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Kuriles: a trip to the end of the world

The way from Moscow to Sakhalin, which once occupied several months, can now be overcome in eight hours, six of which are in a dream. Going down the ladder, a person from the world of offices and information technology will think that people have finally learned to resist nature, but the stronger this confidence, the more disappointment awaits the guest. To get to the Kurils even today is very difficult. If you still decide to get to the cherished islands, you need to follow several rules.

Kuriles: a trip to the end of the world

1. Rule one: plan ahead

Traveling to the Kuril archipelago is associated with overcoming a large number of all sorts of difficulties. Against you will play unpredictable weather with fogs, typhoons and storms, a worn out technique breaking at the most inopportune moment, and the very reality of Russia. Most of your plans will not come true, but you will be ready for any situation.


2. Rule two: do not despond

Once alone with nature or other circumstances of force majeure, do not be discouraged in any way. Learn to take what is happening with humor: if the boat broke down, and the next only after three days - go fishing or conquer one of the many mountain peaks. Look around - there are no more optimistic people than the Sakhalin people.


3. Rule three: act quickly

Staying away from civilization, you must always be alert. Be careful, you can easily meet with a snake or even a bear - if you do not do stupid things will all work out. And do not forget the second rule!


4. Fourth Rule: Eat Delicious

Having reached the cherished goal, do not deny yourself anything. It is necessary to try numerous sea delicacies: caviar, shrimps, crabs, sea urchins, scallops, trepang ... Remember: proper nutrition is a pledge of good mood.


5. Rule five: come back

Once you have visited the Kuril Islands, you will certainly want to return. An untouched nature, a sense of harmony and a hearty welcome will not leave anyone indifferent. Impressions of the trip will remain forever in your heart, and in a dream you will more than once wander through the bamboo thickets in the Kuril fog.

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