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"Silver smelt" gathered friends

The twelfth time on the ice of the Gulf of Sovetskaya Gavan was the festival contest "Silver Smelt"

For the twelfth time on the ice of the Gulf of Sovetskaya Gavan there was a festival competition "Silver smelt". This event, actually having the status of an international one, has long become a visiting card of the Soviet-Havana municipal district and has become popular with the Soviets and guests of the coast of the Tatar Strait.

"Silver smelt" gathered friends
Photo: Photo by Dina Zdorikova
So this year, despite the unfavorable forecasts of weather forecasters, despite the piercing wind through and through, hundreds of ice fishing enthusiasts and their fans, guests of the festival-competition rushed to the area of ​​the city pier to become participants in a large-scale action called "Silver Smelt", the author and the permanent host of which is Alexander Lukyanchuk.

29 teams-participants went to the solemn construction. Most of them represented enterprises and institutions, public organizations of the Soviet-Gavan district. But a lot of guests came to the Soghavan ice, among them Vaina neighbors, residents of the Nanaisky district and the regional center, representatives of the friendly Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), citizens of China and Uzbekistan, settled in Sovetskaya Gavan.

This year, each participating team before the start of the festival-competition prepared a kind of "visiting card", in verse and prose, in a short time, telling about itself to the organizers and competitors. And the team of LLC "Settlement and Cash Center" called "Center Fishermen", which took part in the "Silver Smelt" for the tenth time, in honor of this anniversary date, dressed in Indian costumes and prepared a fiery dance performance.

"Silver Smelt" has long acquired its own traditions. According to one of these, for many years the festival-competition has been opened with a ritual dance by representatives of indigenous peoples living on the coast of the Tatar Strait. This year, fishing success was attracted by members of the ensemble of ethnic dance and costume "Anyakha Khadzhi" and Vyacheslav Korytov, who once again tried on the image of a shaman.

With welcoming words addressed to the participants and guests
international festival-competition Chairman of the Legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Lugovskoy, who is one of the initiators of this event, as well as the head of the Soviet-Gavansky municipal district Yuri Bukhryakov, head of the tourism development and international relations department of the tourism department of the Ministry of Culture of the Khabarovsk Territory Irina Struchkova, deputy chairman Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Permanent Representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the Far Eastern Federal District Georgy Nikonov.

The flags of the Khabarovsk Territory, the Soviet-Havana Municipal District, the city of Sovetskaya Gavan and the Republic of Sakha fluttered upward, and under the fireworks flare-up, the Silver Smelt-2017 was launched.

The main competition of the festival was allocated exactly one hour. After the signal of the rocket, the fishermen lowered their fishing rods into the holes, and the audience froze in agonizing anticipation: how many fish, with a sharp smell of fresh cucumber, will fall into the Silver Smelt piggy bank this year? And the fans, not sparing their ligaments, supported their teams in the icy wind with the help of chants, songs and dances.

As the fishing competition drew near to the middle, a red flag from one of the jury members flew up, indicating that the first fish was caught. Alexei Kononin, a member of the Molodaya Kotyak team, representing the youth movement of United Russia - Molodaya Gvardiya, pulled an eelpout out of the hole.

Several more eelpouts fell for the bait of the participants of the competition, until, at last, the smelt caught by Nikolai Larchenko, a representative of the MTS Bank team, glittered in the sun with the silver scales. For the minutes remaining until the end of the competition, Nikolai fished out smelts from the hole five more times, one of which became the smallest caught in this competition: its length was only 5 centimeters.

The largest fish was caught by Dmitry Devyatkin from the Black Caviar team (OJSC NK Alliance Gavanbunker). The specimen of the eelpout he caught was 42 centimeters long. And the last fish in the time allotted for the competition was caught by the representative of the team "Nanay rudd" Yuri Bezmutko.

The grand total of "Silver Smelt - 2017" - 16 fish specimens.

Putting aside the fishing rod, the fishermen took the ice-breakers in order to participate in the competition for the speed of drilling holes. The thickness of the ice in the designated area for this competition was about 1 meters 20 centimeters, and overcame its skillful fishermen for several tens of seconds. But the record was put again by Nikolai Larchenko, who drilled a hole for 20 seconds!

For the first time this year, within the framework of the "Silver Smelt", a competition for cooks "Ukha from Our Smelt" was organized. The first 10 teams registered to participate in the 12th festival-competition received the right to compete in the culinary arts. They were given a minimum set of products necessary for making fish soup, a dozen smelts, firewood and pots, and they showed imagination, added sometimes unexpected ingredients for taste and broth.

Also, guests of the Silver Smelt-2017 were impressed by their chef talents and fantasy participants in the contest for the best fish dish. Sea landscapes, mermaids, tsar-fish, Indian wigwams and even a map of the region with the "Far Eastern hectares" labeled on it riveted the views of spectators and jury members who were to assess the taste qualities of these culinary arts.

Not only the members of the jury, assessing the taste of fish soup from our smelt, but also all the guests of the festival could taste the hot soup made from sovgavan fish. Svetlana Yatsenko, a representative of the NK Boshnyak Regional Museum and Evgeny Petrov, a representative of the cultural and information center of the village of Zavety Ilyich, was attracted by a fragrant smoke. A whole queue lined up behind the intoxicatingly smelling ear! Here one could also warm up with hot tea.

Meanwhile, the competitive program continued on the main site of the festival. "Mini Miss" Silver Smelt "and" Miss "Silver Smelt" - this competition for both young and adult representatives of the fair half of the festival participants.

There were four young beauties who represented their teams at the competition. The girls dressed in bright costumes, each in a cheerful poetic form told about herself. In a general fashion show, they showed off their bright outfits.

Then, not without the help of men, they had to ride in winter sleigh faster than the other participants. Despite the strongest wind and gloomy sky, the audience was loudly ill for the young participants, with applause and with amicable laughter, encouraging the girls. Note that none of the participants did not leave the race, and all the girls adequately coped with other stages of the contest.

There were twice as many adult participants in the Miss Silver Smelt contest - eight people. All of them could well participate in a costume ball: each outfit was interesting and original. Of course, the main motive of the costumes remained the sea, but the images of some contenders for the crown of the beauty queen embody both an Indian princess and a brave fisherman.

Like the young "miss", the adult participants creatively presented their competitive image. Ice dancing, songs, and small theatrical scenes, and even pantomime were also used. The audience especially liked the duet of the fisherman and the fish he caught - the girls played their roles so artistically. Another participant held a dance flash mob with spectators and contestants - such exercises were very useful in the growing wind.

Throwing frozen fish is another test of the competition. Under the roar of the crowd, the girls tried to throw the sea trophy as far as possible. Perhaps the most difficult for the contestants turned out to be the last test: a high-speed race on an "adult" winter sleigh - a high cart with a steering wheel, horn and a fake pedal. The girls in turn climbed onto the "throne" moving on the blades, marked their start with a beep, and two men, supporting the sled by their sides, helped the participants to gain speed and not lose balance on the turns. This became the most difficult competition: several times the sled almost overturned, but thanks to the vigilance of the men, falls were avoided!
But all competitions are held, football battles have come to an end on the ice field,

and the teams lined up for the awards ceremony. Commemorative prizes, souvenir medals framed with dried smelt, diplomas and pies to all the teams participating in the festival were presented by the head of the Sovetsko-Gavanskaya municipal district Yu. Bukhryakov, chairman of the Assembly of deputies of the municipal district A. Fakiro, chairman of the jury of the festival-competition "Silver Smelt" V. Kondratyev ...
The undisputed winner of 12 in the account of "Silver Smelt" for six smelt caught during the hour of smelt was the team of "MTS-Bank" composed of Nikolai Larchenko and Oleg Aleksandrov. In addition, the same team was awarded prizes for the species diversity of the caught fish, for the smallest caught specimen, for winning the competition for the speed of drilling holes.

The results of the competition "Ear from our smelt" were announced by the chairman of the Legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Territory S. Lugovskoy. In the nomination "The fastest ear" won the team of IR-5 "Royal minke whales", in the nomination "The most original ear" - the team "Khabarovsk sturgeons", in the nomination "The most delicious fish" - the team of LLC Pollux. By the way, the Pollux team became the winner in the mini-football tournament.

In the competition of fish dishes, the first place went to the "Center Fishermen" team with the culinary masterpiece "Valley of Dreams". In addition, the RCC team won the chants competition. The title of “Mini-Miss Silver Smelt” went to Katya Terekhova, a young representative of the Center Fishermen team, the second place in this competition was taken by Nika Apoleeva from the Maiskaya GRES team, the third - Natasha Konoplyanko, the representative of the Sagdy Akku team, and the fourth - Anna Savulyak from the Black Caviar team. The title "Miss Silver Smelt - 2017" by the decision of the jury was also awarded to the representative of the Cash Management Center team Zhanna Koneevich, the second place in the competition was taken by Anna Murzina ("Young Shoal"), the third - Yana Igisheva ("Royal Minke Whales"). Representatives of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) presented Zhanna Koneevich with a real diamond as a gift for winning the competition!

"Silver Smelt - 2017" remains in history. See you on the ice of the Sovetskaya Gavan Bay in a year, on the 13th and, we hope, happy "Silver Smelt"! 

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