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"Around you the whole world is spinning"

Overview 9 the main fir-trees of the Far Eastern capitals-2018 from East Russia. You will be surprised!

Photo: collage East Russia

In Yakutsk on the eve of the New Year 2018 - luxury Christmas tree. It turned out to be more expensive than in New York ... by 2 thousand €.

- Auction for more than four million rubles for the supply of components for the main New Year tree in the capital of Yakutia was won by the company "Omega". As a result, an artificial tree cost the administration of Yakutsk more expensive than installing a Christmas tree in the center of New York. First, the management of the municipal purchases of Yakutsk was prepared to spend on an 23-meter tree about 5,5 million rubles. During the auction, the price decreased to an amount of 4,5 million rubles or 64 thousand euros. For comparison, in New York, the spruce plant cost about 62 thousand euros, -Write with reference to the city administration.

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Yakutsk 2.jpg

Yakutsk 3.jpg

The first of the main Far Eastern Christmas trees - and the first Christmas tree of the country - was lit on 1 December in Yakutsk in the framework of the VI All-Russian Festival "Winter begins with Yakutia". The holiday was opened by Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug, Chyskhan-Lord of the Cold, KBaba from Tatarstan, Haarchaana and Beauty Winter. For the guests staged a theatrical performance with the participation of fairy-tale heroes and photo sessions.


- It has already become a brand of permafrost, cold and northern hospitality - because the winter begins here, from Yakutia. And from here Santa Claus will be lucky with the symbol of cold - the beginning of the New Year in all the cities of Russia. I want to sincerely congratulate all the guests and residents of the capital on the coming New Year and wish you happiness, success and New Year's mood! - I said, Chairman of the Yakut City Duma Alexander Savvinov.


In the capital of the Far Eastern Federal District - Khabarovsk, a Christmas tree-flag was placed. Attire - a strict patriotic. In just 24 hours the specialists collected it from 192 real coniferous trees from 80 centimeters to 2 meters on a metal frame. The trunk of the designer was fixed in a two-meter well. After the Christmas tree decorated with festive balls of colors of Russian tricolor, as well as garlands and light-dynamic elements with a total length of more than 3,5 kilometers. The height is white-blue-red - 20 meters. 

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Khabarovsk 2.jpg

- Neat and stylish, we really like it! - users of the social network Vkontakte write. - Even in 1930-40-ies, during the times of the cult of personality and political order, no one thought of painting the New Year tree into the national flag. It would be better to put warm tents for the citizens, protection from constant cold and wind. - other Khabarovsk citizens are unhappy.

In January 2018, the XV International Ice Sculpture Competition "Ice Fantasy" will be held in Khabarovsk. Artists from Russia, Japan, France, China, South Korea will take part in it. The New Year's town will also be decorated with sports themes. There will be a sculpture in honor of the World Cup, the symbols of the upcoming world championship in ball hockey 2018 of the year - a tiger and a bear and the composition "Amur Waves". For children, slides and an ice labyrinth have traditionally been built.


The seaside tree-2018 has caused a lot of gossip since the installation. This is a Christmas tree - a festive carpet with a height of 28 meters. The frame is reinforced, in each branch a garland, programmed for a certain pattern, is built in. The decorations are made in Russian folk style. They are complemented by LED panels.

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Vladivostok 2.jpg  
Vladivostok 3.jpg

- This year, instead of the usual balls and cones, to the surprise of the residents of Vladivostok, the New Year's "beauty" was decorated with bright flowers and twigs of tinsel, imitating traditional Russian painted patterns. "Why are you so terrible!": Vladivostok once again was not lucky with New Year trees - the media of Vladivostok write.

Designer the main spruce of Vladivostok was made in Kolomna, Moscow region, where there is a whole plant receiving orders from all over the country. The new seaside tree 16 burning regimes. Impressive!


In the Amur capital, a 20-meter artificial spruce was installed on December 15. It took 2 days to install it. This year, about 30% of the branches that have become unusable have been replaced in it.

Photo Shoot: Amurskaya truthatmosfera_kate


On the central square of the capital of the Amur Region, a skating rink with an area of ​​1 meters was also flooded, admission is free. Illumination in the form of coniferous branches is used under the ice. Warm tents with pastries and drinks and skate rental were set up nearby.

Here, on the square there is a competition of ice and snow sculptures, slides for adults and children are installed. Sculptors create from the snow heroes of famous cartoons - Winnie the Pooh, Cheburashka, Snake Gorynycha, etc.

- The town combines the characters from the childhood of grandfathers and grandmothers, from Russian folk tales and what modern children read today, look. That is, we fully implement the theme "we all come from childhood", starting from the entrance to the winter city, so that we can go in, and there was something to talk about to people of different ages, - said the Mayor of Blagoveshchensk Valentina Kalita.

31 December at 20 hours here will fire New Year's fireworks immediately from both banks of the Amur - from Russian Blagoveshchensk and Chinese Heihe. The international salute was initiated by the neighbors from the PRC, it will be timed to the 30 anniversary of the renewal of friendly relations between the border territories.


16 December the first green "lady" of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was lit on Lenin's Square. Artificial. Her "growth" 26,5 meters.

Photo Shoot: Tatiana Dzema Kutuzova

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Tatiana Dzema Kutuzova5.jpg

The townspeople were pleased with the voluminous inscription "2018", a roller, wooden slides and a New Year's market in wooden huts where you can buy holiday souvenirs, gifts and local products.
Another favorite vacation spot for the people of South Sakhalin is the city park of culture and recreation named after Gagarin was decorated with two artificial spruces and art objects.

 - The park will have the compositions "North Pole", "Penguins", "A family of deer", "Christmas tree in a shell" and "Airplane". New Year's consoles and streamers will be installed on General's Alley and Sakura Alley, and tree branches will decorate with bird figures. All decorations are new, they were made in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg, - said the head of the park Victor Kalyuzhny.

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Meanwhile, December 25 stormy wind dropped the main tree in the town of Nevelsk, Sakhalin region. Frames with the collapse of the main character quickly flew over the networks. As reported by, to New year in Nevelsk will install another tree, which managed to arrive в district, while the old fluttered hurricane wind.


The capital of Kamchatka meets 2018-th year with a new 18-meter tree. The frame for it was made by local craftsmen. 1800 artificial branches were bought, as well as Christmas balls of various shapes, colors and diameters. Drilling holes and welding took a long time, all the details went separately from each other, on a bolted connection. 

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Petropavlovsk 3.jpg

- 23 December, the Christmas tree is located in a new place - on the square near the stele of the city of military glory. We tried to provide for the maximum strengthening of the new Christmas tree for stability during a strong wind, which is often in the center of the city in winter. In addition, we annually purchase additional toys and decorations for urban trees, because they not only break down, but are also stolen by some irresponsible citizens, - said the head of the administration of improvement Vladimir Milko.

In total, three state purchases were conducted for a total amount of over 4 million rubles. The old tree has served townspeople about 10 years, it is considered to be used for decorating one of the city's microdistricts.

- In Kamchatka increased wind load, so it was decided to make stationary foundations, which are hidden in the area under the tile. These are 16 pillars, which are linked together in a single chain. The depth of their occurrence is about 1,5 meters. When the tree is being installed, the foundations are bare and the construction is collected, - said the representative of the contractor Denis Kleimenov.

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Petropavlovsk 2.jpg


In addition, in the central square of the city opened a town, which took 1000 cubic meters of snow. Here there were three needle, made according to Scandinavian technology, figures Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, glowing Christmas trees and snowmen, a zone for sefi and a festive fair. Sculptures are based on Pushkin's fairy tales. Sketches for them were ordered in Khabarovsk, snowmen are engaged in visiting artists.

In the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Christmas tree-2018 is not the same as for everyone: from the top to the conventional "waist" it is natural, and below is the skeleton. 10 December a taiga tree was delivered to Lenin Square. To do this, the inspectors even had to briefly block traffic on the prospectus of the 60 anniversary of the USSR.

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Birobidzhan 4.jpg

To install a Christmas tree on the place assigned to it it was possible from the second attempt, experts again lowered a tree and cut a trunk a chainsaw. She got up crooked, had to level with the help of ropes. After that, the bottom was supplied with additional branches, and the already finished tree was decorated with toys and illumination. Spruce paws were decorated with poles on the square. Here, local masters cut out ice sculptures and erect a New Year's town.

Photo Shoot:, Valentin Repin,  


Birobidzhan 2.jpg

- Ingeneral Birik - the city of Christmas trees, the whole city in the Christmas trees! Entire streets, avenues, beauty. They would still decorate everything or highlight, would be the most beautiful New Year's city) And so from several thousand Christmas trees only two elegant - writes a resident of Birobidzhan kirillkokhv.

This year, residents of Birobidzhan complain in social networks about the impossibility of buying a live Christmas tree in their homes - all 4 places approved by the mayor's office for selling fir trees are empty.


In the capital of Kolyma - a Christmas tree-fair. 18-meter symbol of the New Year is installed on the main square of the city.

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Magadan 2.jpg

- This idea arose not only because it is here that the weekend fairs always take place. In the concept with the game town, which is organized on Magadan Square, the Christmas tree-fair supports the festive New Year's mood of citizens, glows with bright LEDs and new decoration. On it new toys in the folk style with a bright pattern, and each product frames the LED circuit, thanks to which the toy glows in the dark, - said Deputy Mayor of Magadan Yuri Kazetov.

Photo Shoot: vekovcevaoriental_nord


In Magadan there is a competition of ice sculptures "Magadan Crystal" in the Victory Square, as well as 11 Christmas trees, an ice arch "2018", a light fountain and a fairytale forest in which the guests are met by ice animals and Christmas trees. Here there were small lakes-ice skating rinks. Near the "Northern Lights" is planned to create a "Snowmen Parade". Gave a festive gloss and TV tower. Its ribs were illuminated with neon, stroboscopic lamps were updated, and decorated with snowflakes and stars. 4 neighboring buildings are also dressed in a neon outline.

The long-suffering Christmas tree in the neighborhood of Avtotek, which last year due to the vandalism of the vandals had to trim the frame three times and re-dress in festive attire, remains a sick topic, noted in the Magadan mayor's office.


In the capital of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, there is a tree on permafrost and in the polar night. Green beauty growth below average, 10 meters. The city administration bought it, as well as big balls and a garland in Moscow last year.

Photo Shoot: di_bakhisheva, radio_purga


Hurricane winds are frequent in Chukotka, therefore the festive symbol must be grounded, so that in the Far Eastern region there is no more levitating tree. Specialists use additional stretches, which protect against the impacts of the elements. Two days ago, the tree had already withstood the wind, the gusts of which reached 38 m / s.

By the holiday the main tree of Anadyr was decorated, around it there was a snow town with a hill and sculptures. At one o'clock in the morning 1 January a merry New Year's holiday will start here, according to the official website of the Chukotka Autonomous District. 
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