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In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for delicious beer

General Director of OOO Kamchatsky Brewery Eduard Sokolov in an interview with EastRussia talks about the construction of a new enterprise in Kamchatka

The peninsula of Kamchatka is a land of unique nature and the eastern outpost of Russia. A lot of tourists come here to see the volcanoes and geysers, taste the seafood and just take a break from the bustling metropolises. Soon, the tasting of beer will be added to the obligatory tourist program - local masters will weld it on the purest Kamchatka water, with love and knowledge of the matter.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for delicious beer

- Edward, how did you come up with the idea of ​​opening a new brewery in Kamchatka? It is difficult to say that in our stores there is a shortage of such products, rather the reverse ...

- Unfortunately, almost all beer that we sell is imported. To be precise, the share of imported beer in Kamchatka is about 70%, and by itself, this is a product with a long shelf life and a lot of preservatives. Our factory brews beer on local water and from Russian malt, which ultimately determines a very different taste and quality. It is known that Kamchatka water is the purest in Russia, we can still drink it from the tap. Well, about malt and say nothing, our main partner, the Baltic Malt Company, is one of the best suppliers of raw materials in the country. Just try our beer and you'll be surprised!

- The launch of the plant was preceded by a long construction phase. What was significant at this time?

- As you know, the Kamchatka Krai is a seismically dangerous region. It was important to develop such a project for construction, in the implementation of which, in the event of an earthquake, there would be no consequences for us or for the local residents. Our foundation is a solid plate throughout the "spot" of development with a special strengthening in the area of ​​fermenting "tanks". Risks are minimized.

As for the internal equipment, it is produced and supplied by GEA Process Engineering, a world-renowned German company, a leader in its industry. All equipment was carefully assembled and painstakingly tuned by German specialists. There are also unique developments - for example, a Swiss handmade beer filter. We can safely say that our plant has been rebuilt according to the latest technology in brewing, we have a "automatic plant" of the latest model, which has no analogues.

- The implementation of such a large-scale project is costly. Where did you get the funding? 

- The state helped us a lot. Minvostokrazvitiya of Russia provided a subsidy for the construction of infrastructure, there was support from the city and regional authorities. A huge help was provided by the Asia-Pacific Bank - we received a letter of credit for equipment amounting to 5 million 355 thousand euros at a minimum interest.

It is important to understand that the support of the state did not come by itself: first we receive, and then we give. According to the results of our work, taxes on the amount of about 1,5 billion rubles will go to the regional and federal budget for ten years. Moreover, thanks to our plant, more than 50 new workplaces in production will be created, where Kamchatka boys and girls, technologists, who have undergone special training and education, are now working. Foreign specialists are also engaged in work, but this is rather an exceptional case - for example, we have a German “professor” of brewing with more than 28 years experience who has created his own yeast strain.

- What are the further prospects of your activity?

- Now the capacity of the plant is 60,000 Gcal per year. At subsequent stages, we plan to bring it to 150,000 Gcal with an output to the planned capacity of 240,000 Gcal per year. These figures seem huge, but in fact the current capacity in 60,000 Gcal is enough to occupy a niche in 25% in the Kamchatka beer market. And this, as you know, is not so much. Our initial goal is to show people our product, and we very much look forward to feedback from customers. Actually, the speed of launching the second stage depends on this. Do not forget that our factory will produce including non-alcoholic drinks and mineral water. The quantity for us is not less important than quality!

- What kind of beer do you offer?

- At the moment, there are two of them - Avachinsky light and Avachinsky amber, in the future it is planned to expand production. The basis of both varieties is pure Kamchatka water, quality malt and a little hops! For your information, for a quality beer is characterized by a clear saturated color, and the foam in a glass of this beer holds at least 5 minutes at a height of not less than 5cm.

Our varieties meet all these requirements. And, not least, the prices of our beer are quite reasonable. In a word, try it and you will not be disappointed!

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