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"We actively connected to the Freeport"

Deputy Director of the Corporation for Development of Khabarovsk Krai - on vital issues and problems of working with investors

In Khabarovsk Krai, the regional development corporation coordinates the work with the residents of the free port. Nikolay Alexandrov, Deputy General Director of the Corporation for Investment Development, explains what is the concrete practical work with investors.

- The Khabarovsk Territory Development Corporation is a rather young organization. What are the challenges facing her?
- The name of our organization obliges us to work on the tasks that lay the strategic basis for the development of certain projects throughout the territory of the region. As the main, we highlight the assistance to the development of the territories of advanced development, both in terms of attracting residents, and in creating new territories. An important part of our work is to promote the development of the Russian part of the island of Bolshoi Ussuriysk. We also provide practical assistance to complex investment projects. We take an active position in the development of the free port regime on the territory of the region, in working with potential and existing residents of the SPS. This is not all the work that we are doing.

- The results are already there?
- If we talk about tangible results - it developed project documentation for the children's hospital complex in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the rationale for the placement of checkpoints across the state border on the island of Grand Ussuriysk, concept and plan for the future development of the TOR "Nikolaevsk" business development plan potato in Khabarovsk Krai, the business plan for the construction of a sugar factory in Sovetskaya Gavan, an inventory of land plots for residents of St. Petersburg in the Vanino district.

Here you can add about dozens of conducted negotiations with potential investors, residents of TOP and SPV, hundreds of issues that we helped them to solve practically, starting from the issues of cadastral accounting and ending with the adjustment of financial models of business plans. Fortunately, we managed to form a small, but very professionally competent team, which easily solves any "equations of investment projects".

- How does a corporation generally affect the development of a region through working with investors?
- The corporation in solving any issue is not the task of simply solving it. We approach the whole complex. For example, in a potato development project, the goal is not to extract profits in a pure form, but to make this profit possible for solving problems of the entire industry, such as seed development, etc. Another example. We are helping a potential investor to develop a concept for creating a food logistics center. Understanding the limited capacity of the domestic market for the project, we are establishing contacts with one of the largest food corporations in China, with the producers of the Khabarovsk Territory, on whose development this project will have a significant impact.

- Can you elaborate on the work with the residents of the SPS and the problems of the development of this regime in the province?
- We actively joined the work on the SST since October 2016 of the year. During this time, the Corporation organized work to provide consulting and methodological assistance to future residents of the PWV in preparing applications for obtaining the status of a resident of the free port of Vladivostok in the Khabarovsk Territory.

Agreements on the implementation of activities have already been signed with the granting of the status of a resident of a free port with five companies.

Speaking about concrete practical work, the Corporation has done a great deal of work on preparing the applications of the enterprises "Tokinsky brick factory" and "Forum DV". Namely: the preliminary verification of documents for compliance with the requirements of federal legislation regulating activities with the application of the regime "Free Port Vladivostok". Assistance was provided in the preparation of presentation materials for investment projects and in preparation for consideration of projects at the Commission under the Supervisory Board in the Khabarovsk Territory.

Similar work is being done with potential residents of the SST, today these are five companies whose applications have been approved and are awaiting the signing of agreements on the implementation of activities with the management company of the JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East". They actively interacted with the management company on the consideration of applications and the elimination of comments until the receipt of positive conclusions on projects and sending investors to agreements on the implementation of activities.

A number of initiators of investment projects are at the stage of preparing applications for contacting the management company. Among them are projects on milk processing, services, aquaculture, deep processing of fish and in the construction sector. We are actively working with them.

In addition to this "routine" work, we solve problems that affect the investment development of the Vanino Municipal District as a whole. Most of the territories of the Vanino municipal district, suitable for the implementation of investment projects, was in the zone of restrictions imposed by the lands of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. We carried out the work and prepared a scheme for changing the boundaries of the exclusion zone, compiled taking into account the views of the administrations of the Vanino and Soviet-Havana municipal districts and taking into account the location of promising sites for the implementation of investment projects. This scheme formed the basis for the appeal of the Khabarovsk Krai Government to the Ministry of Defense of Russia on this issue.

- How does the question move with the development of the island of Great Ussuri?
- For us, the development of the island is still one of the priorities. The Ministry of the East Development of Russia also takes an active position on this issue, which provides comprehensive assistance in promoting interests and solving problems at the federal level.

At the same time, despite the efforts made in previous years, the Concept of the island's development has not been approved yet, its federal status has not been legally fixed, which does not allow us to start developing a long-term development plan, a territorial planning project and other preparatory stage documents.

The last concept of the island's development and the plan of measures (road map) for its implementation were prepared in 2015 year of the Ministry of the Russian Federation. But they did not pass the agreement in the Ministry of Finance of Russia because of the lack of confirmation of the sources of budgetary financing for the construction of the supporting infrastructure of investment projects planned for implementation on the island.

Given the scarcity of the regional budget and the limited capacity of the federal budget to finance the development of the island, it is necessary to look for other approaches to solving the tasks set, to offer such formats of public-private partnership in which all its participants would be in the black.

One of these formats, in our opinion, is the construction by the investor, at the expense of its own resources, of infrastructure, primarily of protective hydraulic structures and a checkpoint, and at the same time obtaining its own projects on the island on preferential terms.

I will not hide the active interest in this format is shown by Chinese partners. There are specific proposals, the discussion of which took place in January and March of this year. In order to implement them, we have prepared an Action Plan for the implementation of bilateral cooperation, affecting the interests of the federal executive authorities, the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, the Chinese side, etc.

The results
• Design documentation was developed for the children's hospital complex in Komsomolsk-on-Amur
• The rationale for the location of the checkpoint across the state border on the island of Bolshoi Ussuriysk
• The concept and the plan of long-term development of the TOP "Nikolaevsk"
• Business plan for the development of potato growing in the Khabarovsk Territory
• Business plan for the construction of a sugar factory in Sovetskaya Gavan
• Inventory of land plots for provision to residents of St. Petersburg in the Vanino district

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