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Wagon and a small tank

Novelties of Uralvagonzavod have not yet reached the Far East

Wagon and a small tank
Photo: the press service of the UVZ
In the context of an active discussion of the prospects for BAM and Transsib, an EastRussia correspondent decided to understand how things are going in the Far East with new cars, after talking with Mikhail Boyko - Head of the Department of Product Promotion Division of Railway Technology JSC "Scientific-Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky ". 

- Tell us, what is the demand for Uralvagonzavod wagons today in the Far East?
- The cars of our plant in this region are actively used today. And often the cargo transported through the territory of the Far East, has at the same time a shipper not from this region. A striking example is coal exported from Kemerovo to the ports of the Far East. The same situation with our tanks.

- You have brought unique wagons made of fiberglass to the Russian market. And these go to the Far East?
- No, for the present these cars do not run on its territory. The same as tank containers. In the Far East, only metal wagons and UVZ tanks are present at present.

- While the ESPO was being built, for several years, oil from Skovordino to Kozmino was transported in tanks. How is the situation now?
- There are much fewer tanks in the Far East - the pipelines are fully operational. If earlier about 10 thousand cisterns were used on the East Siberia - Pacific Ocean route, now, of course, there are much less of them there.

- One of the problematic aspects for the fishing industry of the Far East is the lack of a sufficient number of refrigerated cars. Now there are no such cars in the UVZ line, but a couple of years ago you spoke of your intention to launch such a production. What's up with this idea?
- Unfortunately, this project has not been implemented yet. Because for him, the project is very expensive, the company now has no funds. True, the company will try to return to it next year.

- What are the leading technologies in the world today in the field of transportation of perishable goods? 
- This is reefer containers. It is containers, not wagons. Since they are the most reliable way to transport perishable goods. 

- If we talk in general about shipments via BAM and Transsib - is your forecast, they are waiting for stability or growth?
- In my opinion, transportation to the East, in particular through the Russian Far East, will increase. In turn, because with both the countries of Northeast Asia and Southeast Russia’s interaction will only intensify. At the same time, devaluation also creates additional opportunities for export. As for the growth of rail transport to the East in the future, it will be so because many export-oriented Russian companies transport their cargoes in no other way than in the same way, by rail.

- If we are talking about increasing supplies to the East, do you plan to deliver your cars to the countries of Northeast Asia? After they began to supply their cars to Iran.
- We have no plans for Northeast Asia. Because from the point of view of car building products, this is a highly self-sufficient region. And not only her - in general, railway equipment. Here the point is different - it would be nice if the countries of Northeast Asia did not interfere with us in other markets. This is the best thing that we can expect from this region today.

- Do we have foreign-made cars on the railways? Has China tried to enter this market?
- No, there are no foreign cars on our Russian railways. Owing to our tough barrage measures, technical barriers and restrictive tariff measures. China tried to penetrate with our cars to us, but so far these attempts have not been crowned with success. Its products are present in Russia only among containers - land, tank containers, and also refrigerated ones. And among them she dominates.

- It is clear with your prospects in the Far East. What do you think about the new carriage facilities on its territory?
- I am skeptical about new car building in the Far East. The existing capacities in Russia are sufficient, including for the Far East. Moreover, both for domestic demand and for export. Therefore, the products of new carriage production in the Far East will not be in demand at all. Accordingly, the creation of such factories is an extremely risky investment.
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