop and get a higher education. Later we learned that she is also an athlete and invited to the team. ”

“I like it at the AMMC. There are clear career prospects, an excellent team, the work itself is to my liking, ”Lyubov admits.

In Amursk, competitions are held all year round in various sports, in addition, the enterprise team travels to other cities. Once Love defended the honor of a school in district competitions, now the honor of an enterprise in inter-regional tournaments.

“I did a lot of things: table tennis, chess, football, volleyball, basketball, powerlifting. I like sport very much. I can’t sit still. I like this rhythm of life, ”the graduate admits.

She relates to professional development, as well as to sports: she wants to be faster, stronger, to climb the career ladder higher. In a small quiet Amursk, she does not live a measured life.

“In my opinion, anyone is interested in growth and development. It’s important to understand what you want and move forward towards your plan, ”says Lyubov Solovyova.

Accurate career guidance among potential employees of Polymetal enterprises is also one of the important areas in the company's work with personnel. How valuable it is to determine the future profession in time, from experience 26-year-old apparatchik - a fifth-rate hydrometallurgist Sergey Dunsky knows - the best hydrometallurgist according to the results of the last professional skill contest.

“I went after school in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, studied programming in economics. Then the army. He returned home - could not find a job. I went to the Amur hydrometallurgical plant. At first he was a third-rank sampler. And then he went on, ”says Sergei Dunsky.

That same "move on", according to Sergei, spurred the factory bosses. He was given a detailed picture of what can be achieved in the company, and he was given the direction of training. The AMMC independently conducts work on certification, re-certification and advanced training of personnel on the basis of its own training center. In his arsenal are licenses for 52 training programs.

“Now I clearly see the prospects. “I definitely want to connect my future life with Polymetal, whether in Amursk or, if necessary, in another region where our enterprises are located,” explains Sergey Dunsky. - I like the organization of work - from the sampler to the leader - each in its own place. Here is the team. If something does not work out, they will help on the spot or send them to study. And most importantly, Polymetal is a growing organization, preparing to build a second autoclave leaching line, it is very interesting from the point of view of the technological process and my profession. I want to see what happens, and here everyone is ready to work for maximum opportunities. "

Thanks to the construction of the second autoclave line in Amursk, Vladislav Maksimenko, engineer of the production department of the Amur branch of Polymetal, turned out to be. Him 23. He is a builder by profession.

“I considered participation in such a grandiose construction a great opportunity to return to Amursk and develop as a specialist,” says Vladislav Maksimenko.

After university, he received a seductive invitation to play in Kazan “Unix” and become a professional athlete, but chose the company “Polymetal”. He himself does not hide that he is a patriot of Amursk, where he was born and raised.

With the expansion of the company's presence, the city becomes more dynamic, and people are more oriented towards success, self-development. Already now, an environment is being formed in Amursk that is pulling small businesses towards development: restaurants, cafes, and fitness centers are appearing. Polymetal expects that the development of the Amur hydrometallurgical plant will give impetus to the development of the city as a whole. In many ways, this positive energy is spread by specific people: it penetrates into the circle of their communication in the gym, at the parent's meeting at school, or simply in the neighborhood.

“I was in Amursk for the first time in December 2007. Of course, the city was much darker and more desolate than now. Over these 12 years, both the social sphere and the general appearance of the city have undergone significant positive changes. As for the residents, it was quite quiet, sad and, I am not afraid of this word, hopeless. And now this is a young city that looks with confidence and enthusiasm into the future, ”says Vitaliy Nesis, General Director of Polymetal JSC.

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