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It is important to develop PPP tools

Alexander Khoroshavin, Governor of the Sakhalin Oblast - in an interview with EastRussia

It is important to develop PPP tools

Alexander Khoroshavin

The governor of the Sakhalin region, Alexander Khoroshavin - on how to improve the quality of life of people and modernize the island economy.

- Alexander Vadimovich, now the federal level pays special attention to the creation of territories for advanced development in the Far East. What projects did the Sakhalin Region present?

- The Sakhalin Oblast has good prospects in this regard. We proposed to the federal authorities 5 for such zones. Behind each stands a real business with a positive financial history, with well-developed and confirmed sales markets in the APR. Effects from the accelerated development of territories may appear in the next 3-4 year.

The first territory is a fuel and energy complex on the western coast of Sakhalin Island. Its development involves the expansion of coal exports and the creation of large generation facilities.

The second is the Kurile Islands. Here we intend to form a complex of fishing industry. This will create conditions for the modernization of the fleet and the development of transport infrastructure.

The third is connected with the project of creating a biotechnopark in the Sakhalin territorial basin. The main elements of the project are the construction of a center for the reproduction of juvenile bioresources and a complex of mariculture farms, the formation of a scientific center in the field of aquaculture.

The fourth is a project for the development of the timber industry complex. It is implemented on the territory of 5 municipalities in the north of Sakhalin and includes a full cycle of work - harvesting, processing and supply of timber products for export. The industrial site of woodworking production is located 5 km from the port of Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky, which greatly simplifies logistics.

The fifth territory is associated with the creation of a new tourist product and its promotion in the Asia-Pacific markets. The core of the zone is the successfully functioning Mountain Air ski complex. The project is in demand. This is evidenced by the annual increase in inbound tourism in the winter to the territory of the Sakhalin region. Over the past four years, it has grown 4 times to ten thousand people per season.

REFERENCE 1: According to the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia, according to the results of 2013, Sakhalin Region is at 2 place in the composite index characterizing the situation in the economy, financial and banking and social spheres of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

On the development of the real sector of the economy, it occupies 4 place. On investment attractiveness - 8, by income and employment of population 6 place. At the top of the rating Sakhalin is located in terms of investment in fixed assets, as well as construction work per capita. The Sakhalin Region is also a leader in the consolidated index characterizing the situation in the budgetary system.

In the Sakhalin region, low unemployment remains - 0,7%. On average in Russia it is 1,2%. In the region, the birth rate continues to increase and the death rate of people is decreasing.

On Sakhalin, the volume of social support for residents is consistently increasing. In 2013, 37% of the population got it. All in all, in the region, the order of social assistance measures 30 operates.

- Not so long ago, you came up with an investment message in which you put forward a comprehensive program to raise funds for the development of the regional economy. What resources do you plan to rely on first? Will tax holidays be introduced for investors in the near future?

- We are interested in attracting large amounts of capital investments to the region. To this end, we adopted the necessary regulatory framework, established institutions, determined the amount of budget financing, and formed a set of effective support tools. These instruments include the Investment Fund, established as part of the regional budget. This new measure of support involves allocating up to 1 billion rubles annually to 2020 year. In order to receive financial assistance from business it is required to structure its proposals into investment projects, consult with us and prepare a package of documents.

In addition, we used a mechanism to apply a zero income tax rate in the first five years, and up to 10% in the next five years. This measure is established by the latest edition of the Tax Code and is valid for newly established production facilities in the non-oil and gas sector exclusively in the Far East.

As for the "tax holidays", work on the adoption of the relevant law is already underway. In general, characterizing the situation in the field of investment activity, I note that if in 2011 there was only one project, then by the end of 2013, 9 already entered the list of priority investment projects. Of these, two are under implementation.

- In order to move forward, one should create a favorable business environment, intensify investment activities. An investment strategy is being developed in the region as a basic document. What is important for increasing the investment attractiveness of the island region,

- We are trying to synchronize our work with the Ministry of the East of Russia in terms of the creation of territories of advanced socio-economic development, techno and agropromparks.

I believe that it is very important to develop the tools of public-private partnership. In particular, it is more active to apply concession agreements, to expand the practice of their use in the Sakhalin region. At the same time, the regulatory impact on business by executive authorities should be carefully assessed. To prevent the formation of excess requirements for business both in time and in the number of filled out papers, to reduce the number of procedures and the timing of their implementation in relation to investment projects.

It is necessary to engage in the improvement of the competence of civil servants and the formation of a system of personnel support for the economy. It is equally important to develop a regional strategy for the development of vocational education. Focus on the current and future needs of key sectors of the economy, the development of basic and auxiliary industries.

We are engaged in all these areas of work, as well as the modernization of the supporting infrastructure in the energy sector, transport, and housing and utilities. We are actively attracting social investments aimed at improving the quality of life of people in the Sakhalin Region.

- The press widely covers the cooperation of Sakhalin Region and Japan, associated with the implementation of a large-scale investment project for the construction of an energy bridge. How are things at the moment?

- The government of the Sakhalin region is certainly interested in this project. Its implementation is beneficial for a number of reasons. This includes the development of non-primary exports to Japan, as well as the coal industry in the region, the creation of new jobs, the growth of the gross regional product, the increase in the revenues of the regional budget and, as a result, the increase in the standard of living of Sakhalin residents and Kuril people.

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation has created a Working Group, approved its work plan, determined the responsible project executor - JSC Inter RAO. Today, the financial and economic model of the project has been completed, the technological solution is ready. As for the construction time of the energy bridge, subject to a positive decision at the intergovernmental level, it will start no earlier than 2020.

At the same time, the government of Japan has not finally decided on its position regarding the implementation of the project. I expect that by the end of the year our partners will still make a decision.

- One of the most important problems for the entire Far East is the development of the transport system. What is the situation on Sakhalin?

- I want to note that the transport complex of the Sakhalin region is on the rise. Over the past year there was an increase in the volume of cargo transportation by almost 3%, overall passenger turnover grew by almost 13% compared to 2012 year. In the field of railway transport in 2013, the 50,5 km of roads were rearranged to a broad gauge, 3 railway bridges were put into operation, avalanche-protective structures on the Pugachevo-Zaozernoye stretch were installed.

For the provision of maritime transport links with the Kuril Islands from the regional budget allocated subsidies in the amount of more than 200 million rubles. I note that until recently, only one passenger ship “Igor Farkhutdinov” with a capacity of 140 people operated flights to the islands of Kunashir, Shikotan and Iturup. Since 2013, the carriage on the line has been provided by another ship Polaris, which carries 76 passengers.

We submitted proposals to the federal target program "Social and Economic Development of the Kuril Islands 2016-2020" for the construction of three vessels for the transport of the Kuriles, as well as for the cleaning of the waters of the sea terminals of the Kuril Islands from sunken ships.

As for air transport, the creation of a single Far Eastern airline, Avrora Airlines, and the transfer of Sakhalin and Kuriles airports from federal to regional ownership became the most important events of last year. Such steps will allow us to proceed with the modernization of the airport economy of the island region, to renew the aircraft fleet, to increase flight safety and expand their geography.

In this regard, I would add that on the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, we have decided to purchase two new passenger helicopters. They are necessary to improve the transport accessibility of the Kuril Islands, as well as in case of emergencies - forest fires, avalanches.

We are consistently developing and road network. In 2013 year in the island region put into operation about 60 km of roads, including almost 40 km on the route of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Okha and more than 10 km in the Southern Kuriles. Over 11 km of roads in the settlements of the region have been repaired. In total, 8,8 billion rubles were allocated for these purposes.

- The social sphere in the entire Far East is a complex topic. What ways do you see to reduce the outflow of population, to solve the tasks of training personnel for the implementation of modernization projects?

- We consistently strengthen the social support of Sakhalin and Kuril residents. Since the beginning of this year, a new measure of social support has begun to operate on the islands. Now each Sakhalin family at the birth (adoption) of the second child receives 200 thousand rubles to repay the mortgage.

We continue to develop the health care system. Last year, the order of 13% of the regional budget was directed to this goal.

So, on Sakhalin and Kuriles a three-level system of rendering medical aid is built. A regional vascular center and 3 primary vascular departments operate. Intermunicipal centers have been opened: 3 oncology - on the basis of Kholm, Okha and Poronaisk CRH and 2 surgical centers in Tymovskaya and Okha CRH. A network of trauma centers is being established on the main regional routes (Okha, Tymovsk, Poronaisk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) to provide specialized assistance to victims of road accidents. Since 2013, the island region has been included in the list of subjects for granting subsidies from the federal budget to co-finance expenditures in this area.

The priority area of ​​activity of the Sakhalin Oblast Government is work aimed at protecting the health of the mother and child. All obstetric facilities are provided with modern medicines, medical equipment. Perinatal diagnosis covers more than 65% of pregnant islanders, registered in antenatal clinics. As for the construction of the perinatal center, a contractor has already been identified who will design the building.

I note that in the 2013 year in the Sakhalin region began to operate a program of staffing of the health care system. 56 specialists and 18 mid-level specialists are involved.

- Taking care of mother and child in Sakhalin's social policy is given a large place. It is possible that in the near future the region is awaiting a demographic explosion. How are things with the queue in kindergartens - is it the same, you might say, all-Russian problem?

- Last year, 6 preschool educational institutions were commissioned in the island region, and the queue for children from 3 to 7 years decreased by 50% compared to 2012 year. Currently, the coverage of children in preschool education in this age group is approximately 91%. In 2014, the construction and commissioning of 8 kindergartens is envisaged. Additionally, 4 kindergarten will be introduced from among those planned but not commissioned in 2013.

I will add that we began to solve the problem of queues in kindergartens among the first in Russia. To this end, we have developed a unique mechanism for financing the construction of kindergartens. By its terms, banks, for which the regional authorities act as guarantor, give loans to builders. After the construction organization rents a preschool institution, we buy it. This mechanism allowed the region to build so many kindergartens that by the end of this year the problem of queues for children from 3 to 7 years will be closed.

By the way, at the board of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation, held at the end of 2013 in Moscow, our experience was not only approved, but recommended for use in other regions of the country.

Last year, particular attention was paid to the development of vocational education. About 2013 million rubles were allocated to update the material and technical base of institutions in 270. Within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government of the Sakhalin Region and Fluor Daniel Eurasia Inc Corporation, the company has built a training building for welders in the Sakhalin Construction College. At the end of March, a solemn opening of the training center took place.

2 REFERENCE: Since 1 January, 2013, new social initiatives have begun to operate in the Sakhalin region. 1100 single mothers with children who do not attend pre-school educational institutions have received financial support worth more than 76 million rubles.

Large families with average per capita income below the regional average have started receiving monthly cash payments in the amount of the subsistence minimum for a third child or subsequent children. For these purposes, 7 million rubles were allocated, about 600 people received payment.

Work continues on improving the living conditions of participants, invalids of the Great Patriotic War, their widows, residents of besieged Leningrad and minor prisoners of fascism. Last year, at the expense of the federal budget, housing for 23 veterans, including war veterans, and 10 disabled people, totaling about 46 million rubles, was acquired. Eight South Sakhalin residents from the regional budget received additional social payments for the purchase of housing in the amount of 8 million rubles.

To create a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities in 2013, more than 6 million rubles were allocated. During the same period, more than 51 thousand children were covered by various types of recreation, recreation and employment, of which more than 20 thousand people were young islanders in a difficult life situation.

Particular attention is paid in the region to orphans and children left without parental care. On Sakhalin, a law has been drafted providing for an increase of 50% in the amount of money for the maintenance of such children, as well as for children with disabilities. In addition, a one-time cash payment to guardians (trustees), foster parents raising two or more orphans and children left without parental care, for the purchase of furniture in the amount of 100 thousand rubles is introduced.

In 2013, a new family got 453 a child. In total, at the beginning of the last year, 2136 children were brought up in foster care and custodial families in Sakhalin Oblast.

- Sakhalin Oblast is a relatively small region, but judging by the information in the media, there is no cultural hunger here. The residents of the capital would be happy to attend the same international film festival "Edge of the World" ...

- And there is. The past year in general became special in terms of holding major international events.

We opened a new building of the museum of the book of A.P. Chekhov "Sakhalin Island". This event, it can be said, was the start of the Year of Museums in the Sakhalin region in the framework of the cultural Olympiad "Sochi-2014". After the reconstruction, the clubs in the village began to function. Peschansky Anivsky district and in with. Ozerskoe of the Korsakovsky district. A house of culture was built in with. Val Nogliki urban district.

We made a serious step forward in promoting our social and cultural projects - international festivals of theater, music and cinema, floristics, ikebana and landscape design.

One of the main events of the 2013 year was the international conference "Internet and socio-cultural transformations in the information society", held under the auspices of UNESCO. Representatives of 49 countries took part in it.

For the first time in the municipalities were tours of the State Academic Central Puppet Theater. SV Obraztsov, Symphony Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, concerts of outstanding classical music performers, traveling exhibitions of painting. All these are important steps to ensure equal access of the residents of the Sakhalin region to cultural values.

I am confident that this year, which is announced by the President of the Russian Federation as the Year of Culture, will give a powerful impetus to the development of the cultural sphere and will strengthen our positions in the all-Russian and international cultural space. The main tasks in this area will be aimed at raising the status of the profession and providing social support to industry workers. On special control - increase in 2014 year average industry earnings to 75% of average wages in the Sakhalin region, and to 2016 year - to 100%.

The construction of 15 cultural objects will continue in Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky, Anivsky, Dolinsky, Nevelsky, Kholmsky districts and in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk as part of a regional targeted investment program.

- Culture and sport go hand in hand. How do they treat sports in Sakhalin?

- Positive. By the end of 2013, the number of islanders engaged in sports regularly increased to 25,2%. That is a quarter of the inhabitants. Good figure!

An important result of the 2013 year was the decision of the federal center to co-finance the construction of infrastructure for the Center for Winter Sports. We were supported in this by the Administration of the President and the Ministry of Sport of Russia. Thus, the Sakhalin region is becoming a significant platform for training Russian athletes and holding competitions of the highest level.

REFERENCE 3: In 2013, the expenditures of the consolidated budget of the Sakhalin Oblast on the cultural sphere exceeded 3,5 billion rubles, which is almost 27% more than the level of 2012 of the year.

More than 320 million rubles were directed to the modernization of the industry institutions. Due to this, over 50 objects were involved in infrastructure update processes. And in total for 2011-2013 years - 55% of cultural objects. To develop and strengthen the material and technical base of cultural institutions and industry education more than 120 million rubles were sent, which is 2,6 times more than in 2012.

Higher sport and mass sport are developing on Sakhalin, sports are being built and modernized. In 2013, about 3 billion rubles was allocated for these purposes. In the Sakhalin region, there are almost 980 facilities for physical education and sports, and I note that everyone is provided with free and free access for disabled people. Until 2020, within the new state program, 40 sports facilities will be built.

- How is it planned to develop and maintain the social sphere in the Kuriles?

- The leadership of our country with great attention to the problems of island territories. For us it is very important. In recent years, the Kuril Islands have changed. Modern port facilities appeared here, airports, kindergartens, hospitals, water supply and drainage facilities, electricity and fuel supply and others were built and continue to be built, roads are being reconstructed and asphalted.

This is largely the result of the implementation of the federal target program for the development of the Kuril Islands. In its framework, the volume of capital investment is about 28 billion rubles. Of these, 76% is funds from the federal budget, 17% is regional money, and about 7% is from extrabudgetary sources.

A significant amount of work was done. From the 38 events of the Program, at the moment 25 has already been completed in the fuel and energy and transport complexes, in fisheries, in the social sphere.

At Iturup, the construction of a modern airport is currently being completed. For the post-Soviet period, this is the only airport in our country that is built "from scratch." On the other island of the Kuril chain - Kunashiri - the building of the new cultural institution of the district, designed for 400 visits, was commissioned. For almost twenty years the project was frozen and, finally, the locals got their House of Culture. For the first time, asphalting of roads began on the Kuril Islands. On the island of Kunashir, an asphalt plant was opened specifically for this purpose. This year, asphalt roads will appear in the north of the archipelago.

Most important, we were able to almost completely form the framework of infrastructure for the further sustainable development of the Kuriles. It is required to consolidate the achieved results, and then - to bring the work to a qualitatively new level. For this purpose, on the instructions of the Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, the Sakhalin authorities prepared a draft of the new Program until the year 2025. At present, the document passes all necessary approvals.

The main goal of this document is to increase the number and standard of living of the population, as well as to increase the volume of products produced on the islands. For this it is necessary to finally solve the transport issue. Create conditions for further business development, efficient use of aquatic biological resources, the emergence of new industries, the development of tourism. And most importantly, for a comfortable life of the islanders. This is our priority.

- As the head of the only island region of Russia, you are from 2007 of the year. What are your goals for the future?

- As for the upcoming Tasks, for us there were, are and will be at the forefront of the issues of improving the life of the islanders, creating an attractive and comfortable environment for the Sakhalin and Kuril residents. And the main "road map" of the Government of the Sakhalin region, local government bodies for this and subsequent years remains the implementation of the "May" decrees of the head of state, as well as other instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation.

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