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"In our region everyone can take place and be happy"

"In our region everyone can take place and be happy"

Magadan Region is one of the fastest growing regions of the Far East. Governor of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi spoke about the prospects for the development of the region.

- Vladimir Petrovich, a little more than half a year ago, assuming the office of Governor of the Magadan Region, you said: "Our strategic goal is to make the Magadan Region a subsidized region." It is clear that a short period of time has passed, but what first steps have been taken in this direction?

- We started by setting priorities. We have relied on the intensive development of the transport and energy infrastructure and communications, the diversification of the economy and the modernization of the leading sectors of the territory, the creation of innovative industries. In order to get it done, we set about creating a favorable investment climate.

I consider the investment policy to be the basis of the “Strategy for the socio-economic development of the Magadan region until 2030 of the year”. The only question is how to make the work of investors comfortable. You must agree that the decision from above does not ensure stable conditions, complete transparency, understandable and identical for all rules and procedures. With the business community, scientists and public organizations, we have developed an investment strategy for the territory before 2025.

To mobilize internal resources and the inflow of foreign investments, firstly, we have formed a legal framework. Provided a system for protecting investors' rights, thought out support and incentive mechanisms. We took care of preferences - for example, a five-year vacation on income tax, and then another five years of work with a tax rate of 10%. Initiated a number of amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Secondly, we achieved that the Magadan Region was included in the list of subjects with zones of territorial development, and identified five such zones. By the way, energetic interaction with the federal center helps to promote regional projects faster and more efficiently. We include them in federal programs. Almost 2018 billion rubles were allocated for the infrastructure facilities of Kolyma in the Federal Target Program "Economic and Social Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region for the Period up to 12", with 11,6 billion rubles. - federal allocations. The Russian government approved a bill to extend the Special Economic Zone until the end of 2025. The nearest plans include the revival of the fishery complex, the construction of a metallurgical plant ... Kolyma, with its potential, should not be a raw material appendage.

We have good interaction with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI - прим. ред.), I hope, together we will be able to realize many ideas. I hope that we will also use the mechanisms of the Standard of activity of the executive authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation to ensure a favorable investment climate in the region. Last year we fully implemented it. Now we are forming institutions, improving the tools of investment development of the territory.

We are preparing for the first international Magadan investment fair. In July, welcome to the capital of Kolyma. You will take part in the fair, attend the meeting of the Sub-Commission of the Association of Regional Administrations of the North-East Asian Nations on the development and regulation of mining. And most importantly - feel the amazing atmosphere of our region. Just these days Magadan celebrates 75 anniversary. I think the work of the Social Partnership Fund will be interesting. We created it this year, we are now actively signing agreements with large companies and enterprises. Just a few days ago we agreed on social cooperation with the project institute of OOO Rosspetsproekt. We discussed with the General Director Viktor Savenko the design and construction of modern sports facilities in the region. We try through public-private partnerships to attract investments in all spheres of our life.

It is important to create conditions for investing significant projects by our partners. In my opinion, this is a decisive factor that will allow for an economic breakthrough, raise the salaries of the Kolyma people, collect more taxes to the budget and, as a result, bring the Magadan Region to the number of "non-subsidized" regions. As Winston Churchill used to say, "if we have a goal, we will always go where we want."

- Let's return to the issue of the special economic zone in Magadan. There is no doubt that it will continue, but will its action expand throughout the region?

- We are achieving this. We want the circle of its participants to be wide, the SEZ regime attracted gold miners and fish industrialists, power engineers, transport workers, builders - representatives of all branches of production and spheres of life activity. We were supported by the Government, the bill will be submitted to the State Duma. We are actively working with all the deputies of the relevant committees on all issues, we are counting on 100% support. By the way, we also hope for the abolition of the Government Decree No. 646, which restrained the participation of the main enterprises of the mining industry in the special economic zone.

As for preferences ... The special economic zone, which will operate until the end of the year 2025, provides for benefits for taxes that are credited to the federal budget, as well as land tax and corporate property tax. I think these preferences will attract investors to our region.

- How does the status of the Special Economic Zone differ from the tools and benefits for the field of such innovation of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Europe as a priority development area (TOSED)? At the beginning of the summer, the ministry will submit their list. Please tell us about the creation of similar territories in the Magadan region and the direction of their development.

- According to the concept of the Ministry of Eastern Development, the territories of advanced socio-economic development should become the “locomotives” of the economy. In contrast to special economic zones, TOSED has defined, firstly, stringent location criteria, and secondly, special legal regimes are provided for. I am talking about a special land use regime, preferential rental rates, preferential connection to infrastructure facilities, customs preferences and the possibility of a simplified procedure for attracting foreigners to work. Plus the provision of public services. A list of powers of the TOR management bodies is currently being determined, and amendments to the tax legislation are being prepared. While there are a lot of unresolved questions of the regulatory order, the practice has not been acquired. Against this background, the Special Economic Zone is a mechanism already tested and supported by enterprises of the region. We have learned how to use it effectively, we know how to improve the tools of the SEZ, but we are not going to give up on advanced development areas. We will use any opportunities to develop the infrastructure of the territory, to solve social and economic problems at the expense of state support. In our closest plans - the creation of an agropark and site preparation for the production of liquefied hydrogen fuel. And in the future, other projects that will allow our region to develop intensively, the northerners - to live more comfortably.

- After commissioning the launch complex of the largest Natalka ore mining and processing enterprise in 2014, it was planned to increase gold production by 8 tons, and after the first stage of GOK production reaches the design capacity, up to 15 tons of gold annually. What will give the development of this project for the region?

- Let's start with the fact that about $ 1,4 billion have already been invested in the Matrosov Mine. And this year Polyus Gold plans to send 11,202 billion rubles to RiMa facilities. In essence, the Natalka mine will be the largest modern enterprise of the gold mining industry both in the region and in the country. This is an innovative production. Now at the pilot industrial plant of the mine mastered the method of photometric separation. By August, the institute of OJSC Irgiredmet will assess how efficiently the pre-enrichment of Natalka’s gold-bearing ore, and indeed of the entire Yano-Kolyma gold ore province, is used. Such innovative technologies in the development and reproduction of the mineral resource base will make it possible, without increasing production, to involve poor and poor ores in processing, and to reduce the volumes of tailings. The profitability of factories will increase. Therefore, we will be able to ensure the competitiveness of the national economy.

Simultaneously with Natalka, the Pavlik gold deposit is also being developed. In 2014, the construction of the factory will be completed here. And then, I think, we will be able to start developing the Igumenovskoye, Rodionovskoye, Degdekanskoye deposits. Along with the mining industry, geology will develop. By the way, we expect to receive two tons more gold this year already than in the 2013 year.

According to economists, Natalka GOK will provide up to 34,5 billion rubles. in gross regional product for the year. And payments to budgets of all levels will amount to 10,5 billion rubles. About 10 thousand jobs will be created. Only Natalka plans to use 2,5 thousand workers. Agree, it will attract people to the Far East and the Extreme Northeast, and at the same time investors and investments.

In addition, we intend to actively develop transport logistics and energy infrastructure.

- At the end of 2013, the Ust-Srednekanskaya hydroelectric power station was the first to generate electric power. What are the prospects for increasing the power capacity generated by this hydropower plant, and what is the effect on the development of the regional economy in the future?

- From 2017, the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP will produce 142,5 megawatts, in 2019 it will reach its design capacity - 570 megawatts. In 2020, hydropower construction will be completed. In parallel, high-voltage power lines are being built on 220 kW "Orotukan - Tent - Central" and overhead lines 110 / 35 kW "Tent - Sokol - Central", which will ensure a reliable supply of electric energy to the regional center, Sokol, Uptar, Olu, Khasynsky district. In the future, we plan to build Ust-Omchug-Omchak OTL-220 with the construction of a substation in Omchak and the reconstruction of a substation in Ust-Omchug for the energy supply of the territory of advanced development of the region - enterprises engaged in the development of deposits of the Yano-Kolyma gold ore province. And in order to provide electricity to the Omeolon hub of Polymetal, and later to go to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Chukotka, we will extend high-voltage lines to Magadan-Palatka-Seymchan. By the way, energy will also be needed by the created coal complex of the Omsukchansky basin. It will include several coal mines, an all-season road from Omsukchan to the North-Evensk district, a coal terminal in the Pestraya Dresva bay area.

For the Magadan Region, the effect of launching the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP is not only to produce a large amount of electricity, which will allow the territory to develop intensively, but also in a multiple increase in the reliability of the region's energy system.

- In this regard, will the deposits of iron ore and lead be developed? Do you plan to hold contests for the Oroek copper deposit license this year?

- Diversification of the mining industry is undoubtedly a priority for the development of the region. At the beginning of 2014, we conducted an auction for geological research, exploration and mining of zinc, lead, silver, copper, iron and cadmium in the Kunarevskaya prospective area. Now we are working on options for the geological study of objects of the South Omolon iron-ore region and other promising areas of the subsoil, including the Oreok ore occurrence. I think it will be possible to include it in the list of subsoil plots offered for use.

- Vladimir Petrovich, at the UN session an agreement was signed, according to which the enclave in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk with an area of ​​52 thousand square meters. Km passed into the jurisdiction of Russia, making the Sea of ​​Okhotsk the inland sea of ​​the Russian Federation. What additional economic impulse and new opportunities will this give to the development of the economy of the Magadan Region and the entire Far East?

- Recognition of the enclave in the middle of the Okhotsk Sea as part of the Russian continental shelf really opens up new prospects for our economy. We associate them with the increase in the oil and gas potential of the region, with the licensing of the Magadan-4 site, with the intensive continuation of work on the licensed areas of Magadan-1,2,3.

And of course, great prospects are opening up regarding the bioresources of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. I would like to believe that the status of the inner sea will save Magadan fishermen from numerous administrative barriers. Do not need permission from the border guard service when leaving the sea and returning to the port. We get rid of the poaching of foreign fishers in our waters. So the development of the fisheries complex will give a new impetus to the promotion of the interests of the territory, and indeed the entire Far East in Russia and the Asia-Pacific region.

- Development of oil fields on the shelf of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk is one of the important priorities in the program for the development of the mineral resource complex. Enterprises developing the Magadan-1, -2, -3 deposits are established by Rosneft and foreign investors. Has this pool of investors been created and enshrined in contracts, and when are projects expected to start? Will these enterprises be registered in the Magadan region to pay taxes to the regional budget?

- You are absolutely right. We have begun to implement these projects. Last year, RN-Shelf-Far East carried out geophysical (seismic) work in the water area of ​​the Sea of ​​Okhotsk within the license areas of Magadan-1, Magadan-2 and Magadan-3. Now preparing for engineering and geological research. It is planned to drill a well in the area of ​​perspective structures "Dukchinskaya" and "Shelikanskaya". In 2016, search drilling will start already.

In the geological study of the Magadan-1 site, the Norwegian company Statoil ASA is a partner of Rosneft. The agreement on cooperation on the Magadan-2 and 3 sites was signed with the Japanese company INPEX.

Of course, we are interested in registering enterprises in the territory of the Magadan Region. For the first ten days of June, in cooperation with CJSC RN-Shelf-Far East, they planned negotiations with all departments and potential contractors. We will discuss the issues related to the further development of geological exploration work on the Primagadan shelf.

- The Magadan Region is a region whose environmental problems need special attention. What environmental programs operate in the area?

- The fragile nature of the North requires a trepidation and care, and at the state level. We tried to include in the state program of the Russian Federation "Social and economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region" such activities as the detection of foci of mercury contamination, their localization and purification. This is the reverse side of gold mining, which was ignored for decades. Environmentalists surveyed the 4 area of ​​the region and found 127 foci. Samples showed: 2,5 million cubic meters of mining waste contains more than 48 t of mercury. Now the draft of the federal target program "Elimination of accumulated environmental damage" is being developed for 2014-2025 years ". We propose to take into account in it the processing of the "tailings" of the concentrating plants and plants. It also provided for a set of measures to clean the water area of ​​the Nagaevskaya bay from sunken ships.

Another problem of the territory is abandoned villages. There are quite a few of them all over Kolyma: the “extra people” policy in the North, the massive outflow of the population in the 1990s, the liquidation of unpromising settlements have affected. We hope, thanks to the state programs "Natural Resources and Ecology of the Magadan Region" for 2014 - 2020 years "and" Ecological safety and environmental protection of the Magadan Region "for 2009-2015 years", we will cope with this disaster. In addition, we are constantly looking for smart technologies to reduce the negative impact of all industries on the environment, we demand environmentally responsible activities from production workers.

- At the last year's St. Petersburg Economic Forum, an agreement was signed between JSC RusHydro, RAO Energy Systems of the East and Japanese company Kawasaki Heavy Industries on the construction of an enterprise for the production of liquid hydrogen. How are things going with this project?

- According to the legislation, in anticipation of the construction of such enterprises as a plant for the production of liquefied hydrogen, must pass public hearings. Environmental and public organizations, residents are involved in discussions. Conducted environmental assessment. While the investment project for the construction of a liquefied hydrogen plant is under discussion, we are working on infrastructure projects, the transportation of finished products, and exploring sales markets.

- How does the Magadan region see its contribution to the development of the Northern Sea Route project? How and when is it planned to modernize the seaport of Magadan?

- Thank you for an important and timely question. I admit that we are not at all satisfied with the transport isolation of the Magadan Region. We are not going to put up with the fact that Kolyma is outside the traditional transport corridors connecting Russia with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Now the main corresponding directions of our port are Vanino, Nakhodka and Vostochny port. Foreign economic cargo flows from Magadan are directed to the ports of South Korea and the United States. Undoubtedly, this hinders the economic and social development of the region. Like all northern territories of Russia and our closest neighbors - Chukotka, Koryakia, Kamchatka, we are interested in the intensive development of the Northern Sea Route project.

We are beginning to modernize the Magadan Sea Port as a base in the Far East. This directly correlates with our Strategy until 2025, the strategy of social and economic development of the Far Eastern and Baikal regions for the same period, as well as the transport strategy of Russia until the year 2030.

We create conditions for the inflow of investments, improve the transport and energy infrastructure of the region. Sea transport serves for us not only an indicator of the business activity of the Magadan Region, but also its catalyst in all areas of activity. We are well aware of the advantages of the geographical location, size, meteorological and hydrological conditions of the Magadan sea port, its potential and international status fade into the background without upgrading the “sea gate” of Kolyma.

Last year we made a decision on the reconstruction of hydraulic structures, agreed on a technical task for berths No.4 and 5. Today we are completing the design and starting the reconstruction of the fourth pier. In the year 2015 we will deal with a specialized pier for the processing of large containers. We are determined that in 2016, both berths with adjacent operational sites will be put into operation. In this case, the port's cargo turnover will increase to 3 million tons.

- Recently it became known that the authorities of the Magadan region are preparing documents for the appeal to the government of the country on the recognition at the federal level of the closing 11 villages of the region. The social sphere in the entire Far East is “the territory of problems” ...

“As soon as the Far East from the promising regions will become truly comfortable for life in terms of its potential, it will immediately cease to be considered a“ problem area ”. Well-established life, decent work, the opportunity to get a good education, plus a high level of social development, security and confidence in the future ... What else does a person need? Believe me, it is no coincidence that the Far East is determined by Russia's priority for the twenty-first century.

Do not be surprised that we are seeking at the federal level the recognition of a number of settlements in the Magadan region as being closed. According to the resolution of the regional government 11 Kolyma settlements are considered to be unpromising. They eliminated the city-forming enterprises, and people were left without a chance to find a job. Beyond the limits of good and evil is the state of the housing and communal complex. Problems with emergency medical help. In schools - from 10 to 15 pupils, and in the kindergarten there are not a dozen kids. Is it worth living in the third millennium?

With the resettlement of northerners from the closing villages without state support can not cope. 50 million rubles budgeted in the budget 2014 year, obviously not enough. Glad we found understanding in the Government. At the moment, a federal target program is being developed for the closing villages.

And in order to reduce the outflow of population from the region, it is necessary to turn the Far North into a territory with a strong economy, an attractive social sphere - promising and comfortable for life in all respects. That is why we also relied on an economic breakthrough, an active investment and fundamentally new personnel policy. We create an educational environment that will allow the Magadan region to integrate into the global knowledge economy. A high level of basic knowledge of young people, modern specialties focused on innovative development, will give an opportunity to position Kolyma in the Russian and world economy. Soon we will have a regional center for training personnel for an innovative economy. The region adopted a state program for the development of regional education until 2020. We took into account all trends, bottlenecks and opportunities in the near future to become an independent, independent, strong region and raise standards of life. Even outwardly we are striving to change our living space. Announced 2014-th Year of improvement. The north is our home, and it is important that he rejoices both the soul and the eye. There is little sense if people are not proud of a small homeland.

- What is being done to ensure that people stay in the region, have children, receive education, and work successfully?

- In the region, measures are envisaged to support young professionals, options for securing staff in various sectors of the economy and the social sphere. For example, mortgage lending to young teachers of general education organizations, provision of housing for doctors who come to the region ...

We support large families. We allocate land for housing and country building, gardening and horticulture for them, abolishing land tax. By the way, last year, for the first time in the last 20 years, natural population growth was observed in our region. The mortality rate has decreased by almost 6%. There has been a tendency to increase life expectancy. Now men in Kolyma live on average more than 61 of the year, and women live 72's.

In addition, we refused to introduce social norms for electricity, and for quite some time the northerners did not pay bills for general household needs. We subsidize air transportation within the region and on a number of Russian routes. The region has developed a system of various social benefits. Even social taxis and social canteens are there.

- At the meeting with the Ukrainian compatriot Kolyma-Slavutich you said that the Magadan Region is ready to support compatriots in Ukraine and the region is ready to accept on its land everyone who wants to move. How successful is the state program "Rendering assistance to the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad" in the Magadan Region at 2014-2017? " What is the motivation of citizens moving from Ukraine to the Magadan Region? How does it differ from the motivation that was in Soviet times? After all, you yourself were born and spent your childhood and youth in Ukraine?

- Mrs. Luck is a particularly unreliable person; I propose to discuss how effective the mechanism of rendering assistance to the resettlement to our region of compatriots living abroad. Evaluate the first steps in the implementation of the state program “Labor resources of the Magadan region for 2014-2017 years”. The critical situation in Ukraine shifted the emphasis, this is understandable. And yet, initially we were looking for options on how to overcome the shortage of personnel in the economy and the social sphere. We are acutely lacking specialists in leading industries: mining, construction, fisheries, agriculture. Developing a program of actions last year, we have provided funding for 2014 year in the amount of more than 12 million rubles. At first, people turned to us with a request to assist in resettlement, to help with employment and obtaining Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. The events in Ukraine caused a sharp increase in the flow of complaints. For a month and a half, 240 citizens of the fraternal state expressed a desire to move to the Magadan region, to live and work here. 24 people have already become participants in the program, three have even received a certificate from a participant in the State Program to assist in the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad to the Russian Federation. I must note that the specialists of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the regional government work individually with each caller who wrote. Based on appeals, we are looking for employers. Magadan branch of Polymetal Management Company, Magadan Mechanical Plant OJSC, Dukchinskaya Poultry Farm LLC, IP RR participate in the employment of compatriots. Alimov, Dobry Doktor LLC and others. Actively promote employment of the Ministry of Education and youth policy, culture, sports and tourism, the municipality "Omsukchansky district."

Indeed, I was born and raised in Ukraine. There also began my work biography, and then I came to the Far East and never regretted it. With all my heart I love our land. I think my compatriots will appreciate the atmosphere, the sincerity of human relations in the North and the opportunities that this land opens. Everyone will be able to take place here, achieve the desired, be happy.

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