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Vadim Bakhtin: "Dalenergosetproject has not officially been liquidated ..."

East Russia on the situation surrounding the possible liquidation of Dalenergosetproekt (DESP) - the subsidiary of the Federal Grid Company

In Vladivostok, passions around the oldest regional branch organization - Dalenergosetproekt OJSC (DESP) - do not subside. It was liquidated by the decision of the management of the higher holding on paper, but in fact, as if not ... yet. At the same time, the accusatory rhetoric against the liquidators from Moscow is based on two motives: they left DESP employees without work, deprived the region - and even the country - of the most powerful generator of infrastructure projects in the energy sector.

Vadim Bakhtin: "Dalenergosetproject has not officially been liquidated ..."
According to the news chronicle appearing in the media, on June 15 this year, representatives of the Federal Grid Company - JSC FGC UES (parent in relation to DESP, the latter is part of the scientific and technical department of this company - JSC STC FGC UES) held a meeting with the general director of the organization - Viktor Saukh. And the next day, the latter announced to the labor collective about the liquidation of JSC DESP. During the liquidation, it was ordered to dismiss more than two hundred employees of the organization in Vladivostok and its branches in other cities. Reason: Due to the difficult economic situation in the country, DESP was left without orders, and, therefore, it makes no sense to keep it in the structure of FGC.

Among the employees removed from the staff were young mothers on maternity leave. But, according to information leaked to the press, allegedly representatives of FGC UES suggested that the management of the institute "negotiate" with maternity women to leave voluntarily in a general manner, since formally, according to the law, no one has the right to fire them.

The employees of DESP regarded the decision to liquidate their organization as highly cynical and unfair and during June-September several times they went to protest pickets with the slogans: "The Far East is the growing point of Russia!", "DESIGNERS WORK!", " ensuring Russia's energy security! "...

Trade unions and "Rosseti" "FGC" is not a decree

The protesters were supported by the Federation of Trade Unions of the Primorsky Territory. Its ex-leader Viktor Pinsky spoke out loudly in defense of DESP at the protest action on September 9: “Only this institute in the Far East has an integrated approach to the design of energy projects. Unique specialists work here, and now, for reasons we do not understand, for someone's short-sighted decisions, this institution is being reduced and systematically destroyed. The design institute was engaged, among other things, in the secret development of our energy systems. And while in our Far East the country's leadership is taking all measures to bring people here, to make the region attractive for investment, to develop its infrastructure, which cannot be imagined without the implementation of large energy projects, a unique institution is being destroyed. "

As if having heard all these appeals to justice and logic, PJSC "Russian Networks" - the parent structure already in relation to JSC "FGC UES" - advocated the preservation of DESP. On September 17, at a meeting of the Management Board of PJSC Rossiyskie Seti, it was announced that it intended to apply to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation and other law enforcement agencies in order to verify the legality of the actions of the management of DESP, JSC STC FGC UES and PJSC FGC UES , massive redundancies and the actual suspension of the DESP, on the verification of the possible commission of actions aimed at the deliberate bankruptcy of DESP ”.

However, despite the decree of an organization even higher than the FGC, Director General of DESP Viktor Saukh did not cancel his order on the mass layoff of employees. According to him, said on September 21 at a meeting of the organization's labor collective: "The position of the Federal Grid Company on the order to reduce the number of DESP staff has not changed to date." At the same time, the general director promised an opportunity to find employment for several dozen former employees of the DESP in the regional branch of JSC "STC FGC UES".

In response, many employees of the Institute, who did not agree with this decision, began to sue. By October 1, in the Leninsky District Court of Vladivostok, there were already 76 claims for reinstatement of the dismissed employees of the DESP. And the Federation of Trade Unions of the Primorsky Territory promised to defend the interests of each victim in court, summing up indignantly on its website: “On June 16, General Director Viktor Saukh issued an order on the complete reduction of DESP workers, with the exception of those on parental leave, and on September 22, the plan was embodied. People were dismissed, even though the parent organization - the board of PJSC Rossetti (owns 79,64% of the shares of PJSC FGC UES) decided to keep the design institute and develop a plan for its financial recovery ”.

What is the near future of Dalenergosetproekt, will the organization with this name remain - East Russia tried to find out by talking with the chairman of the primary trade union organization of DESP OJSC Vadim Bakhtin.

-Vadim Viktorovich, the liquidation of the project organization took place or not?

- The liquidation does not officially take place, although on June 15 the general director announced at the general meeting that JSC FGC UES had made a decision to liquidate our enterprise. The next day, he issued a mass layoff order effective September 21, 2015. But the documents confirming any FGC decision have not been officially presented so far. That is, in fact, it all looks like a private initiative of Viktor Mikhailovich Saukh, Director General of DESP, who safely flew west on September 30, having quit his job.

-Is there a DESP continues to function as a design industry institute?

- Formally, yes. But on September 21, most of the employees were fired. The maternity workers were left, some of the employees who received a notice of redundancy later than June 19. The remaining employees cannot provide the integrated design process. But, nevertheless, they are finalizing their parts of the projects.

- Has the size of the organization changed a lot as a result of the downsizing initiative of the CEO?

- As of September 1, 2014, DESP had 553 employees. Of these, in the Samara branch - 104 people, in the Surgut branch - 13 employees. By June 1, 2015 in DESP - 376 people, including in Samara - 94 people, in Surgut 5 people. In general, judging by the information that has come down to us, it was planned to reduce "without noise and dust" and by June 30, no one should have remained at the institute. Thanks to the actions of the united team, it did not work ...

- The total amount of dismissal compensation paid?

- According to rumors (not verified), it was planned to spend about 50 million rubles for the reduction.

- In Moscow, they decided to create some new structures in Vladivostok, where some of the former employees of DESP can find jobs ...

- At the beginning of these events, it was simply about the reduction of employees without an offer of employment, but as a result of the protest actions that our labor collective took, decisions were made to create the Directorate of the Trunk Electric Networks of the East (35 people) and the Far Eastern branch of the STC FGC (35 people). As of today, after a meeting on September 16 and 17 at PJSC FGC UES and PJSC Rosseti, it was decided to increase the staff of the STC FGC branch to 60-65 people. This is a victory, although our goal was to preserve DESP itself.

At the meeting on June 17, Oleg Mikhailovich Budargin, Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC Rosseti, gave us hope, calling the actions of FGC “non-governmental and short-sighted” and urging to withdraw the order on mass layoffs. Currently, between Rosseti and FGC, the question of our future fate is being decided. And although the general director of DESP did not withdraw his order, and people were laid off, we hope that the decision to preserve our design institute will be made and we will return to our jobs. Therefore, the dismissed are waiting for a solution to the situation. And FSK has not yet recruited staff for its new divisions. By October 1, 18 people moved to the directorate of MES East, and 9 people to the branch of the STC FGC UES.

- Are the MES East Directorate and the Far East Branch of the Scientific and Technical Center already registered?

- Yes. They are located in Vladivostok, outside the DESP building.

- Why do you think it was necessary to strive to liquidate DESP in order to immediately create two new organizations similar to it?

- It can be assumed - to clear the market for STC FGC. You come to this conclusion when you analyze the results of competitive procedures for design and survey work (R&D) at FGC facilities in recent years. So, for example, in 2013 DESP ranked first with a volume of 770, 3 million rubles, and STC FGC - second with a volume of 595,6 million rubles. IN 2014-m the first place already belongs to STC FGC - with financing in the amount of 283,8 million rubles. And DESP has only tenth from 24 million. 2015-m STC has the first place with 1,5 billion allocated funds from customers for design and development work, and DESP has nothing ...


On June 28, 1962, by order of the Minister of Energy and Electrification of the USSR, a group of Vladivostok surveyors and designers of the integrated design department of the Dalenergo design bureau was included in the All-Union Institute Energosetproekt. This is how a new design institute arose, which in the post-Soviet era was transformed into OJSC Dalenergosetproekt (OJSC DESP) with branches in Samara and Surgut. Until recently, JSC DESP itself was a branch of JSC Scientific and Technical Center of the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System (JSC NTC FGC UES). For 53 years of work, Dalenergosetproekt OJSC has accumulated extensive experience in designing substations and power transmission lines (overhead and cable) with voltages of 35, 110, 220, 500 kV. Thousands of kilometers of main transmission lines 110, 220 and 500 kV have been built and operate under the designs of JSC DESP, not only in the IES East zone, but throughout Russia. According to the projects of DESP employees, such facilities were erected as: a unique crossing over the Amur River, electrification of the Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean oil pipeline, power supply systems on the Russky Island for the APEC-2012 summit, power transmission lines and electrical substations for the Sochi-2014 Olympics.
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