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Vyacheslav Shport: Our strategy is to present intellectual potential

Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory on what the region will enter the Eastern Economic Forum

Has the Eastern Economic Forum become a truly effective platform that expands the regions' opportunities to attract investment, what are representatives of large business looking for at such events and what unique conditions the Khabarovsk Territory can offer them - says Governor Vyacheslav Shport.

Vyacheslav Shport: Our strategy is to present intellectual potential

- A year has passed since the previous Eastern Economic Forum. Any results on the implementation of the agreements reached at it can already be summed up?

- The first WEF, on the one hand, turned out to be very fruitful on the signed protocols of intentions and agreements. On the other hand, it was nevertheless an introduction for investors. For many projects that were first voiced at the WEF, we are already working actively. For example, for a sugar factory, an investor project from Thailand. A year ago they said that such a project would be interesting, we signed an agreement, today a very thorough study of the matter is underway. We met with representatives of the company in Singapore, and they intend to come to the second WEF with a ready design solution, and we have already designated the land that is ready to be supplied to the plant. Here is a concrete example of a project with decent investments - $ 200 million at the first stage, when sugar production will be created, and on the second it is supposed to switch already to sugar derivatives, and this is a completely new level.

- Has something changed in the sphere of the accelerated development of the Far East in this year?

- There is a very important for us - if the Freeport of Vladivostok was sounded at the first forum, now there is already a Free Port of Vanino. During this time, we managed to put forward a proposal and make its justification, protect and receive approval from the Russian president. This year, at the forum, we will present what areas can be developed in the Vanino region.

- Are there any other new sites and projects the region will present?

- We will focus on promoting the intellectual potential of the region. Investors this year offered Minvostokrazvitiya from the Khabarovsk Territory 23 project, of them selected for presentation on the fields of the forum seven. Within the framework of the business program of the WEF, our steps will be discussed on the development of a wide range of areas: the timber industry complex, the tourism infrastructure of the Far East, logistics, industrial clusters - everything related to innovation, production, development of advanced development areas. The second part is, like last year, the "Street of the Far East", where we will, of course, show a lot, including the lives of our indigenous small peoples. But, based on the experience of the previous forum, we will try to build a more specific exposition.

"What's in it?"

- Let us imagine, for example, the Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft factory - the leader of the aircraft industry - through such an innovation as the assembly place of the assembler-riveter. There, we will provide an opportunity for any guest of the forum to go to the workbench and collect from the blanks the model of the Sukhoi SuperJet-100 aircraft - rivet in a quick way and take it with you. Such things are, firstly, a good way to acquaint people closer to the Khabarovsk Territory, and secondly, the ability to keep something in their hands as a souvenir. We will also present the most modern technologies in an interactive form, present know-how - we will build the assembly of one of the most complex nodes for an aircraft on screens. This is generally a new topic, nobody has ever imagined it, it seems to me that it will be interesting.

- That is, the bet is also made on external effects?

- Our pavilion is built in the form of a cube. He embodies the idea of ​​intellectual production, he derived various mathematical formulas used in the design of aircraft. Our strategy is precisely this: everyone should see that people with intellect live in Khabarovsk. At us the edge not that to come, "hole in the earth" to drill and pump oil. We give a signal: let's build production. The first thing people ask, coming from projects of production is not even the allocation of land, the land is itself. They have a question: "Do you have cadres and where to cook them?". At us all this system of preparation and retraining of shots works, and when the investor sees it, further the concrete conversation further begins.

- And what else, besides airplanes, can the Khabarovsk krai surprise?

- There will be another exhibit - in natural, so to speak, value. The first ship of the project A-45-2 built at Khabarovsk shipyard, which was ordered by the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, we put up on the roadstead of the Russian Island. It's unlikely that anyone else has done something like this in recent years in the country, and it is unlikely that any of the subjects of the Far East will be able to imagine such a thing. This is a natural example of the success of our shipbuilding, and it will show that our region is "imprisoned" for production in any high-tech industries. The meaning of all our exhibits, both real and virtual, will be this. My position is unchanged: the main thing is the person and his intellect, which can be used to improve life. If there is no intelligence, you can, say, run around the exhibition with a shovel, but you will not prove anything to anyone. And we will show that our citizens know how to create a highly intelligent product.

- Is it planned to sign new agreements on cooperation or implementation of specific investment projects?

"There will be at least four of them" ironically "- so many projects are already on my table. Maybe it will be more. But the task of chasing someone and signing five or fifteen is not. Negotiations with various potential investors and partners are underway. The agreements will concern personnel training, support for small exporters of Khabarovsk Krai, we also plan to sign agreements with Sberbank and RAO "Energy Systems of the East". As for the projects, we will represent seven in detail - they were selected. But we will, of course, talk about all that can be realized in the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory. The forum is a platform where everyone should show opportunities and features to the maximum. The more quality will be demonstrated, how we support and protect investments, the more likely that investors will come.

- And where does the region call them first?

- For example, to the Free Port of Vanino. We can show what preferential conditions are created there, and investors themselves have to decide what they can do there. There are already projects for transshipment of coal, grain, development of ship repair, but this potential of Vanino is far from being exhausted. We will present another new platform at the forum - the priority development area in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. It has not yet been created, not approved, but the idea is approved, there are already a couple of investors - we will look for more. The region there is, of course, remote, but very promising.

- Have any new ideas appeared in the current territories of advanced development? 

- A lot of work continues on those TOR sites that fall into the category of greenfield, that is, without any infrastructure. To bring gas, water, electricity there - these are obligations assumed by the state, it’s understandable with them. But in the process of interaction with investors, we are faced with such a moment: not all of them are ready to independently build production buildings, although they want to invest in the production itself. Therefore, there is an idea to create an industrial park at one of these sites, and to build corps in it for the needs of specific investors. I think this will shift the process of attracting investors - ready-made platforms, where it is enough just to bring the equipment, will start to take faster. By the way, a comparison of the Parus site with the Amurlitmash platform, on which even the old production buildings were, prompted us to this, but it is also psychologically and economically easier for the business to enter. Life shows that not every investor needs a platform in the "open field".

- What else does a large foreign investor need to come to the Khabarovsk Territory, besides benefits, personnel and land with infrastructure?

- I met a lot of foreigners. Even when I worked as a State Duma deputy, I interacted, for example, with investors who were building an oil terminal in De-Kastri under a production sharing agreement. They were afraid that they would simply invest their money and be stolen. There were such examples, but the time was so hard then. Then they were worried about the fact that we simply would not technically be able to take part in the project, because we provided the documentation for the platform for the Amur shipyard, where all the calculations were in inches. And our production, as you know, works in millimeters. And the inch is not exactly translated into the metric system - there is an integer and a bunch of digits after the decimal point. They said you can't. And we were able to translate all the documentation and build the platform. Today, of course, there are no such fears. All investors say that we have a good investment climate in the Far East, and this is an achievement of the last few years. But the relevance of personnel issues is undoubted, and today we are restructuring the entire system of personnel training, we will introduce new specialties, change training programs - specifically for specific investment projects.

- One of the sessions of the forum will be devoted to another point of growth - development of the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. What are we talking about?

- This is the instruction of President Vladimir Putin, implemented in April through the adoption of a special resolution of the Russian government on the comprehensive development of the city. We will present 27 development projects in this section of the forum. This year we are already completing the construction of three facilities, including the reconstruction of the drama theater and a new water intake. In the next, construction of 11 more is planned. We will show all the attractive infrastructural things - for example, a sports complex. Plus, Epsilon-2 will show what production it plans to place on the Komsomolsk priority development site. This will be a whole separate story, tied to the work that has been done following the results of the President's last message to the Federal Assembly. Of course, she has not yet had any material results - the idea was voiced only at the end of last year, and was embodied in a government-level document in the spring. But projects are already being prepared, estimates are being considered. The main work on the construction plan will begin next year. At the EEF, we can show so far only a presentation of the development of the infrastructure of Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the format “was - is - is”: what is already being done, what effect we expect to get.

- In which sessions of the forum to discuss the development of the Far East will the delegation of the Khabarovsk Territory participate?

- We will participate in all sessions and all roundtables - the region was declared everywhere. But we not only intend to discuss. Together with the company "TekhnoNIKOL" right at the forum we will solemnly open a new factory, already built on the site of the territory of advanced development "Khabarovsk" - this will be a spectacular moment. We have the only ones in the Far East already have existing food production in the territory of advanced development - a greenhouse complex of the Russian-Japanese company JGC Evergreen. Let us also show it. In general, we have a lot of projects in the region, in all industries there are successful examples that you can attract.

- The last WEF was a bit chaotic, many investors came to it just to look around. Now it is noticeable that people are already driving purposefully, knowing what to ask and what to offer?

- Last year, and this is no secret, many foreign investors could not get to the forum at all, although they really wanted it. Negotiations are underway today between entrepreneurs, potential investors and authorities of all levels in order to sign documents at the second EEF. With the Sutech sugar project, which I have already mentioned, for example, everything is exactly like that. The process is lively, agreements are underway. People, knowing in advance what and who will be at the forum, have the opportunity to hold negotiations the day before, to determine who plans to meet with whom. But here, after all, there is no such technology to bring together the initiator of the project and his potential partner with a hundred percent certainty. For example, I have traveled all the world's leading air shows in my life - more than once each. I even visited Australia and Chile, not to mention the leading venues. There is never such a thing that, coming to such events, their participants already know everything in advance. Everywhere there is some kind of fuss, and people meet right along the way, learn something unexpected and new for themselves, communicate. And if it was possible to build everything according to the agreements reached in advance, then the forums would probably not be needed: we met in the office, signed the contract, and went to work.

- It turns out that the element of novelty is essential for the success of the forum?

- I can give an example. Once, on one of the air shows, we, the delegation from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, brought samples of cartridges. The products of our patron factory "Vympel" from the neighboring city of Amursk. They themselves could not go, but I suggested to them: prepare your exhibits, we will place them on our stands - in Farnborough, in Le Bourget. And what happened? Our planes stand, and ammunition is next. And all at once went to grab for the cartridges, because to airplanes, of course, on airshows have long been accustomed. As a result, the factory supplies cartridges to the United States. And it all began with a presentation at the salon. Then they exchanged coordinates, held meetings, and the work went off. This is how the meetings should ideally end on the discussion platforms.

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