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"East": student's landing

Alexander Khramov, Head of the Department for Work with Young Specialists and Students' Streets of the Human Resources Department of Russia's Special Construction

Student construction teams began to massively come to the spaceport Vostochny during the deployment of a wide front of work. Vigorous specialists not only have become a good help to builders, but also created a special atmosphere on the construction sites.

From year to year, the number of students at Vostochny increased. If in 2012 50 children worked here, then three years later this figure increased significantly. In 2015, the All-Russian student construction project Vostochny Cosmodrome became a record one. It was attended by over 1400 fighters of student groups from different parts of Russia: from Kamchatka to Sevastopol. At the enterprises of the Spetsstroy of Russia, they were employed as auxiliary and road workers, plasterers, painters, carpenters, concrete workers.

The head of the department for work with young specialists and student groups of the Personnel Department of Spetsstroy Russia, Alexander Khramov, arrived at the cosmodrome as a student of the 4 course. In the Omsk State Agrarian University, he received an engineering degree, but after “enrolling” at Vostochny, he had to combine his studies with work. Having worked at the cosmodrome, Alexander is now organizing the work of student groups at Russian Spetsstroy facilities throughout the country. On April 28, during the first launch of the launch vehicle from the Vostochny space center, Alexander Khramov took part in a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with builders.

With the arrival to the East began a new period of his life. Today he compares Olympic Sochi, special facilities on the Yamal Peninsula and Novy Urengoy with the East one.

“The Vostochny cosmodrome is a unique project. Here we just started active work with students, practicing the basic principles. Therefore, in comparison with other construction sites, students had more opportunities to realize their potential. For those who wanted to achieve results, the cosmodrome became an excellent launching pad. Vostochny opened opportunities for communication with leaders of the highest level, everyone could be asked for advice. And today, when I work at Spetsstroy and organize this work, I strive to create the best conditions for the guys. "

With youth projects, Alexander Khramov traveled all over Russia. Meetings with cultural figures, university professors and representatives of student organizations and training centers of the departments of the Special Construction of Russia became regular for the young specialist. Today, at the enterprises of the Special Construction of Russia, work continues on projects that help to build bridges between students and the employer. This year more than two thousand students will be employed for work at the facilities of Plesetsk and Vostochny.

For a lifetime, I remember the fighters of the students' detachments meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2014, during the visit to the spaceport Vostochny, the head of state was keenly interested in the work of students. The guys were very impressed with this meeting and "winged" went home.

"It is interesting to work with students, the main thing is to be able to inspire them and correctly motivate them. After all, everyone comes to the construction site with their own purpose: someone wants to earn money, someone to look at the country, practice to pass, but really starts to unite the desire to become a better team. "

Work on construction sites helps to determine professionally, choose the most interesting direction of work. Many of the guys got a job in prestigious work thanks to the experience of working with young people received in the East. One of the fighters became deputy minister for work with youth, several more children - heads of departments for work with youth in large companies. 

As a rule, even on large-scale student construction projects, there is no force majeure, since the best objects come to serious objects. Students' brigades undergo rigorous competitive selection at the All-Russia regional headquarters of student detachments. 

"Every shift takes place in one breath, every day is an opening. Student building is also romantic. This summer on the East for the first time was broken tent town. We managed to create a warm student atmosphere, with a courage of creative evenings, a bonfire and songs with a guitar. Many have found here real friends from different parts of Russia, with whom they maintain relations until now. " 

It is symbolic that the youth elite took part in the creation of satellites for the Union-2 and students also participated in the construction of facilities. All this only confirms that the East is a cosmodrome of energetic people, for whom the future is! 

 Photo courtesy of the press service of the President of Russia

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