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Questions are not in the cash desk

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You probably know, friends, that the next (formally second) two-day Far Eastern Business Forum ended in Khabarovsk on Friday. About this forum talked different, including the fact that only coffee breaks for forum participants counterparty, hotel "Cupid", spent 1 million rubles. Of course, many people have a question: are there such parties, what's the point in them? You know, I have a small opinion on this.

Questions are not in the cash desk

Dmitry Shcherbakov

Editor in Chief EastRussia
Plenary session of any business forum is an opportunity to ask interesting questions to interesting people. So, at least, this is all being positioned, and this year the forum was specially accentuated: the "plenary" itself was repeatedly called a "press conference". Many answered the questions from the audience, but in fact it was clear to the Governor Vyacheslav Shport who was responsible for the duet's answer to the business community, because he is from the region the main one, and Vadim Zhivulin, the director of the regulatory impact assessment department of the Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation - because he was the only federal official.

I listened attentively to the entire plenary session. Alas. Neither Mr. Shport nor Mr. Zhivulin answer what concerns entrepreneurs, in my opinion, did not work.

Here's an example.

The entrepreneur Svetlana Savchenko from Solnechny district is getting up and tells that the microbusiness of the district is "awaiting" with 2018 year when it becomes mandatory to use online cash registers. "From this forum, I'm waiting for an answer to a question that worries many business representatives who feed and dress. We do not know how we will further develop our business, "says the entrepreneur. And he explains: if there is a failure in the system, and the online cashier is not working, the service technician from the nearest service center of such devices, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, will get to the store one day, or even two or three, "And people will remain hungry." "Tell us at the forum who needs these online cash registers? Why can not we work under the old system? "- said the businessman to the applause of the hall.

What can the governor answer? And the director of the specialized department of the Ministry of Economics? Does anything depend on them in this segment of federal legislation?

Yes, the governor gets off with a joke: "I personally do not need online cash desks." "And they do not need our customers. Who needs them? "- retorts the businessman. "As far as I know, the introduction of ubiquitous online casinos is delayed for another transition period. As far as I understand, if there is information that this period is not enough, there will be other decisions, "- connects Vadim Zhivulin. But he adds: the question is in the competence of the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Service.
Here, in fact, that's all. The further story of the federal official about the fact that this increases the transparency and collection of taxes, the hall is not impressive.

And that's why, explains an entrepreneur from Solnechny district: we pay UTII from the area of ​​commercial premises. "What transparency can there be?" Monitor at any time, please, "says the entrepreneur.

“I myself went to several stores in Khabarovsk, optional, for myself, I know this technology, Gref (German Gref - head of Sberbank) showed at the forum, it is very high-tech. But if it fails, it's worthless. Therefore, the system needs to be worked out, ”the governor says. And he explains that the regional authorities are now collecting statistics on the problem, waiting for proposals and comments to the system from business. “And I’m sure they will support us,” he says.

Vyacheslav Ivanovich. What other proposals are needed? The person outlines a perfectly understandable situation: he works in a remote area, where the tuning-adjuster gets a day or three, pays a fixed tax on the areas, that is, a completely transparent and understandable contribution to the budget. And he asks: do it so that we are released from online cash registers.

A second entrepreneur is rising: from the Verkhnebureinsky district. There are no roads (although they are in the plans), the delivery goes only by rail. Any cargo is issued as a commercial, at the appropriate rates, which add 7 rub. cost per kilo. At the person the request: whether delivery in such areas, equated to the north, it is impossible to subsidize from the budget, as was in the Soviet time? And the second question is: in the district "all business can not even be micro-nano-business," the entrepreneur continues. "Those who put online cash on the UTII, all the time they turn off, restart, buyers are nervous, the tax burden is not reduced," - said the entrepreneur.

Who will respond to this entrepreneurial request? We subsidize transportation only to where only a helicopter can be reached, says the governor. "Subsidies are all, benefits, they are considered. I am instructing the Ministry of Economics of the region with the Ministry of Finance to calculate how much this will be. We will work with the railway. And the road Komsomolsk-Chegdomyn in priority. The next effort will be after the Lidoga-Vanino motorway, which we almost surrender, "says the governor.

"On online cashboxes: it was said that the amendments were adopted on the terms. But I read this project, there is no trade there. I would like a representative from Moscow to deliver it. The online cashier will cost 18 thousand rubles, but we will spend 11-13 thousand on the drive, this is a big load, "the entrepreneur continues, but it is interrupted: we've already discussed online cash departments, we only have 10 minutes left.

Of course, I gave only two examples of questions, and there were several dozens of them, no less.

Organizers, on the other hand, even sorry. They get into a deadlock with these forums: the regional event, and creates problems for business (and of course, they know it in the Ministry of Economics of the region), however, as a rule, the federal legal field. Naturally, the questions mostly concern federal stories. There is virtually no one to answer them. What is the solution?

Do not let entrepreneurs talk to the governor - you can not. To give a talk is meaningless: whatever question you ask, everything is not in the cash register. Entrepreneurs should not understand the distribution of powers, do they? Although in terms of releasing steam - of course, it is useful. But the steam goes not even into the whistle.

It seems to me, it is necessary to do so. Define a separate room within the next forum. Sit in the center of the governor. Circle - the regional officials. From the governor to them - an arrow, as on a roulette drum. You can - in the form of an airplane. In a row around the circle - entrepreneurs. Without invited Muscovites. Turn on the microphones. Asked the question - disturbing music, the light flashes, the governor unrolls the arrow, identifies the person in charge. He gets up. Answer together.

But if the question is not within the framework of the authority of the subject - “zero” drops out.

At least a good show came out.
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