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Military hardening

Alexander Nabiev, the head of the construction and installation site of the branch №701 of the enterprise Dalspetsstroy under Spetsstroy of Russia

Military hardening

Today, the Eastern world-famous cosmodrome, the most modern technological object is Russia's pride, and it is difficult to believe in what complicated conditions a new space harbor was created. The conditions of any construction site are far from resort, and here and at all - the taiga from horizon to horizon, and the nearest well-arranged structure in 30-ти kilometers. Even the climate became a test for strength: in summer + 40 degrees Celsius, in winter -40. 

“For military builders, these are not tests, - laughs Alexander Vasilyevich Nabiev, this is a duty that must be fulfilled. And we realized this many years ago, when, after graduating from the higher military-construction school in Khabarovsk, we young lieutenants were immediately sent on our first business trip. Where the country sent - there and went to build. I didn't want to, I don’t want to, it’s hard, not hard - we understood what we needed at objects of state importance ”.

It's not a secret for anyone, military builders are a special formation. Specialists of a high category who are able to deploy work at any facility in the shortest possible time, at the first request of the state. At the same time, the work will be carried out in a guaranteed manner and on time. Now Spetsstroy "removed epaulettes," but the strong fighting spirit and hard work of military engineers-builders of the old guard are also in demand at the erection of the objects of the spaceport Vostochny. Already very high demands and no less high responsibility. 

“As part of the building management No. 701, we work throughout the Far East and according to tradition, says Alexander Nabiyev, we had to start objects from scratch, from cutting down trees — such is the specifics.” 

Employees of the branch of Dalspetsstroi SU №701 without exaggeration can be called the "first builders" of the cosmodrome. The first nail was hammered by their hands, and then there were the first pit, the first foundation, the first object surrendered. Now the head of the SMN 16 of the Construction Department No.701 Dalspetsstroy Alexander Nabiev recalls that in March 2012 the spaceport as such was not there. "There were no roads or a construction site. There was only an old dilapidated barracks town, built more than 40 years ago for a division of missile troops. Arriving, he could not even imagine what was to be done here. Builders all as for selection with experience and knowledge, so they were ready to "rush into battle." 

The first task assigned to the specialists was to prepare the necessary living conditions for the builders. By that time, about two hundred to three hundred people were already involved in the facility and they had to live in Spartan conditions. “We made every effort to equip new comfortable housing for specialists as soon as possible,” says Alexander Nabiev.

Already at the end of August 2012, the first hostel of Dalspetsstroy in Uglegorsk was settled. Nothing to do with military barracks. Bright rooms were equipped for the accommodation of employees, heat was supplied, modern double-glazed windows were installed on the windows. Moreover, the working hostel was equipped with all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay - specialists equipped all residential blocks with refrigerators, electric kettles, and televisions. And in each building, laundries were equipped with all the possibilities for consumer services. 

The builders of SU # 701, who came first to the site, prepared all the necessary infrastructure. “In total, we have restored about 35 objects, - Alexander Vasilyevich estimates. To be precise - barracks, canteens, office buildings, garages, repair shops. These are the so-called objects of the preparatory period, which were simply necessary for the full implementation of work at the cosmodrome. "

Construction Department №701 Dalspetsstroy is able to perform a full range of works, starting from laying the building and ending with its transfer into operation. Specialists were involved in various facilities, including a technical complex, a launch facility, an industrial construction and operational base (PSEB). 

By the way, Alexander Vasilyevich considers the PSEB administrative building to be the most beautiful and original, although by construction standards it cannot be called unique or super-complicated. However, its popularity was ensured by the original architectural solution, thanks to which this building received a second, "popular name" - washer. 

“The spaceport is undoubtedly a complex project. Of course, we used all sorts of building technologies in our work, but there was a certain specificity here. Construction and installation work was carried out taking into account the features of advanced engineering, intellectual equipment, says Alexander Nabiyev. Often, studying projects, we collectively had to look for tactical construction solutions. ” 

Alexander Vasilyevich is sure that new equipment has become a great help in work at the sites of the cosmodrome. All the rigging, materials, tools, gears, machines - everything was purchased by Dalspetsstroy specially for the start of the grandiose construction. This solution significantly reduced the time costs and increased the productivity of works at the facilities. "All machinery, all machines, starting with a concrete mixer ending with a truck or excavator - everything was new. The new technique is more intensive, showing a high performance of the work. Moreover, in comparison with the technology that has worked for about 5 years, fresh technology does not break down and immediately goes into work, - sums up Alexander Nabiev. "

Alexander Nabiev is not inseparable from the cosmodrome. From the first nail, from the first reconstructed barracks. For the fifth year already, the head of the construction and assembly department No. 16 has been driving home as a holiday, and here in the Amur region is working watch. Here he spends the weekend. A real holiday for builders was the first launch of a carrier rocket from the East. Alexander Nabiev watched him, being on the same platform as Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Modestly, he says: “It flew well, beautifully ... The successful launch of the rocket summed up what we builders had been striving for all these years. And, you know, I am proud of the construction of the entire cosmodrome, not individual objects. The whole complex of works performed at the cosmodrome. " 

All the heroes of the spaceport Vostochny 

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