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Vladimir Ilyukhin: attention to Kamchatka is growing

Conversation with the governor of the Kamchatka Territory - on fish, gold and tourism

Vladimir Ilyukhin: attention to Kamchatka is growing
At the festival "Streets of the Far East", which will be held within the framework of the second Eastern Economic Forum, the pavilion of the Kamchatka Territory will be decorated in the form of a stylized volcano. 

Everyone who goes inside will experience the effect of being in a volcanic crater - for this, samples of this volcanic lava will be laid out, as well as simulated red-hot lava flows. Meet the guests will be an exhibition of 16 3D-pictures of the natural beauties of the peninsula. The size of each will be a record - 2 meters wide and 1,2 meters in height. The impressions of the guests will be supplemented by two-dimensional photo portraits of "Faces of Kamchatka", in a highly artistic manner conveying the spirit and characters of people living in the region.

Governor of Kamchatka Vladimir Ilyukhin is sure that such an exhibition will arouse great interest among the guests and participants of the WEF. Kamchatka is one of the most amazing protected places not only in Russia, but also in the world. Even those who have not been there know about volcanoes and geysers, mountain rivers and untouched nature. But at the same time, few people know that today it is not only the edge of the most beautiful landscapes, but also new economic opportunities and almost limitless investment potential.

- Vladimir Ivanovich, you can not resist Kamchatka, its natural beauties. It is not surprising that the region attracts tourists. In Kamchatka, even the first school of surfing in Russia was opened. How many tourists come to Kamchatka every year? What are you attracting them?

- Yes, attention to Kamchatka is growing noticeably - over the past year the flow of tourists has grown three-fold, to more than 180 thousand people. Opportunities for recreation in the province are wide: we have excellent conditions for lovers of mountain skiing and snowboarding - you can ride on the slopes of volcanoes almost all the year round. Here is an amazing fishing and hunting. Recently, development has received event tourism. More and more guests come to symbolic Kamchatka holidays. The main magnets are our "Beringia", the traditional extreme dog sled race, as well as "Days of the Volcano" with massive ascents to the working giant.

Of course, the main barrier for tourists remains undeveloped infrastructure. Every year we pledge money for these purposes in the framework of the state program for the development of tourism.

- Maybe it's better for nature and that tourists in Kamchatka are not millions ...

"You are right, nature, a special reserve like ours, requires careful treatment of it." But we are sure that the return from tourism will still increase. In addition to large projects, small hotel complexes and themed hotels are being built. This year, Kamchatka enthusiasts pleased tourists with a new kind of extreme recreation - living in an iglu hotel. This was the first such project in Russia. The guest houses were completely built from snow and decorated in the national style of the northern indigenous peoples of Kamchatka. There were no vacant places there for a single day.

- And still the main in the economy of the region is the fishing industry. Is it true that one of the oldest enterprises in the industry is still called the Lenin Collective Farm?

- True. Despite such archaic as it seems to you, name, the Kolkhoz named after Lenin has now begun to build the most modern ships in Russia. In the post-Soviet period, this is the only enterprise in the country that is building a new series of vessels of this class at the Russian shipyard. And puts in this 4,5 billion rubles!

In general, the fish industry has always been the foundation of our economy. Kamchatka is the fish table of the country. We extract about a million tons of aquatic biological resources, this is about a quarter of all Russian fish. We are leaders and in terms of investment - only last year our fishermen invested in fleet renewal and processing of 2,6 billion rubles. This year, according to our estimates, the dynamics will continue. Already now the volume of investments is confirmed at the level of 2,5 billion - in the north of Kamchatka construction of three new modern plants began.

We expect growth in investment activity in connection with cluster projects. There are 11 investors intending to implement projects to produce the most demanded frozen products and caviar, to produce deep processing products, to create non-waste productions in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and on the coasts of the region. And invest in them 7 billion rubles.

- Another industry, in which there is just a fantastic take-off - mining. Thanks to what happened such positive changes?

- Recently, Kamchatka has become the leader in the growth of the industrial production index in the Far East. For the first half - a quarter! And basically, if you look at the statistics - due to the volume of extraction of minerals, which for half a year have doubled. This is due to the fact that the modern Ametistovy GOK went to full capacity in the north of the peninsula. The work of another large mining enterprise, Geotechnology, was resumed. And for this year is scheduled to start work on the construction of another large factory - GOK in the field "Ozernovskoe". Thanks to the launch of new projects and the development of deposits in a few years, we will be able to increase gold production in the region to 10-12 tons. Now we produce about 4,2 tons.

- Almost all major projects in Kamchatka are planned to be implemented within the territory of advanced development. It's been a year since it was created. What did you manage to do during this period?

- The special economic regime of the territory of advanced development in Kamchatka unites several directions at once: transport-logistical, tourist-recreational, agro-industrial. Today we have 25 applications from investors with a total investment of 22 billion rubles. The status of the resident has been assigned to 13 investors, who invest in projects of the order of 7 billion. These are projects for the development of small aircraft, fisheries, mineral and raw materials and agro-industrial complexes; in the sphere of tourism, the creation of new balneological resorts and the construction of modern hotel complexes.

Now we are working on creating infrastructure on the sites of TOP. In total, from the federal and regional budgets for these purposes is provided about 8 billion rubles. In particular, the means of the regional budget will be used to provide transport and energy infrastructure for investment sites "Zelenovskie ozerki" and "Paratunka". Until the end of 2017, we plan to introduce all the facilities there.

- Not so long ago the regime of the Free Port was extended to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. What will this give the region?

- Today in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky there is a complicated situation related to the reconstruction of federal property. Before the Free Port will work in full force, it is necessary to solve this issue. And the federal investments that we receive are mostly designed specifically for the reconstruction of the piers. These works must be carried out in order to ensure the development of cruise tourism and the normal mooring of liners. This year, within the framework of federal programs, major repairs of several berths will begin, and most importantly, design works for the reconstruction and construction of new berthing facilities.

In general, the regime of "porto-franco" already at the initial stage will allow to attract in the economy of the region about 7 billion rubles of private investments. There are anchor residents, we are working on concluding the necessary agreements with them. The free port is also attractive because it gives an opportunity to get preferences to investors who for some reason could not become residents of the territory of advanced development.

- In your opinion, what can give the Far Eastern regions and Kamchatka in particular participation in the Eastern Economic Forum?

- A unique opportunity to present our economic potential and increase investment attractiveness both at the Russian and international levels. VEF is a workplace where regional authorities and investors can exchange opinions, suggestions and comments, discuss in detail all the problematic issues. For us, the main result of the forum is the attraction of investors to the region. We must present our projects in this way so that the business wants to participate in them. Including - foreign business, because the forum is international.

- And what projects do you present at the WEF?

- Construction of a new airport complex at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport, the establishment of a GOK in the Ozernovskoye field, and two projects in the field of agriculture: the construction of a year-round Greenhouse greenhouse complex and the creation of the Kamchatka Broiler Poultry Plant. Their total value is almost 19 billion rubles. At the same time, all promising projects in the field of tourism and transport will be presented in the framework of our integrated interactive model of the TOP "Kamchatka

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