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Vladimir Ilyukhin: "There is an effect"

Presentation of the territories of advanced development continues at the WEF

Vladimir Ilyukhin: "There is an effect"

How Kamchatka opens doors to investors - EastRussia was told by the Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin.

- Vladimir Ivanovich, tell us, please, with what expectations did you come to the EEF?

 We present eight projects at the Eastern Economic Forum, three of them within the Kamchatka ASEZ. We see interest in our stands and hope that new anchor investors will appear at the forum. In addition, the WEF is another reason to declare about the possibilities of Kamchatka, about the potential that exists today in the tourism, fishing and other industries.

And the fact that on the eve of the forum the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation signed a decree on the Kamchatka ASEZ became a positive signal for us that we are on the right track, that a year of comprehensive preparation of sites for the advanced development area together with the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East gave positive results.

- ASEZ "Kamchatka" is a special territory of advanced development in the Far East: it is not one point of development, but a whole complex. What three sites do you demonstrate at the TOP exhibition?

- These sites relate to three main areas of the economy of the Kamchatka Territory: "Zelenovskie Lakes" open up the possibility of building a greenhouse complex; the tourist and recreational zone includes both sites in the Paratunskaya zone and projects within the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where the construction of a whole complex on the Petrovskaya hill is planned; and, of course, the reconstruction of our commercial seaport with the construction of a seaport, a business center and the creation of all conditions for receiving cruise liners. The business plans to invest about 28 billion rubles in the facilities of the priority development area. The bulk of the money will be concentrated in these three zones, because they are really important for the development of the whole for Kamchatka.

- You said that you represent five investment projects at the WEF. Which ones are close to being implemented?

- Probably most of them are already being implemented. We have been working on them for a long time. For example, a project for the reconstruction of the seaport and the arrangement of pier areas is being implemented. The construction of the seaport will be finished next year. The design work required to start reconstruction of the pier area is progressing. We cannot say that we are starting from scratch - in the process of working on objects we entered the TOP, this is our advantage. That is, it is not just air, but real work that is being done. This applies to almost all objects.

- You spoke at the forum in the sessions on fishing and tourism. Can you summarize?

- The site itself assumed some kind of splash of information about this or that project. Will there be any interest? Judging by the fact that both after these discussion platforms and after other sessions where my colleagues participated, our stands attract attention, I think there is an effect. Will these people become potential investors - we'll see.

During the session on fishing, we talked about the situation in Kamchatka in this area. Today we are the first in Russia to invest in the fishing industry. In recent years, 16 billion rubles have been invested in the "coast", in the development of infrastructure. The investors were our enterprises working in this area, and we talked about the work they are doing. In particular, I talked about plans to build 20 fish hatcheries, the amount of investment needed is from 6 to 10 billion rubles. We are ready to consider the proposal in this part. But basically, we presented not only the capabilities of our fishing industry, but Kamchatka as a whole as a territory, as the country's fish table.

Tourism is a special topic for us. For a long time, the development of the industry was slow - the infrastructure was almost not built. But today we cannot hide our beauties from both Russians and foreign guests. Therefore, we are actively working to open Kamchatka for mass tourism. However, we must find an optimal balance so as not to ruin the unique nature of the region. Within the framework of the Kamchatka ASEZ, we plan to receive about 800 thousand tourists a year (so far this figure is 60 thousand). In addition, it is important for us to take into account the seasonality, which affects the creation of the entire infrastructure. When the infrastructure only works three months a year, this is not normal. Therefore, we must find the way that will allow us to receive tourists throughout the year, depending on who likes what. Although the main emphasis, of course, falls on the summer-autumn period.

- Which investors are most interested in investment projects in Kamchatka?

- At the moment, these are Russian, Kamchatka businessmen. There are, of course, several companies from outside, including the German group of companies "West-Woods Consulting", with which we signed an agreement at the WEF on the construction of a large tourist complex "Petrovskaya Sopka", there are a number of partners from the Asia-Pacific countries, but mostly - ours, Kamchatka. That is why we present projects here at the EEF in order to find investors who will want to work with us. We are waiting for everyone. Taking into account the crisis situations that are observed in the global economy, new partners with whom we will find a common language are important for us.

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