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Vladimir Ilyukhin: "Kamchatka has finally waited"

On how the new mechanisms to support investors are changing the economy of the Far East - in an interview with EastRussia Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin

Vladimir Ilyukhin: "Kamchatka has finally waited"
Photo: TASS
- Vladimir Ivanovich, what, in your opinion, is the dynamics of social and economic development in comparison with last year?
- Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, Kamchatka has shown worthy results in recent years. Following the results of 2015, the region became one of the best in this indicator not only in the Far East, but also in Russia as a whole - we entered the top 20. More recently, as a "prize" for success in socio-economic development, the region received additional subsidies from the federal budget in the amount of 162 million rubles - this money will be spent on sports development. In 2016, the positive trend continues: in Kamchatka, compared with last year, increased industrial production, agriculture and construction. The contribution to the economy of mining production is increasing, only in gold for the year we grew twice, and for silver - almost four. Traditionally, the fisheries complex is growing, this year for the third time in a quarter of a century we extracted 1 million tons of fish, the bulk of which will go to the counters of Russians.

- If we talk about development mechanisms, at what stage is the work now in the priority development area established in Kamchatka?
- TOR “Kamchatka” has been working for more than a year. TOR combines several areas: transport and logistics, tourist and recreational and agro-industrial. Today we have more 30 applications from investors with a total investment of 25 billion rubles. 17 has already been granted a resident status to investors who invest 9 billion in projects. We are currently working on building infrastructure at the TOP site. In total, about 8 billion rubles have been allocated from the federal and regional budgets for these purposes. The funds of the regional budget will be used to provide the transport and energy infrastructure of the investment sites Zelenovskye Lakes and Paratunka, and the federal budget for the reconstruction of the quays in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In addition, we are introducing the Free Port regime in the regional capital, the issue with the support of residents has already been resolved - we have established tax breaks for them. Now the Free Port regime applies only to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, but in the near future this mechanism will work in the Eliza district. Our initiative was supported at the federal level, and in the near future we are awaiting amendments to the law. The Elizovsky District is the largest in Kamchatka, with the main airport of the region located there. The extension of the special regime to its territory will allow the application of a simplified visa regime at the airport, will give an additional impetus to the development of tourism in the region.

- What specific investment projects were implemented in Kamchatka?
- In general, despite the difficulties in the economy, we have a good investment situation. Only in the last nine months we have grown by 16,5%. If we talk about large-scale projects, at the end of last year a mining and processing plant was commissioned at the Ametistovo gold deposit in the north of Kamchatka. This year the enterprise reached its full capacity, which allowed to significantly increase the volumes of precious metals mining in the region. In addition, exploration continues at the Ozernovskoye gold deposit, where a large-scale mining and processing company is also planned to be built within the framework of the investment project. A large number of projects are being implemented in the fisheries complex. Every year our fishermen invest billions of rubles in the development of the industry - in the creation of modern coastal processing industries, in the modernization and modernization of the fleet. In recent years more than 17 billion rubles have been invested in the fishery of the region - this is the best indicator in the industry in the country.

Many interesting projects are being implemented within the framework of the TOP or Free Port. Residents are companies engaged in various types of economic activity: aviation, agriculture, tourism. The mechanisms of TOP also allow us to support investors in priority sectors. For example, one of the residents of the Free Port is currently building a hotel in the heart of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It will be a modern complex with concert and sports halls. There are no such hotels in Kamchatka today. Within the framework of the TOP, the construction of an aquapark is being completed, the sanatorium "Zhemchuzhina Kamchatka" is being modernized - there are a lot of projects, I will not list them, it is important that they are all aimed at the development of Kamchatka.

- What is the main thing left unfinished in the current year and will it be necessary to develop and complete it in the coming year?
- First of all, these are our social projects. Now we are building a new regional hospital, next year we will hand over the surgical building. In addition, this year we were able to agree with representatives of the Republic of Korea on project support. We are currently negotiating with colleagues on the allocation of funds for the construction of a hospital within the framework of an international concession. Of course, in 2017, the hospital cannot be completed, but I hope that with the support of our partners, the construction of the facility will be faster. This year we continued the construction of the regional puppet theater. The foundation has already been flooded there, and next year it is planned to begin work on the installation of the building frame, the erection of walls and the dome.

Infrastructure projects are extremely important for us. In recent years, we have been able to tighten the road sphere. Of the major projects, these are primarily two of the most important roads: the reconstruction of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Milkovo route and the construction of the Anavgai-Palana avtozimnik, which will connect the north and south of the peninsula. We have already introduced an order of 170 km of avtozimnik, built 17 bridges, and next year we will hand over a few more plots on these routes. Unfortunately, this year, unfortunately, the reconstruction of two support airports of local airlines of the region has been completed: in the village of Ossora and the village of Nikolskoye. We contracted the contractors, all work should be completed in December, but the builders were much behind schedule. We plan to hand over these facilities in 2017 year, at least together with Rosaviatsia do everything possible for this.

- How does the situation with access to the Internet change?
- Kamchatka finally waited: the high-speed Internet "came" to the peninsula, and even earlier than originally planned. Internet providers have unlimited tariff plans. Now our task is to provide high-speed Internet and residents of remote areas of Kamchatka together with Rostelecom. We agreed with the company's management to create a pilot project, within which we will work on the issue of providing this service in the north of the region via satellite communication. In addition, for 2017 year is planned to upgrade fiber-optic communication lines in the suburbs of the regional capital. The existing cable line is unable to provide residents with access to the Internet: we plan to subsidize the construction of a fiber-optic line in these microdistricts.

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