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Screw and wing are used for the shoulder

The aviation industry of the Far East needs to rely on preferential TOR and small business regimes for development

Screw and wing are used for the shoulder
Special project TORA and Free Port
Among the Far Eastern companies working in the defense industry complex, one of the leading positions is occupied by aircraft manufacturing. In the Khabarovsk Territory, aircraft construction accounts for up to 90% of all investments in the machine-building industry. In the Primorsky Territory - about 40%. High and innovative activity of enterprises in this sphere in the regions is up to 60%. The largest in the Far-Eastern Federal District enterprises - Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant and the local branch of the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (both are part of the Sukhoi Holding Company) and the Progress Aviation Plant (Russian Helicopters) have created thousands of jobs (12 thousand and 6 thousand, respectively), the volume of orders (including export) in factories are growing, tens of billions of rubles are being invested in their modernization.
Meanwhile, now in the Far East a cluster model of work in aircraft and shipbuilding is actively promoted. Its essence is the attraction of small businesses to cooperation with large enterprises, the transfer of some production processes to SMEs. And a bet here can be made on the opportunities offered to residents of the priority development area, which are actively being created now in the Far East. One of them is TOR "Komsomolsk". At the moment, JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" has concluded 17 agreements on investment activities in the Komsomolsk General Partnership for a total amount of 11,6 billion rubles. The TOR is scheduled to work four sites: "Parus", "Amursk", "Amurlitmash" and "Holdomi". And there are no analogues of the products that will be manufactured on them on the Russian market. As, by and large, there are no analogues to the approaches to work that are implemented there.
“The TOR“ Komsomolsk ”, and above all its“ Parus ”platform, is focused on inquiries from the largest anchor enterprises of the region - KnAAZ (a branch of PJSC“ Company “Sukhoi”), the Amur Shipbuilding Plant, the Komsomolsk Refinery, land and property policy of the Khabarovsk Territory Alexei Chepurnykh. - We are now developing a project called “New Industrial Model”. It implies the development of enterprises along the lines of modern international holdings, when only the assembly production remains in the head company, while other redistribution is made outside its perimeter. Thanks to this approach, firstly, the needs of the client company are satisfied, and secondly, with the development of the Komsomolsk PDA, small enterprises themselves will be strengthened and developed - its residents will start working with other orders over time. In general, if a business has relevant competencies, then we will always have a subject for conversation with it. Therefore, I would urge entrepreneurs and themselves to come to us more actively with offers of cooperation. 
As Aleksey Chepurnykh says, the planned models are currently being worked out. Nine types of activities have already been identified, which KnAAZ is ready to transfer to residents and, in fact, invites businessmen to cooperate on these positions.
“In particular, this is the production of cable networks, electrical distribution devices, cutting tools, so-called normals, other types of products that are in demand in the KnAAZ production cycle,” the deputy minister said.  
However, the official clarifies, the enterprises that intend to work in these areas are still located in the areas of KnAAZ: the preparation of the "Parus" site is still underway. According to Aleksei Chepurnykh, at the moment the road-transport network "Sails" is ready, by the end of this year the infrastructure will be completed as a whole, then the construction of production facilities will begin, and in "full force" the site will begin to work already, by the end of next year . 

Its total area is 59,4 ha, plots within the cadastral quarters are 472 ha. Free now 38,2 hectare. That is, there are enough places for many enterprises, adds Alexey Chepurnykh. By the end of 2018, the whole infrastructure connected with roads, energy supply, heat supply, gas and water supply and sanitation, etc. will be fully equipped here.
“Of course, residents are also attracted by the benefits that are provided in the Komsomolsk PDA,” says Olga Kalugina, head of investment projects support at the Investment and Development Agency of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. - This is, for example, zero land tax for residents for the first three years, rent in 0,4% of the size of the base rate, rates from 0 to 5% on taxes on profits and property of organizations in the first five years, lower rates of insurance premiums. The idea is that to enter the Komsomolsk ToR and start working, the resident enterprise will not need large amounts of investment. I think in some areas they can be within a few hundred thousand rubles - and this will be enough to start working. At the same time, such a large company as “Industrial Technologies” has come to us now. She already has the official status of a resident of the TOR "Komsomolsk", although she still works not at the Parus site, but in the city.
As Olga Kalugina tells, the Industrial Technologies holding plans to place at the Parus site, when it is ready, production for the needs of the aircraft industry. The first phase is scheduled to start within two years. We are talking about the start of production at the first stage of onboard cable networks, distribution and communication devices, and pipelines. At the second stage, it is planned to open production of parts for the orders of aircraft plants. Experience with Industrial Technologies in these areas is large: for about 20 years, the company has been developing and producing various equipment for airplanes, helicopters, and spacecraft.
However, as Olga Kalugina noted, while the residency of "Industrial Technologies" is the most concrete project, if we talk about the "Sail" site, designed for enterprises that are ready to work on orders of aircraft builders.
According to Alexei Chepurnyh, the Komsomolsk PDA, including the Parus site, is open for cooperation with potential residents - a considerable number of enterprises can accommodate the TOP Square, there would be a desire on their part.

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