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Vladivostok - Vostochny - Vilyuchinsk

Andrey Lyapunov, Head of Section No.1 of the Department of Hydraulic Structures No.432 of the Southern Command Post of the Spetsstroy of Russia

Within the framework of the creation of the Vostochny cosmodrome, more than 500 buildings and structures capable of withstanding high seismic loads have been erected by the specialists of Spetsstroy of Russia. Completed construction and put into operation a modern auto-railway station, 115 km of automobile and 125 km of railways. 

To complete the construction of the cosmodrome Spetsstroy of Russia mobilized a huge potential of its own forces. The best specialists from all over the country gathered at the construction site of the century, who already had experience in erecting special facilities, including the Plesetsk cosmodrome, Roskosmos, Rosatom, chemical weapons destruction plants, unique hydraulic structures and other complex facilities.   

The work of the Special Forces was assessed by the leadership of the country - by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the builders of the Vostochny cosmodrome were marked with high state awards. 

We continue to publish a series of essays on the labor exploits of special purpose builders.

Vladivostok - Vostochny - Vilyuchinsk
Photo: Photo provided by Special Forces of Russia

In the Department of Hydraulic Structures No.432 of the Southern Headquarters of the Special Construction of Russia, the head of the site No.1, Andrey Lyapunov, has been working since May of the year 2015, and in construction - about ten years. Despite his youth, he accumulated a unique professional experience - he worked as a fitter in ventilation systems and as an organizer of construction production at the most important facilities. The main thing in his work is the trust in people with whom he does one thing ...    

Perhaps the motivation for the preservation of the collective was guided by Andrei Lyapunov, when last year he was busy about the transition of workers of his site, who worked at the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, from the Pacific Bridge Company to the 4 Glavk of Spetsstroi.

Today, half of the staff of its complex sector are assemblers, welders, slingers, fixtures, concrete workers with whom he worked at TMK: first, on the construction of a bridge across the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok, and then at the sites of the cosmodrome.

He has to subordinate both the aces of the construction business, and the young specialists - the more experienced builders pass on their knowledge of new shoots.

Andrei Lyapunov is more than confident that all of them were very lucky with the transition to Spetsstroy. Firstly, because it was possible to complete the work begun at the cosmodrome. Secondly, now they are instructed to work on the most important facilities that ensure the country's defense capability, which in itself is interesting, keeps on its toes and makes it necessary to understand new subtleties of the building art, to gain new experience. And finally, now there is a reliable permanent income.

His full watch on the cosmodrome site Lyapunov "defended" worthy. Construction work at the facilities of the assembly and testing part of the assembly and testing complex of the launch vehicle and the fueling and neutralization station was completed ahead of schedule. Performed and unique works - they were busy installing 150-meter lightning rod and grounding device on the launch complex. 

We add that among the objects built at the cosmodrome, there are truly unique, and it was only the special purpose builders who could perform such complex tasks. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, responding to a TASS question in May of the year 2016, noted that Spetsstroy is the only structure that has sufficient competence to build such complex facilities as the launch pad. 

Of course, during the construction of these and other objects, interesting innovative ideas and rational proposals were introduced, which accelerated the construction and made it more efficient. 

Especially the creative approach of Andrey Lyapunov was manifested during the installation of wall and ceiling panels, welding of metal structures and installing a ventilated facade in the administrative and domestic part of the building and test building. Here, at the final stage of construction, a two-shift operation was organized, as a result of which it was possible to increase labor productivity by 2,5 times, and the production rate to 110-120%.

Since May of this year, Andrei Lyapunov has been working in Kamchatka, in Vilyuchinsk, where the submarine base is being modernized. The project provides for the construction of a number of new facilities - piers, hostels, training centers and other facilities. Volumes large, planned up to 2019 year. The work is carried out according to the schedule familiar to installers - watches for 15 days. 

Andrei Olegovich is firmly convinced that the tasks in Vilyuchinsk will be successfully completed. According to him, everything depends on the team, on people, their human qualities. And his team quickly understands the task and does everything necessary to accomplish it, conscientiously and with high quality. With such a team the most difficult tasks on the shoulder.

He believes that everything is going well with him. There is something to be proud of - he worked at the most important construction sites of the Far East - the roads Lidoga - Vanino and Nakhodka - Wrangel Bay, the outstanding "Golden Bridge", the Vostochny cosmodrome ... 

Andrei Lyapunov is satisfied with the present day and not only does the work bring him pleasure. Wherever he worked: in the Amur region, in the Maritime Territory or in Kamchatka, he is always waited at home in Khabarovsk - his wife Anna and his three-year-old son Dmitry. And for him to be with them - this is the best reward for the busy days of distant watch ...

Andrey Lyapunov has established himself as a highly qualified specialist, creative and executive employee, capable of successfully performing production tasks of varying degrees of complexity. He persistently strives to improve efficiency and increase labor productivity, reduce labor intensity and cost of work. It is distinguished by high professionalism, ability to clearly define the main task and ensure its implementation, regardless of personal time and difficulties. 

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin awarded the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland II degree.

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