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"All new hotels will be filled"

Kamchatka Territory in the near future will be ready to receive up to a million tourists

Klyuchevskaya Sopka and Valley of Geysers, Avachinsky Bay and Cliffs "Three Brothers", dizzying landscapes and pristine lagoons ... Thousands of Russian and foreign tourists dream of seeing the unique beauty of Kamchatka with their own eyes. It was always difficult and expensive to realize this dream. But in the near future the situation will change. Creation of territories for advanced development and the Free Port Vladivostok opens new prospects for the tourist industry of the Kamchatka Territory.

"All new hotels will be filled"

One of the main factors hampering the development of tourism in the region was the underdevelopment of the transport infrastructure, and, first of all, the absence of a modern air terminal. Built in Soviet times, more than half a century ago, the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was not designed for a large flow of passengers, and even more so from abroad. He received international status and was able to receive flights from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region only in 1995 year.

Today, the air gate of Kamchatka is open only for a small part of those who want to go through them. The airport serves only about 650 passengers per year. And the share of international flights is scanty. Therefore, in August, a competition was held for the construction of a new building of the international airport terminal. The winner was the company “Airports of the Regions”, which deserved authority in its market segment.

- We have already developed and approved a very unusual and interesting architectural concept for the future air terminal. About a month ago, an investment agreement was signed, which structured the timing of the project and determines the responsibility of its participants. Now we are holding a tender for the choice of the project organization, which will prepare the documentation necessary for the commencement of construction. In the near future, the competition will be completed, - explains Yevgeny Krasikov, Director for Strategic Communications of JSC UK "Airports of Regions". - And in the next, 2018 year, construction of the terminal will begin. We plan that in 2021, all work will be completed and a new terminal will be opened.

Yevgeny Krasikov is convinced: as soon as Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport gets the opportunity to serve international flights to the world standards, with the proper speed and quality, the flow of tourists from abroad will start to grow rapidly. After all, the absence of an adequate airport infrastructure is one of the factors restraining not only the increase in passenger traffic, but also the development of inbound tourism.

"When a new international terminal is built, with a modern border crossing point and all the necessary infrastructure, we will see an increase in passenger traffic - in the future up to a million passengers a year. Not at once, of course, not the next day. And not even for the next few months. But within a few years we will quickly reach this figure. After all, today passenger traffic is growing year after year, although its growth is hampered by the lack of modern airport infrastructure. We see great interest from tourists from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese, Koreans, Japanese - many would like to see this unique place on the planet Earth. After all, the Kamchatka Territory has a really great tourist potential, and above all from the point of view of ecological tourism.

According to the project developed by the "Airports of the regions" project, a new air terminal of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will become more than just a transport hub. From the side it will be similar to the luminous crater of a huge volcano. Part of the "slopes" will occupy the passenger terminal, and the rest - the hotel 4-star level and the shopping and office area.

- This project is interesting precisely because the hotel and trade and office area will be integrated with the passenger terminal, - says Yevgeny Krasikov. - Understanding the needs of the Kamchatka Territory in the developed tourist infrastructure, and not only transport infrastructure, we decided not to limit ourselves to the construction of the terminal, but to create a new tourist cluster in the region. In the urgency of its appearance, we have no doubt. We see that today there is a certain deficit of a quality room fund in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky itself, which means that a hotel of decent quality will be in demand. Do not stand idle and a venue for business events.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, for the time being, indeed, it is difficult to adequately receive guests. But again, just for now. In the capital of the region, world-class hotels are already being built, which will provide the necessary level of comfort to the most demanding guests - both from other regions of the country and from abroad. One of the five-star hotels in the very center of the city will be built by the Vityaz-Aero company, which has become a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok.

"This hotel will be the first hotel of this level in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky," says Olga Hodosova, a representative of the Vityaz-Avto holding, which includes Vityaz-Aero LLC, with pride. - After all, we are building not just a modern hotel with good rooms and interior design, but a whole hotel complex. There will be a business center, a conference room at 600 seats, a fitness center with a large 25-meter pool, a SPA center and a Korean-style bath, restaurants, entertainment facilities and convenient parking - all that Russian and foreign tourists may need . Construction is active, the deadline for the first phase of the facility is 2018 year.

The hotel, being built on the picturesque promenade of Kultuchny Lake, in walking distance from the historic center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, will surprise the guests not only with the level of service, but also with the appearance. It will look like a volcano and promises to become a new landmark of the capital of the volcano peninsula. The total area of ​​the future complex of variable number of storeys - about 28 thousand square meters. meters. 
Just two hotels for demanding tourists are already building in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and the company "Russian Yard" - a developer with 26-year experience in the regional construction market. The first hotel will open very soon - to the New 2018 year.

"There are already no vacant rooms in it, everything has been booked," says Nikolai Voronov, general director of Russky Dvor LLC. - Therefore, we are already building a second hotel, on 25 numbers. It will open in May 2019 year. Five floors of eight have already been built. On the ninth, the basement, there will be a laundry. On the ground floor there is a restaurant. The interior of the rooms is designed by designers from France, they will also select furniture. Everything will be at the level of modern standards. In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky today almost all hotel rooms are tiny - 16 meters along with the toilet. You come with the luggage - and there is no room left. The legacy of trade unions. At the same time, the cost is 100 dollars per day. And our rooms will be spacious, according to 40 "squares". In each - a huge dressing room, where you can place all the luggage, a bed of a normal size, sofas, armchairs, shower, bath ... Everything that should be in a good hotel 4-star level. And our numbers will not be worth more than the tiny, Soviet times. I always choose Holiday Inn hotels on my trips, I like them. And the designers put the task that our hotel is not inferior to the hotels of this international network in terms of level.

Nikolay Voronov is so confident in the prospects of a new direction for the "Russian Court" that he does not intend to stop. In the short term, he plans to build not two hotels, but a whole network of hotels. Then - a recreation center with hotels and sports grounds. And also - a business center with its own parking. A company has already been created that will take up this project and become a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok.

In the capital of Kamchatka, today hotels of medium price range are being built, designed for budget tourists. One of them will appear next year in the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. From the windows there will be a panoramic view of the central part of the city, Avacha Bay and Kultuchnoe Lake.

- Term of putting the hotel into operation - 1 June 2018 year. The building has already been put on cadastral records, the stage of its readiness is 50%. Completely finished exterior decoration, - explains the individual entrepreneur Igor Agafonov, engaged in the implementation of the project. - The hotel will have four VIP-level rooms and 32 economy class rooms. The area of ​​budget rooms - 18 sq. M. meters, each will have everything you need for living, such as a bathroom with a shower and high-speed Wi-Fi. The hotel will also have a restaurant with a spacious dining room area of ​​96 square. meters.

Competition with the giants being built nearby, the future owner of a small hotel is not afraid. Igor Agafonov believes that any, even the most modest hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will be in demand. In this, the businessman was convinced on the example of a friend who owns a tiny hotel for only six rooms. "It is constantly packed to capacity. And all the new, still under construction hotels will be filled. The crisis is moving away, and more and more people are beginning to come to Kamchatka. After all, we have where to look. There are really many beautiful places. "
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