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Doctor from the Pole of Cold: Here I am calm and happy

Yakutsk doctor considers work in his native village better than in the capital of the republic

Doctor Lyubov Zakharova works in the coldest place in the world - the village of Oymyakon in the north of Yakutia. The young woman is sure: she was lucky, and in her native village she lives a real life.

Doctor from the Pole of Cold: Here I am calm and happy
Photo: Semen Sivtsev

The young doctor arrived in the village of Delgey in the Olekminsky district with a population of about 500 people in the fall of 2013. She did this voluntarily immediately after completing an internship at the Medical Institute of the North-Eastern Federal University.

“I am from a simple family, we did not have doctors in the family, but my mother always dreamed of becoming a doctor. Probably, this played a role, and my twin brother and I entered the medical field, ”recalls Love.

The husband went to serve in the army, the child was left with the parents of the spouse in the village of Abaga in the same area. The distance between the two settlements is about 100 km, however, in the absence of roads, this stretch of route becomes difficult, says Love.

In addition to the village of Delgay, the young woman had to lead two more nearby villages - Daban (900 inhabitants) and Inniakh (100 people). In the hospital, in addition to her, a paramedic works.

“I remember it took me a very long time. First on a "rocket", then on a boat. The village is like a fairytale: small square houses with windows, small courtyards. I was young, dressed somehow childishly. Probably, they were waiting for a respectable doctor, and I arrived, ”the doctor recalls.

We met yesterday's student warmly. Locals - mainly Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars and representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North. They identified a young doctor in a separate house, one he turned out to be old and without central heating. This did not frighten the northern girl: she has been able to heat the stove since childhood.

A strange case did not frighten her either. At night, someone started walking around the hut, and then they started to wash in the sink. What was love, wrapped in a blanket, rushed out into the yard. A cold autumn night spurred on to decide what to do: go to a neighbor or return home? I did not dare to go to the neighbor so as not to frighten. She returned to the house, turned on the TV and sat until the morning. And at work she found out: a year ago, the school principal died in the house. After work, the doctor washed the house, made pancakes, “fed” the spirit, and nothing else bothered her.

At work, the first time, it is recognized, was very difficult. Love is surprised that at that time she was not afraid of anything. One of the first days, a man with a severely wounded arm was brought to a young doctor - an accident on a motor boat. The medic decided - urgently to the district center. The way there one way will take three to four hours on a motorboat and will cost five thousand rubles, and in your wallet there is just so much left to pay. Without hesitation, Love took the money for the return trip and went with the victim to Olekminsk. That money, by the way, was never returned to her. Despite all the burdens of work, Love remembers the time in Delgue with warmth.

“I was lucky to be surrounded by good, kind people. The good-natured Russians gave food, vegetables, even a TV, a blanket and pillows for free. Northern people are not like that, ”says Lyubov.

Almost every day, a young woman went to a neighbor, drank tea with her, talked. Once an accident happened in Lyuba’s house: the house was covered in smoke, the walls were soot, it became impossible to live there. The young doctor was sheltered by neighbors, then she lived at the head of the settlement, and then local residents helped clean the house.

“I still remember everyone. She loved to go home to visit, chat with them. I easily find a common language with the elderly, because I myself had an old grandmother, ”recalls Lyubov.

In Delgey, the woman worked for two years, and after she was transferred to the village of Yunkur with a population of 1 people, but only seven km from the district center. In the medical outpatient clinic, only nurses were waiting for Love. There she was a doctor, nurse, midwife, and document manager. By that time, she already knew and was able to: she could not only examine the patient and give an injection, but also sew up the wound and take birth.

After two months of such work, a midwife was sent to help her, but with absolutely no experience - she helped mentally. By that time, Lyuba was already living with her son, while her husband was completing his studies in Yakutsk.

“With luck, I slept for five to six hours. Sometimes you just go home, and they’re already calling you. I was in constant stress, ”the doctor recalls this time.

Finally, a husband came from Yakutsk to Lyubov. In September 2016, a young woman became pregnant and the family returned to the city. However, Love could not stay at home for a long time: when the baby was four months old, she got a job at one of the sanatoriums in Yakutsk. She came by taxi to feed the baby and drove back.

In 2017, she went to Oymyakon with her parents, and in September 2017 she went 0,75 times to the local hospital, where she still works. She says that she likes in her small homeland.

“I realized that I love my village. I like it here, I live a real life. And nothing prevents me from developing - I take courses remotely, follow the news of medicine, I am the chairman of the union. ”

At work, says Love, everything is organized. Compared with the years in the Olekminsky district, a woman is much simpler: there are nurses, paramedics, orderlies, obstetricians and even medical statisticians who keep records. But in Olekminsky villages, Lyubov emphasizes, things are better with the provision of medicines, stationery, furniture and other necessary things for comfortable work - northern hospitals are noticeably inferior to them in this.

The only thing the doctor complains about is salary instability. If in the Olekminsky district she monthly received 54 thousand rubles in her hands, then with the innovations in the wage system for health workers, her salary changes monthly.

“I advise young people to be prepared for everything, not to be afraid and find a good adviser,” the doctor notes.

Love does not plan to return to Yakutsk - he says that life in the city is not for her - the eternal pursuit of time, which does not give inner harmony.

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