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In the Amur River appeared a strawberry hectare

Hectare: how to grow strawberries on the Amur land

In the Amur River appeared a strawberry hectare
Special project Far East hectare: history
Entrepreneur Roman Kovalenko, by his example, is ready to prove that with proper attention it is possible to grow southern berries in difficult climatic conditions.

Roman Kovalenko decided to occupy a new niche in the market and began to lead a unique business for the Amur Region - growing strawberries. Starting investments, according to the entrepreneur, paid off during the first season. He is now engaged in growing several varieties of strawberries and plans to harvest from the end of June to mid-autumn. So far, the berry grows only on one hectare. The plans from next year to master three, decorated for his wife and children.

Six years ago, when Roman Kovalenko decided to start berry business, this idea was perceived in the region with great bewilderment. But he managed to prove that with the right care it is quite possible to harvest a good harvest. A novice farmer searched for the necessary information on the Internet and made acquaintances on the Internet with specialists from other parts of Russia. Our own vegetable garden has become a platform for testing knowledge. The experience turned out to be successful, and soon the Kovalenko family even refused to plant potatoes - strawberries took its place. Buyers quickly tasted the Amur berry, and people from all over the region began to gather for it. Despite the high price tag compared to Chinese strawberries, the product was literally swept off the counter. The Far Eastern Hectare program started at the very moment when Roman realized that he was ready to expand his business. He carefully chose a site - with fertile land, near the river, spacious, 15 km from the city. I chose land in the Svobodnensky district. Together with his wife, children and an assistant, he planted 10 thousand seedlings on one of the four hectares. The work was carried out by hand, from morning until late at night, for a week and a half. According to Kovalenko's calculations, this season will bring a whole ton of strawberries.

“In some varieties, the weight of one fruit can reach 40-60 grams, my strawberries are sweet, aromatic and not stuffed with anything,” the farmer emphasizes.

An entrepreneur buys high-quality Dutch seedlings. The berries are harvested every two days, and next year, according to the plan, the transition to the daily regime.

Irrigation already takes more than 400 liters of water per day. In the future, the businessman expects to buy industrial greenhouses in order to get an ultra-early harvest: the berries will hit the market in June. Roman Kovalenko hopes that in the future the fruits of his labor will be delivered outside the Amur Region, to neighboring regions. The farmer is also confident that his strawberry grounds can be an interesting and unusual way to spend his leisure time.

“In the future, I want to organize self-collection. When the bushes are red, I will invite everyone to the garden. People will be able to come with families - they paid for the entrance and let them pick the berries and eat them right away, and also take them with them. At the exit, they will pay the cost of the harvested berries - and that's it, ”said Roman Kovalenko.

In a few years, he intends to grow berries on all four hectares, not only strawberries, but also raspberries and other crops. Kovalenko admits that he would gladly take additional plots for development.

Published in the brochure "Far Eastern hectare: first results"

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