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Ability to leave far away

More than 60% of graduates of the Magadan region are going to leave the region

Ability to leave far away

In the Magadan region, the traditions of “medalists” are preserved: this year 48 students apply for gold and 34 for silver medals, which will be taken into account when entering regional educational institutions. However, this bonus does not keep young people in the region either.

This year in the Magadan region 951 people will leave the school bench. 542 graduate schools plan to enroll in higher and secondary schools. According to the data of the regional Ministry of Education, last year the competition for admission to the North-Eastern State University (SVGU) for mining and geological specialties has increased noticeably, and the direction of energy has also become popular in recent years. Naturally, only this, the interests of future entrants are not limited.

"No clear statistics, but from the observations of recent years, we can conclude that from high schools (gymnasiums, lyceums) more than 60 percent of graduates want to try their hand at prestigious universities in the country. Geographically - this is Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, - said the Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Magadan region Angela Shurhno. - Not all are doing, so some of the guys come home to not lose a year and enter Magadan. Kolyma entrants today choose such specialties as economics, tourism business, recently architectural directions have become popular. For example, graduates of Magadan English Gymnasium No. 17 choose international law or international relations, where several basic languages ​​are involved. There is practically no need to talk about the return of the Magadans after graduation on the mainland. More often, if a student has good academic performance, from the third year he becomes actually employed in the region where he gets education. A similar situation exists in Magadan. Here, also students of the St. Petersburg State University, when they practice in geological expeditions or at mining enterprises, are actually employed. Therefore, the main task for graduates is to tune in to active work, at least until the end of this year, in order to enter the desired university, successfully pass the first semester. Further adaptation to the conditions of the university is easier. "

Graduates of the schools of the Yagodninsky district of the Magadan region increasingly associate the choice of the future profession with the service in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or in the Russian army (Yagodnoye settlement is located in 500 km from Magadan, has a bus service to the regional center along the federal road Kolyma, On the introduction of summer flights on the route Magadan - Yagodnoye). As the head of the education department of the district administration Dmitry Vavilov said, this year an 51 pupil is being released from the schools, about 20 of them plan to continue their studies in Magadan at the Northeastern State University. The rest are chosen by the universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“According to the statistics of past years, only a few return to the district, but this is due to expulsion from the university. Of course, there are several people who nevertheless decided to return, but, you understand, this is preliminary, the circumstances can develop in different ways. Those who choose specialties, which are not taught today in the Magadan region, initially leave for the mainland as applicants, irrevocably, leave for permanent residence, as a rule, before the student goes to grade 11, said D. Vavilov. - Among the professions, current graduates are also in high demand for legal and economic specialties. Due to the specifics of the region, with the recent development of the gold mining industry, attention to geological exploration, schoolchildren choose specialties related to mining and geology. Today in our area such well-known prospecting artels as "Maiskaya", "Polevaya", "Kryvbas" operate. Enterprises take part in each trade fair, conduct excursions for high school students. The Kolymskaya HPP is located in Sinegorye, where graduates choose specialties related to energy. Therefore, we can talk about the influence of enterprises operating on the territory of the region on the choice of specialties of school graduates, although this is not so obvious. "

This is the "final" picture in the Yagodninsky district. For example, let's say about the village of Omchak of the Tenkin district. Omchak is located at 400 kilometers from the regional center, the only connection with Magadan is the bus service along the regional road of the Palata - Kulu - Nexika road. The advantage of this settlement is that a gold extraction plant is being built near JSC "Rudnik im. Matrosov ", and in the coming years will begin full-scale development of the Natalka gold deposit. Today the school of Omchak has only 6 graduates, two of whom leave for permanent residence in the central regions of the country.

"Today's graduates are aimed at getting higher education, but they have not yet clearly defined their specialty, everything will depend on the results of the USE," said the deputy director for educational work of MBOU "Secondary school in the village Omchak Irina Abaskalova. - The presence of a large subsoil user nearby and the fact that the parents of many students work on it set the direction for choosing a future profession, but, as a rule, this applies to those who are graduating from ninth grade today. Eleventh graders prefer service in customs or in the Ministry of Emergency Situations ”.

As it is possible to assume, the fact of geographical remoteness from the regional center renders its influence on confidence in its forces and knowledge of graduates. If the Omsk alumni choose the future specialty based on the results of the Unified State Examination, that is, they have a broader list of "where to go to study", then the graduates of the regional centers and Magadan outlined their immediate goal long before the end of this academic year.

"I'm going to get an education in one of the universities of St. Petersburg," said Viktor Kravchenko, a graduate of Magadan Gymnasium No.13. - If you can not pass to the faculties of IT technologies and nanotechnologies at the State Polytechnic University, the second option will be the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. I hope that in the western part of Russia I will be able to apply myself after graduation ".

"I want to go to Moscow for a psychologist," said Karina Baidalova, a graduate of the Yagodninskaya secondary school. - Attracts the opportunity to leave far away, to the center of the country and prospects. I will return only if something does not work out in the capital. "

But her friend Elizaveta Lozhnik is going to continue her studies in Magadan in a medical college, and then to raise her education in St. Petersburg, but she is sure that she will return to Kolyma. In general, the aspirations of graduates to break out of the region are characteristic both for those who studied in the regional center and for schoolchildren from Kolyma settlements.

One of the options for higher education is to conclude a contract between the company and the applicant. As the Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Magadan Region, A.Shurkhno, added, target contracts can be used to determine the choice of profession and the subsequent guaranteed employment. Thus, in the territory of Magadan, there is a branch of the Air Navigation of the North-East of the FSUE “State ATM Corporation”, which is actively recruiting air traffic controllers and specialists in the service of operating radio equipment and communications. Young specialists of the enterprise are not only employed, but they also receive assistance in purchasing housing. The Ministry of Health of the region also works on targeted contacts with graduates. Another thing is training in a medical school is not easy, so the result is not always desired. But, as they say, the road will be mastered. 

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