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Power in an era of turbulence

Will the head of Primorye be able to solve regional problems with his team?

For almost a year, as the governor of Primorsky Krai, Oleg Kozhemyako managed to pump up the social sphere with budget money, prepare to change the sign of the regional administration and begin a new municipal reform. Many local tasks are also being solved, however, will the head of the region be able to pull him up to the high level set, taking into account the composition of his subordinates, including from his old team?

Power in an era of turbulence

HR approach

Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor of Primorsky Territory, took over from 16 last December, and Acting Governor became 26 from September 2018 on September. The senior management of the administration of the Primorsky Territory - vice-governors - almost completely changed during this time. There was only Alexander Kostenko, who was called indispensable for a reason (he became deputy governor back in the 2001 under Sergei Darkin, after the break he worked as vice-governor for Vladimir Miklushevsky and Andrey Tarasenko). At the same time, some of the 11 current vice-governors are famous people in Primorye.

Of those people with whom Kozhemyako worked with the Amur Region, the first vice-governor Vera Shcherbina, who oversees the departments of finance, land and property relations, as well as Anton Voloshko, the vice-governor, the head of the governor’s office, who oversees the internal sphere, and information policy.

Among the directors of numerous departments of the regional administration, there were not as many personnel rotations as many had expected. In municipalities, the regional government works cautiously - the governor only achieved the removal of the head of the Kavalerovsky district and contributed to the fact that Vladivostok was headed by Oleg Gumenyuk. At the head of other major cities of Primorye - Ussuriysk, Nakhodka, Artem - the former leaders remained. As for the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory, on the whole, the same leaders remained there as four years ago - there are no visible changes in the representative branch of government.

Systems approach

At the same time, the governor is making large-scale changes to the management system as a whole: from January 1 to 2020, the administration of the Primorsky Territory will be reformatted into a government with everything due: the chairman of the government, ministers and ministries. And Oleg Kozhemyako himself, most likely, will remain the governor, having entrusted the reins of Vera

The need to form a government is explained by bringing the subject to uniformity in Russia, increasing authority and understanding at the level of communication between regional and federal officials, and increasing management efficiency. However, it is clear that the salaries of regional civil servants, at least of a high rank, should increase.

As for the “municipal revolution”, the motivation is to take care of residents “who don’t have to figure it out, contact them in the district administration or the settlement administration,” saving budget funds, and strengthening the vertical of power. It should be noted that during the election period Oleg Kozhemyako promised to return the election of heads in Primorye, but this did not happen. Now in all cities and regions of the region, candidates for the post of head are first filtered by a competitive commission, and then elected by local deputies.

In municipal districts, at least at first, the same system will be. With the abolition of settlements, the election of any chapter disappears in principle, voters will be content with deputies.

However, the local elites were guarded by a rather tough purge of the presidium of the political council of the regional branch of United Russia, which Oleg Kozhemyako headed in November. Ten members from 27 were expelled from the presidium, including people very famous and deserved. In addition, the governor publicly stated that he was not satisfied with the work of re-division.

She will not forget her

“The personnel policy of any governor is a decisive factor in effective work in all spheres of life: politics, economy, social sphere. Even the most thought-out laws and orders will not be implemented if the issue of managerial personnel is not resolved, - said the political consultant, head of regional programs of the ANO "Public Expert Council" Petr Hanas. - Governor Kozhemyako, as an experienced person, a professional in his field, understands this well. As soon as Oleg Nikolayevich came to the post of governor, key personnel appointments began. We can recall the appointment of the first vice-governor Vera Shcherbina, vice-governor Anton Voloshko, chief of staff Oleg Melnikov. In parallel, the head of the FSB department for the Primorsky Territory was replaced. Still at the post and. about. Governor Kozhemyako began to set a fundamentally new pace of work, to impose increased demands on officials, so there was a whole series of resignations of their own free will and loud layoffs. This happens in all regions where good specialists and demanding leaders come to the leadership. For example, in Yakutia, almost the entire composition of the government has changed. A serious shake-up could be observed in the Magadan Region and Sakhalin. Moreover, staff rotations continue as new requirements and new tasks appear. In the end, someone copes, and someone does not, nobody canceled the human factor ”.

Political scientist identifies several features of personnel policy Kozhemyako. Firstly, he always acts within the framework of the law, but is extremely demanding on his environment. A poorly trained person can perceive the charismatic type of leadership Kozhemyako as pressure.

Secondly, appointments are received by people who are personally well acquainted with Kozhemyako, people who have passed with him not one region, but at the same time, who are excellent specialists. Kozhemyako does not tolerate unverified or doubtful people next to him, and even more so people from other teams. Kozhemyako is extremely sensitive to outside recommendations. For staff appointments, this is rather a minus for applicants for the post.

Thirdly, according to Pyotr Khanas, Kozhemyako has his own team accompanying him everywhere, but he builds his work systematically, taking into account the socio-political trends in the development of the region and innovations in management. And the last one. If you are a member of the Kozhemyako team and conscientiously fulfill your duties, then be calm - the head of the region will stand behind you and will not give offense. But this, of course, must be earned.

Verified people

Will the head of Primorye, using the existing staff potential, be able to achieve the effective implementation of the extremely difficult tasks facing him? Opinions are divided on this score.   

“Here you are the governor, you have a bunch of people who have stunning characteristics, as professionals in their field, are preparing proposals for decision-making,” says political analyst Andrei Kudisov. - Anyone can advise, anything, it is up to the governor to make decisions. Or you have a team of professionals who are cursing among themselves, people do not have a consolidated position. In any case, the governor will be responsible to the president, but all his subordinates will be responsible to the governor. There will be a personnel leapfrog that will not allow us to calmly, progressively implement the tasks assigned to Primorye - they will not be solved. ”

According to the political scientist, the key issue is the level of trust. Meanwhile, the tasks are serious, the requirements for the quality of their implementation are being tightened.

“The scope of power is expanding, whether we like it or not. The fact that Kozhemyako relies on verified people has the right to life. How does that approach have a right to life when you have a small but proven group of people whom you trust - here you can introduce outside experts, "fresh blood" with a different look. Then control is maintained. Having your own team is an important factor; Kozhemyako has it. When you trust a person, you know that he will not hit you in the back, he will cover you if necessary. These are like-minded people who understand that there is a leader with whom they are doing one thing, ”notes Andrey Kudisov.

According to him, the governor, as a leader, has certain hopes of the people who are next to him, and he hopes for them. And United Russia, in accordance with the tasks facing the party, must change. There are people who are used to working the old fashioned way, albeit not bad. If a person does not cope with the challenges - it must be changed.

"Smart decisions" in this case are to work with people you trust, who, as they say, will be able to take the blame, - said political scientist, head of the Black Cube Center for Social Innovation Yuri Kolomeytsev. - But if we are talking about personnel policy, it is important who will do their job well. So far I have not seen such people in the administration of Primorye. I will say more, there used to be even more competent specialists. For example, they changed the heads of healthcare. The situation is afloat, since there are still professionals who have worked with the former vice-governor. Little-known people are appointed to the posts of department directors, and what is known about them does not make them specialists of even a good level. In principle, as elsewhere in Russia, there are ordinary clerks who occupy their seats until they get bored. "

The political scientist notes that these officials may be good, nice people, but hospitals are closing in Primorye, big problems with sports, bridges are breaking down, wage delays at enterprises will continue.

“Of course, something is being done in the region, but I personally do not feel the desire to live in a happy future after ten thousand years. After all, we do not live in Ancient Egypt, but at a time when the governor is losing his post even before he was appointed. It's time to unleash your horses. I want to use good roads, good medicine in Primorye, I want my children to get a good education. And not my great-grandchildren, ”said Yuri Kolomeytsev.

His colleague, political scientist Andrei Kudisov, notes that a leader needs a set of qualities in order to lead people, to figure out who you can work with, who you can, but with reservations, and who just can't, no matter what kind of professional he is.

“It is important that a person combines professionalism, understanding of the tasks facing the region and a willingness to solve them. At the same time, realizing that not all decisions will be made by the population with a bang. Ultimately it is not wise to answer Kozhemyako and share his authority with those who do not deserve it, either, ”says Andrey Kudisov.   
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