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Vladivostok Circus according to PPP rules

Vladivostok Circus according to PPP rules

Grigory Ostrovsky, Advisor to the General Director of Rosgoscirk, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Circus Workers of Russia:

- In Vladivostok, the circus is very popular. Residents first saw the circus performance in 1885 in the circus of Lamberg, located on Svetlanskaya street in the Club ravine (now the territory of the Sailor's Club). From this time circuses of different orientation opened in Vladivostok. Their total number reached 10, and they performed in both Russian and foreign troupes. The success of the circus in the city is evidenced by the fact that, being in Vladivostok in May 1891 year, Tsarevich Nicholas, heir to the royal crown, granted a reward circus 100 rubles.

On December 31, 1973, residents of Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai received a wonderful gift - a new circus building on Svetlanskaya. This is a unique, original, inimitable structure, built taking into account the difficult local relief. The authors of the project were Solomeya Maksimovna Gelfer and Georgy Vasilyevich Napreenko, the chief designer was Vladimir Alekseevich Shemyakin.

A feature of the circus is that the arena is not located in the center of the building, but is displaced so that the spectators' seats surround it almost with an amphitheater and 90% of the seats are facing the main exit to the arena. In comparison with the traditional layout, it allowed to increase the number of places of direct visibility, as well as opened the possibility of multifunctional use of the premises: it can serve not only as a circus, but also as a concert hall, as well as a place for mass meetings and sports competitions.

In the building of the Vladivostok Circus circus programs take place almost 40 years. Meanwhile, the circus premises have not been overhauled since the opening, almost all engineering systems are worn out and outdated, do not meet the requirements of energy saving and fire safety. Despite these problems, the tour activity was not interrupted for a year, and in the circus only cosmetic repairs were carried out.

The Vladivostok circus is part of the Rosgosirk company, the building of the Vladivostok circus is assigned to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Rosgosirk” on the right of operational management. And repair is just around the corner. The circus will close in the spring of 2015. At first, engineering-geological and engineering-geodetic works, technical inspection, measurements of the existing building will be carried out.

The renovated hall will seat 2 to thousands of spectators, here the floors, chairs, lighting, sound design, orchestral, lodges will be changed, the ceiling will be repaired. It is planned to replace all engineering communications (heating and ventilation, air conditioning, electrical equipment, water supply and sewage), installation of fire-fighting systems, security alarm systems and video surveillance.

In the building of the circus there will be a children's cafe on 40 seats, on the ground floor there is a children's play area, a wardrobe. On the second floor, it is planned to equip a bar and a cafe for 50 seats. Landscaping and the territory near the building: here they will split the green park and fountain, having arranged a landscape and architectural illumination. In addition, the project is listed hotel on 200 seats and multi-level parking for 500 cars.

According to preliminary estimates of design organizations, the cost of repairs can be about 1 billion rubles. It is clear that the funds allocated by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosgosirk will not be enough for repairs. And the circus had to accept the new rules of the game - to carry out repairs on the principles of public-private partnership.

Issues of repair and operation of the circus have been repeatedly discussed by the FSC "Rosgosirk" with the authorities of Primorsky Krai, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. There was no doubt the need to maintain a stationary circus in the city.

In the repair partially ready to participate Primorsky Krai and was going to allocate funds in the amount of 300 million rubles. In addition, OAO Gazprom expressed its intention to act as a partner in financing works and invest in the repair of the circus building 700 million rubles. The problem consisted in the way of registration of partner relations between interested parties which would allow to involve means of the regional budget and private investments.

Such a method was found. It was decided to transfer the building of the Vladivostok circus for a five-year lease to the state autonomous institution Primorsky Regional Center of Folk Culture. After five years, the lease agreement will not be rolled over.

Thus, the object is leased for use for the purpose of demonstrating circus programs and other cultural events, including programs provided by Rosgosstir in accordance with the schedule agreed with the tenant. The special conditions of the contract provide for the tenant's obligation at his own expense to make a major overhaul of the leased object.

The cost of actual capital repair costs is credited to the rent. The tenant has already signed a state contract for the design and exploration work on the object. I hope that in the future Vladivostok will be proud of its circus!

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