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Vladimir Pechenyi: "The process will continue"

Magadan demonstrated the mining potential of the region at the WEF

About projects with multiplicative effect and nuggets Kolyma - EastRussia the governor of the Magadan region Vladimir Pechenyi told.

Vladimir Pechenyi: "The process will continue"

- Vladimir Petrovich, what projects did the region present at the Eastern Economic Forum?

- First of all, it is the investment projects of our traditional mining industry - the development of the deposits of the Yano-Kolyma gold province and the creation of a coal cluster based on the Omsukchan coal basin, as well as the presentation of the tourist and recreational opportunities of the region.

Gold mining projects were presented by the companies "Polyus Gold" and "ARLAN". They are already being implemented. In May of this year, within the framework of the meeting of the Russian and Chinese leaders, Polyus Gold signed a document with the China State Gold Mining Corporation on partnership in the development of new fields. As for the largest Natalka deposit in Russia, the modern enterprise there - "Matrosov Mine" - is already almost 80% built. Now the company is looking for an investor who could connect to the project at the final stage.

The investment company "ARLAN" told the VEF about a project to develop the Yano-Kolymskaya gold ore province and create a mining and metallurgical complex based on the Pavlik-2 and Rodionovskoye deposits. The amount of investment required exceeds 800 million. The investor considers the lack of project documentation for the construction of a transmission line, without which it is impossible to develop a province, to build industrial enterprises as a deterrent to the development of the project. Finally, an order was given to the Ministry of Energy, and the Far Eastern Energy Management Company (DVEUK PJSC) received a tender for the design of the Ust-Omchug-Omchak overhead line. The project will be ready in 2016, and, I am sure, an investor will be determined by this time, who will build a line (1,5 km) for 135 of the year. The high-voltage line Ust-Omchug-Omchak will enable the enterprises of the Yano-Kolyma gold province to reach the maximum design capacity.

The development of the Yano-Kolyma gold province is a vivid example of creating a territory of priority development without any tools. ARLAN, together with Vnesheconombank, is implementing a project to develop the Pavlik field. Today, the largest gold mining enterprise in the Magadan region, and, perhaps, in the Far East, is built here. The mining and processing plant already this year will give us 2-3 tons of gold, and will reach full capacity - and the region will be able to extract more tons of gold with 6.

- Some media talk about the change of ownership in the company Polyus Gold. Can you confirm this information? By the way, when will you start the industrial development of Natalka? (at the end of last year, the Matrosov Mine, a subsidiary of Polyus Gold, postponed the start of mining the precious metal at the Natalka deposit in the Tenkinsky district of Kolyma for an indefinite period - author's comment).

- I can neither confirm nor disprove the information on the owner change in the company "Polyus Gold". As for the truly disturbing problem: the delayed launch of the enterprise, we are keeping the situation under control. Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev is following this question. Specific deadlines for launching the Natalka project are determined - the first half of the year 2017. We have no doubts that the deposit will be developed, there are already 1.5 billion dollars invested in the GOK!). Even with reduced estimates of the gold content in the ore, Natalka still remains the largest gold ore deposit in Russia.

- How is the implementation of the project for the construction of a hydrogen plant in the Magadan region going along with the Kawasaki company?

- Kawasaki continues to work with RusHydro. The feasibility study for the project is nearing completion. The project has the right to life, and definitively determine the location of the plant specialists of the Japanese company. Today, the Japanese offer two options: one in the city of Magadan, closer to the seaport - comfortable transport logistics; And to use cheaper energy more efficiently, it is directly in the area of ​​the hydroelectric power station, but there is a complicated logistics: it will be necessary to transport liquefied hydrogen to the sea port in permafrost conditions, along the roads through our uneasy Kolyma passes.

- At the WEF, you signed an agreement with Chukotka on the implementation of the Kolyma-Chukotka energy bridge project. What is the significance of this large-scale project?

- More precisely - on the removal of infrastructure restrictions in energy and transport, including through the construction of an energy bridge. The project will solve many problems of our regions. Today the energy systems of Kolyma and Chukotka are closed. We have a lot of electricity, the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug is sorely lacking, it is wise to combine the energy systems intelligently. All will win. According to our joint appeals, RusHydro is preparing a feasibility study for the project. Of course, this is a very expensive project, which will require serious government investment. It is not possible to cope with private investment. But investors are interested in the project, because the construction of the energy bridge will give impetus to the development of large deposits both in Chukotka and in the Magadan Region.

- The economy of the Magadan region in recent years shows systemic growth in many areas. What other large-scale projects are you considering for the near future?

- First of all, the oil and gas projects of the Magadan shelf. The time has come for active exploration of hydrocarbons in the Magadan-1 section in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (the project is implemented by Magadanmorneftegaz LLC, a subsidiary of Rosneft). Practically resolved the issue of attracting a Chinese company to exploration drilling. In the near future we will proceed to the formation of a coastal base for the development of the shelf.

We conducted public hearings on the project, as people are concerned about the negative impact on the environment (we have the richest sea, in which there are a lot of fish, valuable aquatic organisms. In addition, the well will be drilled 100 kilometers from Magadan). The hearings were successful, the comments were made and accepted. The company will complete all the examinations and start drilling exploratory wells in 2016.

- Presenting the tourist and recreational opportunities of the region, you put an emphasis on the development of the resort "Talai". Was the application successful at the forum?

- Talay - a unique place in the North. Healing natural mud, thermal mineral water, beautiful nature - and all this in 286 km from Magadan. Preliminary arrangements were made with the VEF with several investors, who intend to come to Magadan in the near future. Of course, you can not buy a cat in a sack. The prospects are intriguing, the presentation was like ... I'm sure the process will continue. We remove infrastructure constraints: we will build a good road, stretch the Orotukan-Palatka-Tsentralnaya line and a separate branch-the line to Tala-we can transfer the electricity of the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP not only to the Talaya resort, but also to the gold deposits located nearby.

- Investors who paid attention to the resort, ours? Foreign companies?

- The Russians. An anchor investor was our gold mining company. People want to try themselves in a new business, an entirely different industry. I think that the appearance of one's own, local investor will raise more confidence among co-investors, including foreign investors. The project requires 2,5 billion rubles. I repeat, in addition to the development of the resort, it is necessary to improve the infrastructure. Multiplicative, the effect is obtained ... We intend to use the mechanisms of public-private partnership. The owner of the resort is the state in the person of the subject. We are investing in the development of the resort base and will continue to do so, as Talaya is the pearl of Kolyma, here the northerners improve their health, spend holidays with pleasure, tourists conquer the surrounding peaks, raft along the rivers, enjoy the splendor of the lakes ... And what a honeysuckle, cranberries!

"I already want to go to Talaya." Tell us how to come to the resort residents of other regions?

"No problem, take a plane ticket and ... welcome."

- What are the airport's capabilities?

- Like any Russian airport that has international status. Magadan Region is a participant in the development program of the Far East. Big money is invested in the development of airport infrastructure. Today we have a runway that can accept all types of aircraft. This year, the airport also received permission to service Boeing 777 and Airbus 330 aircraft.

In recent years, the route network has significantly expanded. There are direct flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar. Today we have also secured a subsidized flight to Simferopol. The regional airline connected Magadan with Kamchatka. By mutual agreement with the government of the Kamchatka Krai, a flight from Magadan to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is carried out. Every day a plane flies from Magadan to Vladivostok with a landing in Khabarovsk. Air liners depart to Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude. The network is big, the question is in price. Of course, it does not suit anyone. Tickets for subsidized flights that operate for a certain period, for many categories of the population, still remain expensive. If we talk about the transport of goods (and part of the goods, including food), we forwarded by air, then a kilogram costs 200-250 rubles. Arithmetic is simple: carry tomatoes for 100-150 rubles, add 250 rubles immediately for transportation costs. Is it any wonder that the price of tomatoes on our shelves is 500 rubles?

- Do you plan to raise agriculture in the region?

- Step by step we do it. Virtually provided Magadans with fresh eggs and chilled poultry meat, will increase the turnover of the poultry farm "Dukchinskaya" - and we will supply Kolyma with these products. The Development Fund of the Far East (FRDV) approved our project for the construction of greenhouses for growing vegetables in a closed ground. It is supported by RusAgro and another local investor is ready to enter.

We plan to build a broiler incubator, this project also supports the FRDV. They conceived the creation of a pig complex. We count on state support of the Ministry of Agriculture, and next year we will start construction. Perhaps this will be a priority investment project within the agro-industrial park. We hope to receive support from the Ministry of Economic Development for its creation in 2016.

We are interested in investment projects. Their implementation is facilitated by the mechanisms of a special economic zone. Its regime operates in the region and gives investors significant preferences. As in TORA, we have a free customs zone, we can import equipment for the development of production without problems. No customs duties.

- What is the brand of the Magadan region today?

- Our brand was presented on the street of the Far East: unique gold nuggets. Kolyma is the Russian center of placer gold mining. Nuggets can not be extracted from ore, they are washed by prospectors. In July we held the first All-Russian Golden Festival "Staratelsky Fart" in Magadan. Competitions in prospecting skills - an excellent project for the development of inbound tourism, in my opinion. Today they were held within the framework of the Magadan Investment Fair, but we were convinced that it is possible to hold the festival as a separate event. There is a huge interest in gold mining in the "grandfather's way", washing gold-bearing sands with a tray.

If a diamond exchange is created in Yakutia, then we decided to create a stock exchange of nuggets on the Kolyma River. The idea fell in favor of our subsoil users, interested in potential buyers. Imagine, put on earrings with gold nuggets - and no one has any doubt - Kolyma stamp!


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