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Vanino brick requests

The story of how the builder turned into a producer of building materials

A large-scale production of building materials was put into operation in the Vaninsky district - a local businessman Vadim Moskvichev opened a brick factory in Toki. His company received the status of a resident of the free port, which will significantly save on taxes, recognizes the entrepreneur. But there are still a lot of problems with the “promotion” of the project, from the debugging of sales to the modernization of existing facilities. On the basis of all his companies, Mr. Moskvichev plans to create a "wheel" to provide all the services and materials needed for any construction.

Vanino brick requests
Photo: Photo: Vadim Moskvichev
In 2003, after leaving the administration of the village of Toki, Vadim Moskvichev started his first business, creating LLC "Production Commercial Enterprise" Abris ". The company took up work related to land acquisition, and continues to work in this market until now, receiving orders from all over the Far East. Then Mr. Moskvichev established another LLC - the construction company "Vostokregionstroy". The enterprise in 2008 received a contract from a large coal mining holding company for the construction of two multi-storey houses along Oktyabrskaya Street in Vanino, and then began to build the 40-apartment "Youth House".

"It was during the construction of these facilities that we first encountered the wretchedness of the municipal infrastructure, primarily the power grids, so we had to build four kilometers of power transmission lines to provide our own projects," says Vadim Moskvichev. - And then it turned out that the delivery of construction materials to the village is an extremely expensive business, it costs more than the material itself. For example, the brick, whose cost in Sindh was 7-8 rubles, cost the "Youth House" as early as 22 rubles. Naturally, this was strongly reflected in the cost price. To meet the norm of 36 thousand rubles for the "square", we had to look for alternative solutions. Therefore, the "House of Youth" 48 percent of the enclosing structures made of glass. This became a Vanin zest: at night the house just glows. But the high cost of building materials remains a problem ".

The standard scheme, which is currently used in the market for housing construction from brick, explains Vadim Moskvichev, suggests a layer of a basalt insulation, a subsystem and a hinged facade outside the brickwork. In the conditions of Vanino it is too expensive. Therefore, the entrepreneur suggests using a different scheme that will allow you to escape from the hinged structures: build a layer of masonry from hollow bricks, then spread the insulation, and behind it - facing bricks. "Hinged structures in the region are not produced at all, that is, the means for their purchase go from the edge. Weak in quality are imported from China, expensive ones are from Japan, the nearest Russian producer is in Krasnoyarsk, "Vadim Muscovites stresses.

That is how an entrepreneur and the next business idea was born. It is possible to meet the needs of the construction industry of the region in brick through the creation of a new brick factory on the coast, he is sure. “Why in Vanino? First, we will be able to eliminate expensive hinged facades by saving technology, save at least 25 percent and “freeze” the cost of housing construction in the local market. Vatu-insulation will still have to carry from Khabarovsk, but it is light and easy to transport. Brick delivery is expensive, ”he explains.

But the needs of the local market, assures Vadim Moskvichev, the project will not be limited. The need for the objects in the brick in the village itself is about 500 thousand pieces per year. The furnace power is up to 5,5 million pieces per year. Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where there are no brick factories at all, is ready to take Vanino brick, the entrepreneur claims, up to 2 million pieces per year. For example, the company "Metallurgstroy" is interested in acquiring about 700 thousand pieces of bricks, but it's too early to talk about a contract - first you need to create warehouse stocks. "The interest was in Sakhalin, Magadan, Kamchatka - from us there to carry building materials really, we are a port," he adds.

It was not easy to go from idea to working production, admits Vadim Moskvichev. His company bought a dilapidated old sawmill, took a loan from the bank for 13 million rubles, issued a license for a clay deposit in Datta. In fact, about 80 million rubles have been spent on site preparation and equipment, the businessman counts. The equipment was purchased in China, the kiln kiln project was manufactured by the design institute in Cheboksary. "The stove was built, but for a long time they could not start it - they tried four times. Each time it turned out better and better. But the experience was not enough, and even the specialists from Cheboksary failed. It turned out that the clay is refractory, and the sintering temperature is needed 1050 degrees, and we reached only 850 degrees maximum, "he says.

For solving the problem I had to go to Poland, to specialists in European ceramics. "They offered to take all the equipment for scrap and buy second-hand European. But we have learned a useful experience for ourselves. As a result, near Warsaw, coal burners were purchased - two are already in our possession, the third is bought. The essence of the technology is simple: coal is poured, dusted and supplied with oxygen, allowing you to raise the temperature to the desired level, "he says.

Now Tokinsky brick factory has two types of certified products: solid brick received the brand M-175, hollow - M-100. Private brick, according to Vadim Moskvichev, will go to the local market. "But, I think, in the future we will be able to expand the line due to high-strength, close to clinker products. We will try to make paving slabs and other types of products. We declare both glazed and facing bricks. There was an idea to take cullet, sort it, wash it, rub it in powder and cover one side of the brick by hand. The plant's task for the future is to produce high-quality products with a large added value. Such products are not made here now, "says the entrepreneur.

The products of the Tokinsky brick plant can also enter the Khabarovsk market, Vadim Moskvichev believes. Here you might be interested in a double brick with 30% voids - the so-called microblock. "I think if we try to introduce it into the low-rise construction market, it will be a success. Today a low-rise building in Khabarovsk is built mainly from gas, foam, and blockage blocks. But this technology with hinged facades, which I already spoke of as expensive. According to our technology, blocks plus facing brick will reduce the cost of construction. Would accept it only developers, "- he says.

Vaninsky brick can be delivered to Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur in cars that are already leaving Vanino empty, or in railway gondola cars from the coal shipped through the port. "The cost price of road transport by its own forces to Khabarovsk - about 5 rubles, empty - about 3 rubles. The rail way is comparable in value. But with the car less problems: loaded in the warehouse - unloaded at the facility, "- explains the head of the brick factory.

According to him, at the first stage the main thing is to bring the brickyard out to a break-even level or a minimally negative result. "Now the production of bricks is actually launched with the help of" Abris ", we have about two months to do it. During this time, you need to solve sales issues, learn how to sell and debug logistics, "explains Vadim Moskvichev. "If we leave a car with a brick to Khabarovsk, the return flight can take up scarce construction materials, including sand, which in Vanino is all imported and it costs a lot," he adds.

At the same time, Vadim Moskvichev's plans are much broader than simply organizing the production and sale of bricks in Vanino: "I have a concept for creating a so-called wheel. There are four companies. "Abris" allocates land, carries out design and survey work, topographical survey and so on. "Vostokregionstroy" is directly construction. Several substations and transmission lines built by us after housing projects are the third enterprise, the Vanino Energy Company. Fourth - "Tokyo brick factory". All four companies, when the brick factory will work, will be able to provide the entire complex of services for the creation of any facility in the local market. "

So on the basis of the site of the Tokinsky brick factory, a center of rendering all services related to construction may appear, Vadim Moskvichev believes. "For example, a person comes. He says: "I need a garage." - "Which?" - "Two cars." Works half an hour with an engineer. Gets a full breakdown on the materials - from the foundation to the rafter system - and, most importantly, the specification of what and how much he can buy from us. A simple drawing and a receipt were issued. As a result, we bring him sand, cement, reinforcement, ceramics together with half-quarters, and not plus or minus two cars. Then our cadastral engineers came, took the survey, put it on cadastral records, "he explains.

In this case, the site of a brick factory allows you to place on it a whole series of objects, not just a warehouse-store of building materials. The territory is provided with all infrastructure, first of all with electricity - at the capacity of own substation in 2 MW the consumption of the plant is not more than 500 kW. "I would like to do a house-building plant in general. Pilorama has its own already, "- says Vadim Muscovites.

He also has plans for equipping the brick factory with new equipment, optimizing production. For example, by the end of summer the head of the company expects to purchase a robot manipulator for $ 17 thousand for stowage of products, which will free 10 workers. "One more optimism is energy saving," says Vadim Moskvichev. - The kiln length of 50 meters is divided into segments. Already today, we mounted in the cooling zone a boiler that collects heat, - ceramics at 1000 degrees glows like a light bulb. So the workshop will be heated. Second - we only have energy-saving lamps. All elements of the furnace, powerful pumps are equipped with "frequency" on the engines. We will put the "chastotnik" on the most powerful engine, 100-kilowatt extruder, which turns the main shaft of the press. This is not cheap - about 300 thousand rubles. "

“The mood was different at the start of the project. Hopefully, our coast will still develop, the economy will grow - both Vanino and Sovgavan. Therefore, we are afraid, we squint our eyes, but we go further, forward, ”says the entrepreneur. The businessman calls the idea of ​​a free port “very good”. “At the first stage, projects will develop that would have gone without a corporation and the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development. But they will develop more vigorously, ”he adds.

The Free Port regime will allow the company to save at least 2,5 million rubles only on the labor remuneration fund. per year, and this is "absolutely not extra money". "Zeroing the profit tax also allows these means to be invested. We will look for other forms of production on the same site. For example, for processing tires - they are many in Arkaim, and in Vanino port. We need to do it so that, let's say, that we "fry" the brick in the summer, we saw the board in the off-season, and in the winter the staff is going to recycle the tires, bend the iron, anything, "says Vadim Moskvichev.

Investment project on the organization of production of construction ceramics of the Tokinsky Brick Plant LLC. The volume of declared investments: minimum 14 million rubles. Sources of financing: own and borrowed funds. Number of jobs created: 25 units. Budget efficiency of the project: payments for 10 years to budgets of all levels and funds will amount to 60 million rubles. Projected capacity of the enterprise: 5 million units of conventional brick per year (10 thousand cubic meters of construction ceramics). Period of capital investments: 2017-2019 years. At the first stage, it is planned to produce full-bodied, hollow and double bricks, the second stage - ceramic blocks and glazed bricks. LLC "TKZ" belongs to its general director Vadim Moskvichev. According to, he also owns LLC Vostokregionstroy, a non-public limited liability company Vanino Energy Company and Abridges Production Enterprise LLC. "

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