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Vladivostok rakes the garbage mountains

Reform of municipal waste management “decorated” Primorye residents with New Year holidays

A new form of handling municipal solid waste (MSW) was launched in Primorye with a "slip", most of all went to the regional center. Since the few companies selected by the regional operator did not work well, Vladivostok is still scooping up the garbage accumulated during the holidays from the mountains.

Vladivostok rakes the garbage mountains

False start reform

Entire “garbage wars” often flared up in Primorye before - representatives of local administrations, municipal and commercial enterprises specializing in the export of MSW, and management companies participated in them in different regions. We found out who, to whom, and at what tariffs should pay, as a result, ordinary residents suffered. The situation was complicated by the practical lack of specialized landfills for the collection of solid waste and law enforcement interventions.

More recently, garbage collection was carried out on the basis of direct agreements between management companies and collection companies. Since January 1, a new form of MSW handling has been operating in the region - this function was taken over by the regional operator - the regional enterprise Primorsky Ecological Operator. It is interesting that, in fact, it is the Vladivostok Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Spetszavod No. 1”, which in the summer passed into the regional property.

Previously, all contractual relations with the former MSW removal agents (13 companies) were terminated. As a result of the tenders, contracts were signed between new transport companies with the Primorsky Ecological Operator. Now only four companies are engaged in garbage disposal in Vladivostok: LLC "Clean Service NSC" (Frunzensky District), LLC "Clean City" and "Gorod N" (Soviet and Pervorechensky Districts) and LLC Dal-Eco (Pervomaisky and Leninsky Districts) ... It was "Dal-Eco", which assumed the greatest obligations, was subjected to a demonstrative flogging for the unsatisfactory state of the entrusted territory in early January.

Prosecutors of the Pervomaisky and Leninsky districts of Vladivostok made submissions to the head of Dal-Eco LLC and the director of the Primorsky Ecological Operator state unitary enterprise. In addition, the prosecutor's office initiated the initiation of cases of administrative offenses, both against the regional operator and Dal-Eco. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that complaints about non-garbage collection also came from the cities of Ussuriysk and Nakhodka, and in Lesozavodsk, as in Vladivostok, they have already revealed violations. In total, prosecutors discovered about 200 facts when organizations for a long time did not take measures to remove waste.

The Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako promised negligent carriers major troubles: monetary fines and recalculation in January receipts. Also, the fined transport workers were promised that they would leave the garbage transportation market, or, at least, make room on it. The head of Vladivostok, Oleg Gumenyuk, self-critically declared the city an unsanitary zone and took a week for himself and the Primorsky Ecological Operator State Unitary Enterprise to save the city from garbage collapse.


Who is to blame?

The situation was partially influenced by the holidays (many drivers of garbage trucks “forgot” to go to work on January 1), and there are always a lot of “holiday” wastes for the New Year. In addition, on the eve of the holidays in Vladivostok there was heavy snow.

“As a resident of Vladivostok, I note that many passages in the center of Vladivostok were not cleared of snow at the beginning of January and travel through it was difficult,” says Vladimir Bespalov, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory. - Naturally, it was hard for trucks to work. Indeed, the trash cans were full on January 8th. Now the rubble is slowly being raked. ”

According to the deputy of the Legislative Assembly Artyom Samsonov, whose district includes the Leninsky district of Vladivostok, companies with which they entered into a new agreement cannot cope.

“I think the reason is that in identifying agents, certain commercial interests were defended in parallel. Moreover, some of the companies that used to take out the garbage are now going bankrupt. They simply will not be allowed into the landfill, TKO will be accepted only from those indicated by the operator, ”says Artem Samsonov.

Director General of Dal-Eco LLC Elena Kozhushko urged not to succumb to emotions. In her opinion, the situation is not critical.

“I don’t think that there is some kind of our fault, rather, a combination of certain factors played. I understand and fully support the Vladivostok people. I live not in the area of ​​the city where we work, but there were failures as well. Now the situation is leveling out, we are working with the regional operator and the city administration, and we support each other. Huge accumulations of garbage are no longer observed. The nuances that we saw are fixable. It seems to me that the hype was created more by the waste management reform itself that they had been waiting for so long, ”said Elena Kozhushko.

And about. Director of the Primorsky Ecological Operator State Unitary Enterprise, Alexei Borisov, said that the first analysis of the causes of the communal collapse showed that there was enough transport for organizations - the problem is the competent construction of a logistics system and routing of these areas.

“Everything had to be done gradually,” said deputy Artem Samsonov. - Collect information from all UK and Homeowners Associations - who takes out the garbage from them. The regional operator to conclude contracts for 2020 with the same companies. Then to figure out who works better or worse, maybe slowly change. I was at meetings held in the regional administration on the eve of the reform. The officials absolutely did not understand what they were doing. ”


What to do?

Mayor Oleg Gumenyuk at the meeting on January 14 promised that a new waste management system will be developed and blamed the regional operator.

“It is quite obvious that the launched reform turned out to be a profanation,” the head of Vladivostok said. - The regoperator and the regional ministry of housing and communal services will analyze and propose a new scheme. In the meantime, we have to save the city. To do this, I ask the management companies and homeowners associations to contact their old carriers and ask them to conclude direct contracts with the Primorsky Ecological Operator. You cannot do without your help. Garbage removal, as well as the acceptance of solid waste at the landfill on Kholmistaya Street, will be carried out free of charge. "

According to him, the municipal enterprise "Central" will also help with the technology. Over the next week, Vladivostok should clear it of debris, after which it will be possible to raise the question of compliance with the positions held by the heads of the Primorsky Ecological Operator.

“I am a supporter of the fact that the structure should be historically formed under the Soviet regime,” Vladimir Bespalov points out. “In each of the five districts of Vladivostok there are administrative-territorial administrations, with them we need departments that are responsible for the removal of MSW - they would already manage separate residential areas of 10-15 houses and determine the contractors for garbage removal.”

According to the falsified agent of KSUE “Primorsky Ecological Operator”, “work on mistakes” is being carried out so that a similar situation would not occur in the next New Year.

“Maybe, new parking rules will be developed during the year,” offers Elena Kozhushko. - The Leninsky district is specific, old, there are no garbage chutes, there are a lot of container sites. It may be necessary to relocate container sites to areas that make access difficult. It should be borne in mind that an ordinary truck and specialized equipment are two different things. When turning containers over, free space is required not only for the dimensions of the machine, but also for the installation that picks up the container. Given the narrow streets, parked cars, weather conditions, it’s even impossible to drive, all the more so. Of course, we have equipment with rear loading, but the dimensions are slightly different, and may not go everywhere. There are also small cars, but they collect garbage mainly in intra-quarter driveways, from garbage bins. We have enough equipment. Our fleet consists of 36 cars, and 12 are new. In addition, we attracted additional equipment. On the night of January 15, 33 pieces of equipment worked out, during the day 30 routes were reached. Yes, the housing estate we serve is huge, but this requires logistics and schedules. We all built, calculated. I would like to point out that it is quickly impossible to rebuild the schedule. If we couldn’t arrive at 10 in the morning, because, say, a car is parked near the tank, then we’ll finish the route and only then return. Sometimes it takes more time than usual, because traffic jams in Vladivostok are not always predictable. ”


New Challenges

The ex-head of Vladivostok, Yuri Kopylov, who has a house in the suburbs, said he was puzzled: where to put the garbage, although in small quantities, but accumulating? Previously, one of the private transport companies was engaged in this, now there is nobody. According to Kopylov, the suburbs of Vladivostok are threatened with a return to a state where all roadsides and driveways were polluted with municipal waste.

By the way, for residents of the private sector, the tariff is approximately twice as high as for residents of apartment buildings. There is still no clarity on how it will be collected, since no one is formally registered in many suburban buildings, but in reality people live there, and garbage will have to be thrown out somewhere.

“Now there will be problems with New Year trees,” said deputy Artem Samsonov. - This is not household rubbish, but bulky, the regional operator does not take out such. Accordingly, the Criminal Code and the HOA must conclude separate agreements for the removal of large garbage. In 2019, the HOA, where I live, had an agreement with a company that took out everything in a row - both large and large garbage. Now the carrier is leaving the market. "The rates for the export of ordinary garbage have increased many times, plus, we need to look with whom to conclude an agreement on the export of bulky garbage?"

About 770 thousand tons of municipal solid waste are collected annually in the Primorsky Territory. There are no more garbage processing plants and sorting centers: in recent years, the waste incineration plant in Vladivostok has been closed, landfills at the entrance to Artem and Gornostaya have gone into reclamation. A large proportion of the region’s waste flows to a relatively new landfill on Kholmistaya in Vladivostok, only a small part is sorted and processed.

The removal of MSW is a profitable business, because at a tariff of 80 rubles per month per person, not even taking into account the even greater expenses of residents of private houses and the waste of enterprises and organizations, Primorsky will pay about two billion rubles to the regional operator for the year.

The “garbage reform” was designed to launch the liquidation of spontaneous landfills and make waste management in the region legally transparent, but in reality, tariffs for garbage collection tripled, and the situation with the transportation of solid waste did not get any better.

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