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"Indeed, there are people who are very good"

The head of the Information Agency for Fisheries Alexander Saveliev on the scandals on the eve of the Fishermen's Congress

"Indeed, there are people who are very good"

Alexander Saveliev

Head of the Fisheries Information Agency
Just before the Fourth All-Russian Congress of Fish Fishermen, a grand scandal erupted. Suddenly it turned out that 600 thousand tons of aquatic biological resources, which will be confiscated from all fishing companies in Russia for investment in the construction of ships and processing factories, are actually intended for the Russian Fishery Company. Basically. In the industry and four years ago it was assumed that the "weaning" of a portion of quotas for investment projects was started in the interests of only this "limited liability company", and now, when the commission on selection of applications for investment letters looked into the protocol, even some doubts were dispelled.

It turned out that some companies will be able to conclude agreements on securing investment letters for the construction of ships and plants without auction procedures, others will have access to these quotas through auctions. Worse, in the Far East with the most popular fish resources, the following companies are in the forefront: OOO Mintay First, New Seyval LLC, Trinity Bay LLC, Novostroy LLC, Novy Voshod LLC, RRPK Vostok LLC ". All these legal entities were registered only last year, they are located in Vladivostok on Pushkinskaya Street and were born not without the participation of the "Russian Fishery Company."

A couple of years ago, at a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council on the development of the fisheries sector, Vladimir Putin uttered a sacramental phrase: “Indeed, there are people who feel very good. Now we need to distribute this "very well" to the entire population of the country. "

It seems that not everyone heard it, and all strive to do even better.

What do we have now? Radically changing the law on fishing for investment purposes and issuing order 30 government regulations aimed at updating the fishing fleet and onshore processing enterprises. New legal documents are baked as pies. Attentive experts are only able to detect blatant inconsistencies in them.

Another scandal, which spoiled the solemn pre-Congress mood, is just connected with the published rules for allocating production quotas in sea waters. It is a matter of neither more nor less than the grounds for refusing to consolidate the quota share.

The experts found that the wording of one of the grounds for refusal to fix the quota share jeopardizes the right to mining for any company that has a contract concluded as a result of universal succession or auction for the last 9 years. And, naturally, they suspected that such a wording appeared not without reason, but in the interests of "people who are very well".

Rosrybolovstvo immediately responded to the appeal of the VARPEA on the arising misunderstandings promised to correct the "error" to 1 April, however, the fishermen remained the siege, and now they just tripled their vigilance.

Fishermen somehow argue on Zhvanetsky: "Everything is going well. Only by », - therefore, in the draft of the appeal to the president of Russia, the government, the State Duma and the Federal Assembly, on the eve of the congress, along with the extremely important issue for the industry on the inviolability of the" historical principle ", I quote literally:" To draw the attention of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia to the inadmissibility of poor-quality preparation of normative legal acts, which have negative consequences for the fishery complex, including material losses ... "And also:" To request Rosrybolovstvo to provide the public contra A post on the site Rosrybolovstva a period of at least 10 working days a draft decision of the Interdepartmental Commission on the definition of shares belonging to a Russian applicants who submitted applications to receive payments in the total amount of quotas to catch (harvest) of aquatic biological resources ".

The concern of fishermen can be understood. Two scandals did not limit the pre-Congress moods. However, the mine, which the developers laid in the draft federal law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in the Field of Fisheries and the Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources in Part of the Auction in Electronic Form" is just still being prepared to jerk. Burned on the milk of investment quotas, the industry now blows on every document's water and is concerned, but is it not in the interests of the same "people who are very well" that these muddy amendments are prepared? After all, with the help of the incorporated mechanism it is possible to masterly juggle not only with carrying out, and the main thing, with results of these most "auctions in the electronic form". This is in the first place. And secondly, it became quite obvious in whose interests the auctions are being prepared in general. Especially the crab!

The fishermen's attention was not paid at the Sochi Economic Forum by the Russian Minister for Open Government Mikhail Abyzov, "Is it easy to be an entrepreneur. The view of business and government. "

"We recently," the minister said, "conducted a survey of entrepreneurs together with the Federal Security Service. 11 thousand people were interviewed about the problems of relations with the supervisory authorities. " 65% of respondents said that the main problems are related to the often changing rules of the game. One third of the entrepreneurs called excessive reporting, bureaucratization, one of the key difficulties. Another third noted the problems associated with the manifestation of corruption.

The congress of fishermen will show, maybe, other layouts. We will see.

These are the times, as Vladimir Vladimirovich Posner says.
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