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Vasily Orlov: "We are the breadbasket of the Far East"

What will the Priamurye become in the coming years, learned EastRussia

The Minister of Economic Development of the Amur Region, Vasily Orlov, told EastRussia which five territories of priority development may appear in the region and why attracting investments is a creative process.

Vasily Orlov: "We are the breadbasket of the Far East"

- Vasily Alexandrovich, at the moment there is a government decree on the creation of two TORs in the Amur Region. Please tell us more about them.

- TOP "Belogorsk" (The decision to create the "Belogorsk" TOR was adopted by 21 August by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation - the comment of the author) Is the territory of the priority development of the agroindustrial orientation. It is a large backup site the size of 673 ha.

Why agriculture? Firstly, this is one of the strategic directions for the development of the economy of the Amur Region. We are the granary of the Far East: we have 1mln 200 thousand hectares of acreage. Secondly, the region produces record volumes of soybeans (higher than in the Soviet Union) - last year we collected a million tons. And of course, the conditions for its processing have been created in the region.

Belogorsk, too, is not chosen by chance. The city is in the center of the agricultural territory. It is the second largest city in the Amur Region with a high-quality population that is able to implement the most complex levels of investment projects. The city is provided with infrastructure and convenient from the point of view of logistics - a railway, a highway of federal significance.

- Are there anchor investors at the site?

- There are already three of them. Amuragrocenter LLC plans to build a soybean processing plant (the company is ready to process 240 thousand tons of soybeans a year). "Agrotechnologies" Ltd. - a plant for the production of soy isolates with capacity up to 10 thousand per year will be the first and unique production of this kind in Russia. The second project of the company is a factory for the production of mixed feeds with the capacity of 60 thousand tons per year. The third investor in TOR - LLC "Belogorsky bread" - modernized bakery shop for 500 tons of bread per year. We specially included as a resident this small enterprise in the territory of advanced development, because small business in the country (and in our region in particular) is given great importance today.

After the TOR fully works, a management company will be established, and, perhaps, in a year we will talk not about three, but about a greater number of residents. We will not limit ourselves to three investors. Already there are proposals, I do not want to voice them yet, because this is still some kind of offer, contracts of intent, and not concrete investment projects.

- What is the Priamurskaya Torus?

- As for the second territory of advanced development, two years ago we started work on the creation of a special economic zone "Predmostovaya". It was assumed that it would serve a combined auto and railway bridge across the Amur River. Due to the fact that last year the 473 law on TORs was issued, it was decided to form the territory of advanced development and add one more site. Thus, the TOP "Priamurskaya" consists of two sites, the first of which in fact is the bridgehead in the village of Rovnoe. Today, the site area of ​​800 ha is one resident - this is a company (JSC Heilongjiang Bridge - author's note), which will be engaged in logistics and processing. The project of the combined bridge is being implemented in two phases: the first is a road bridge, the second is a railway bridge. When the railway bridge will be built, the creation of enterprises aimed at additional infrastructure will be required (replacement of wheels, since, for example, we and the Chinese have a different track). In the future, this investor is ready to undertake the construction of all the infrastructure necessary for servicing the bridge. But in the first stage, he will be engaged in logistics and cargo handling on the highway.

In addition, we have about 11 enterprises from the Chinese side and several from the Russian side, which are interested in locating their production facilities on this site. The only question is a complete infrastructure. At the moment, the site is equipped only with a “macro-infrastructure” - for example, two high-voltage lines, on which we still need to build step-down substations. And Heilongjiang Bridge is ready to bear the costs of building further infrastructure and connecting new residents.

The 473 th law on TORs, unlike the law on special economic zones, does not provide for the participation of private management companies in infrastructure projects. We came out with the Ministry of Development and East Development at a very good dialogue, found mutual understanding, and I think that during this year the law will be amended to allow the creation of private management companies. Our TOR "Priamurskaya" and the Heilongjiang Bridge Management Company will be the first practice.

- TOR "Priamurskaya" is located in the village of Berezovka. What projects on the site are already being implemented or planned?

- The first resident of TOR "Priamurskaya" - cement plant (controlled by AEC LLC "S Technology" - author's comment) With the capacity of 500 thousand tons per year has already given the first production - 1000 tons, which is being certified. The plant is interesting because it, unlike other Far Eastern plants, is focused on dry cement manufacturing technology, considered more modern and environmentally friendly. Two other plants in Spassk-Dalniy and Teploozersk produce cement by "wet" technology. The production in Berezovka will completely cover the needs of the region in high-quality cement. And the demand for this direction is very high - hydropower facilities are being built, where there is an aggressive environment and where, respectively, high-grade cement is needed; the cosmodrome is being built; In the near future the construction of an oil and gas refinery will begin.

The second resident of the territory of advanced development is the company (Initiator - LLC "Amur Energy Company", AEC - author's note.), Which is going to build a large oil refinery (refinery). If the aggregate capitalization of the TORA is 128 billion rubles, only the Amur refinery will cost 123 billion rubles. The plant with the capacity of 6 million tons, with the processing depth up to 95% - is the most technically complex cycle in Russia to date. The project of the enterprise construction is supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, it is included in the register of oil refineries of the country being designed and under construction. 78% of products from these 6 million tons are planned to be exported to China, the remaining 22% is to be left on the domestic market. According to the technical cycle, an oil refinery is to produce aromatic hydrocarbons. That is, in fact, it's not even oil refining, but petrochemicals.

- Do Chinese investors participate in all projects?

- Yes. In all three projects, Chinese investors participate in different parts. Say, in an oil refinery, their share is 90%, in cement - 70%, in logistics - while 50 on 50. Naturally, this figure will be adjusted when the design and estimate documentation is ready. I think that the share of Chinese capital will grow.

As for the companies themselves, for example, the Heilongjiang Bridge, with which we have been working for two years, was recommended to us by the government of Heilongjiang Province.

- Plans for the region are great. Are there enough specialists?

- Indeed, the shortage of specialists in the Amur region is one of the issues that we are working on very tightly: we understand that it is impossible to solve the problem by the forces of local labor resources. Part of the projects are physically impossible to close even in the next 15 years. In the region, branches are being created (first of all - gas chemistry, a cosmodrome), new for us, which in any case will require the involvement of specialists from other subjects. Nevertheless, we continue to train personnel on the ground - on the basis of the Amur State University. Specialists for refineries will also be trained in local educational institutions - on the basis of colleges and universities. However, this is a very long process, and we understand this.

- In addition to the territories of advanced development, the Amur Region declares a large number of priority investment projects. How many of them?

- We have 20 priority investment projects. They are constantly changing, some are coming to an end, some new projects are emerging. What are priority projects - this is actually a "one window" mode. We literally control the implementation of these projects, we try to understand the problems that arise during the implementation.

Some of the projects fell into the TOPs, some are not. In general, we work on five TORs, two of which in fact already exist. Another is a gas TOR - it is planned to set up in the Svobodnensky district, where the construction of an Amur gas processing plant with the capacity of 49 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year is planned, which will produce commodity gas and helium. And also two territories of advanced development in single-industry cities - Svobodnoye and Raichikhinsk (In Svobodny, the construction of a plant for the production of ceramic bricks, the construction of a cattle-breeding complex and a complex for processing corn, and the modernization of extruded soybean flour production are discussed. In Raichikhinsk, documents were submitted for the modernization of a garment factory, a bakery and the reconstruction of a furniture factory - author's note). In fact, this again is not the limit - attracting investment is a very creative and endless process.

- Did the Eastern Economic Forum meet your expectations?

- I expected more in terms of organization, because I would like to see more investors at this forum with whom we can conduct specific negotiations. Of course, they approached us, were interested in projects, but it's like fishing - "pecks, does not peck." However, not all at once - the forum is still young.

I think that the investment climate will grow after the TORs start working really. While this is paperwork, you need to declare some things. And as soon as the sites earn, the investor will go.

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