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"The Eastern Circuit" is looking for who will live it

To build a road around Khabarovsk may go Chinese investor

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The construction of the Eastern Bypass of Khabarovsk, which began nine months ago, the first high-speed highway in the Far East, funded in the format of a public-private partnership (PPP), is proceeding on schedule, the General Director of Regional Concession Company LLC (RKK, part of Khabarovsk Governor Vyacheslav Shport) reported group "VIS") Pavel Ovchinnikov. "At the end of the quarter, the construction readiness of the facility is 12%. By the end of the year, the indicator should be brought to one third of the total volume. The project has been fully secured with money - all the necessary bank guarantees from Gazprombank have been received. The volume of private financing provided at the moment is about 2 billion rubles. This is working capital for VAT, and investments of the concessionaire in the organization of construction and in the construction itself, "said Pavel Ovchinnikov.

EastRussia help. The "Eastern bypass of Khabarovsk" highway should connect three federal routes: A-370 "Ussuri", R-297 "Amur" and A-375 "East". In the future, the development of the project through the Great Ussuri island can provide access to the network of highways of China. The toll route is designed to unload the center of Khabarovsk from transit transport and connect the sites of the TAP "Khabarovsk". The roadway width of 15 meters will allow to pass up to 96 thousand cars per day. The total cost of the project is about 37,55 billion rubles. Of these, 18,77 billion rubles. will allocate the federal budget, 11,27 billion rubles. - Regional budget, 7,51 billion rubles. - private investor, group VIS. In test operation, the object should be introduced in October 2021 year.

"Today, Khabarovsk is locked up because of the transit flow along the Chita-Khabarovsk road - traffic jams like in Moscow, the first to feel the effect of the townspeople: it will become freer, the roads will not be" killed "; thirdly, it will be possible to quickly get off the" Chita " on the track "Ussuri." Plus, the interchanges that will allow deliveries of cargo to the territories of advanced development.The road solves many problems, first of all, of course, Khabarovsk, "said Vyacheslav Shport. 

Deputy General Director of the RKK Konstantin Gusev said that the length of the linear part of the road, along which it will be possible to move at a speed of 120 km per hour, will be 26,8 km. Taking into account five traffic interchanges, bridges and overpasses and approaches to them, it is necessary to build a total of 49,8 km of roadway. "The track will link together three federal routes and the nearby villages of the Khabarovsk region - Mirnoe, Garovka-1, Garrovka-2, Rakitnoye, Ilinka, Sosnovka." The road will provide access to the airport from the industrial zone of Khabarovsk, "he said. 

"137 hectares of land for construction out of the required 138 hectares have been cleared. Temporary roads are being built along the main lane for the delivery of materials and equipment - 17,5 km out of 26 km have already been built, so we are trying to reduce the load on the existing road network of heavy vehicles. Completion of the removal is planned by the end of this year. 10 million cubic meters of earthworks are planned, now 2,9 million cubic meters have been dumped - about 30% of the volume, "Konstantin Gusev outlined the scope of the work.   

Now, according to his data, 520 personnel are involved in the construction of the "Eastern Bypass" - mostly local residents. The production of reinforced concrete beams was launched - there was no such thing in the Far East, so the concessionaire had to establish it on the spot. 202 units of equipment, including 90 - heavy equipment, “all purchased from local dealers” work at the construction site around the clock. "By the fourth quarter, 850 people and 350 units of equipment will work - this is due to the fact that subsequent stages will be opened. Orders for sand, crushed stone, concrete products will be placed at local factories. Asphalt concrete plants will be purchased - several pieces, asphalt pavers", - said Konstantin Gusev.

The representative of the Gidromontazh trust, which is building artificial structures for the Eastern Bypass, reported that he was purchasing all the materials from local suppliers. "Reinforced concrete piles will need 4200 pieces, 1260 pieces have already been loaded. Heavy construction concrete - about 28 thousand cubic meters, laid 1700 cubic meters. The need for reinforcement - about 3400 tons, about 400 tons laid. The need for reinforced concrete beams - 743 pieces of different lengths, already produced 15 beams, "he listed. “It would be nice if the advanced development area also covered the beams production plant, we submitted a corresponding application,” he said. “We are working on this project,” confirmed the first deputy chairman of the Khabarovsk government, Yuri Chaika.

Meanwhile, the concessionaire is already working on the issue of the future infrastructure development of the route. "The road can not develop on its own, live in empty space." We expect a number of decisions on the development of the Khabarovsk agglomeration and the reconstruction of the road network at the junction points at the junctions, at the entrance and exit, "said Pavel Ovchinnikov. we are attracting partners interested in developing the service.It is a foreign investor - a Chinese company that has experience in implementing such projects.We plan to propose signing an agreement at the Eastern Economic Forum. " 

"The Chinese initially initially wanted to go on the track, but it was too late. Now it's time to talk about creating a roadside service in a multifunctional zone, a sort of" oasis "on the road .It's 22 hectare of land. I personally looked at their works in China, it's an integrated work, "he said.

The project to build the Eastern bypass of Khabarovsk will be presented at the fourth Eastern Economic Forum - to search for other investors, said Vyacheslav Shport. "We will show what kind of project we are implementing to attract modern companies that know how to organize a service on high-speed roads." We are looking to the future, we want the life around the route to boil, "he said.
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