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Restoration and development of Transbaikalia

The head of the region told the president about emergency response and plans for economic recovery

In Moscow, a working meeting was held between the President of Russia and the Acting Governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory Alexander Osipov. During it, the head of the region spoke about the progress of work in the framework of eliminating the consequences of fires and plans for the socio-economic development of the region.

Restoration and development of Transbaikalia
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“I would like to report to you how our situation is developing now. The first thing I would like to report on is the course of eliminating the consequences of large-scale fires that occurred on 19 and 21 on April. Then almost 900 people were injured. Everyone has made social payments today. Almost 120 families have lost housing. To date, 85 of them are provided with housing, 33 is now under construction, the acquisition of housing. We restore bridges, water intakes, libraries. Although this is not easy, in general we are in terms that you determined by your decree, ”said Alexander Osipov.

Dealing with the consequences

The head of Transbaikalia noted that now the key task is to restore the agriculture-affected person.

“We have 120 shepherd cattle breeding sites burned down. To date, work has been organized to restore them. We, as a state, have the obligation to pay all the damage to the victims, but we do not leave people and we know your uncompromising attitude in everything that concerns the interests of people. Therefore, we ourselves also relate to this, try to help. And with the contractors - we are looking to ensure that the contractors fulfill their obligations, and that this money does not go anywhere, and that all the damaged parking areas are restored before the cold weather, ”said Alexander Osipov.

Earlier, the head of the situation center of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Yevgeny Kornev, said that 118 apartments are being purchased for the victims and five houses are being built.

“The housing plan was agreed by the head of the region, Alexander Osipov. From the general list of families, about 30% made a choice in favor of the districts, the rest preferred to move to the city. An assessment of the quality and market value of the premises is carried out for each housing. The first part of the housing will be provided until September 5, the rest will be transferred until September 15, ”Yevgeny Kornev reported.

Over 80% of families affected by fires have registered ownership of new apartments and houses. Among them are the Tsyrenzhapov family from the village of Ust-Imalka, Onon District. During the fire, all of their documents burned. The Shestakov family from the village of Unda in the Baleisky district also received their housing. They have already settled in a new house in the village of Smolenka, Chita district.

Key point: emergency response in the Trans-Baikal Territory is carried out systematically and as soon as possible. Restore all infrastructure, housing, shepherd parking is necessary until October 15. Alexander Osipov thanked and noted the ministers who helped in the restoration.

“Patrushev, and Yakushev, and Zinichev, and Medinsky, even everyone can be called - for very prompt, high-quality support.”


Help with tariffs

Also during a meeting with the head of state, Alexander Osipov reported on the work on the socio-economic development of the region.

“You yourself know the state of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the socio-economic situation. We have developed, at the direct direction of Dmitry Anatolyevich, under the leadership of Anton Germanovich Siluanov, with the participation of the Ministry of Eastern Development and federal ministries, a plan for economic and social development. It involves attracting 1,3 trillion rubles of investments, allows us to double almost GRP, and allows us to create 60 thousand new jobs. Today it is being negotiated, it will fundamentally change the economy and employment. The first 15 projects, we have already begun their implementation, they are now plunging into the territory of priority development, which we created by the decision of Dmitry Anatolyevich 1 on August. The territory of accelerated development was created, the first 15 projects there are very specific projects, the participants are clear. Therefore, we are now directly implementing it, ”explained the head of the region.

He also noted that a quarry is being cut at the Udokan field, preparation of an extraction factory, and the necessary infrastructure is being built.

“At the same time, we agreed that we will support social infrastructure, make special professional, educational institutions, and help with all types of social security,” Alexander Osipov answered the president’s question about the development of Udokan.

According to the head of Transbaikalia, there are two important limitations regarding the implementation of this plan. The first of these is tariffs.

“I have already approached you, and you then made a positive decision. In principle, this work is ongoing, ”he said.

The President noted that there is a big difference with tariffs in neighboring regions. Two solutions have now been prepared. According to one of them, there is a decision making option, maybe even from the beginning of the year. 

“What else allows us to make a plan that we have developed. You know that our region is very subsidized. Implementation of this plan, obtaining results allows you to change the degree of budget subsidies. Already by the 2024 year we can reduce the degree of subsidization by a third, by the 2026 year by half, and in the future become a non-subsidized region. Therefore, our social and budgetary opportunities can fundamentally change if this plan is implemented, ”said Alexander Osipov.


Large projects

According to the acting governor, the region has actively entered into national projects. At the same time, a positive trend has been outlined - for the first time in several years, there has been a positive growth in industrial production, retail sales, the volume of paid services to the population, unemployment in the region has decreased by 1%.

“Of course, for the most part this is the effect of expectations, hopes and the faith of the business in what we do. These are not the effects that we could get as a result of the implementation of the plan, because there, of course, we need a year, two, three. But this already shows that what we are doing today is supported, ”the head of Transbaikalia reported to the president.

The region has actively entered national projects: more than 120 large facilities, construction and repairs are being implemented, it is planned to supply 300 playgrounds, almost 250 sports grounds. Also in Transbaikalia, 16 schools, 60 kindergartens and nurseries, and physical education and sports facilities will be built.

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