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In pursuit of time

The film of the Yakut director Tatyana Everstova became an event of the year in the cinema

Now much is said about the "phenomenon of Yakut cinema", its unprecedented heyday. And the truth is that in the republic the hobby for film art is actually a mass character, one after the other there are tapes that are of interest to local audiences almost as big as Western blockbusters. And yet on the tops rise units. One of them is Tatiana Everstova, the author of the film "His daughter", who became the film-opening of the last year. "I'm trying to catch up with him, although it's not easy." The first film was about 1970, I'm finishing the 80-X now, so I'll try to understand them, "says Tatiana Everstova in an interview with EastRussia for the project "Unsuccessful".

In pursuit of time
Photo: courtesy of Tatyana Everstova

The first full-length film Everstova "His daughter" - an autobiographical drama, completed in 2016 and released on screens in 2017 year - was an opening for Russian and world cinema. Tatiana worked on the film both as a director, as a screenwriter, and as a producer. The story of a small village girl won not only the audience, but also the jury of several film festivals, where the tape received the main prizes. Shortly after the release, the film "His daughter" received the Grand Prix of the "Window to Europe" festival in Vyborg, then became the winner in two nominations of the Ural Open Film Festival. The film was seen by viewers of film festivals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, European and Asian film forums ... Now filmmakers marked with Oscar and Cesar are ready to work with Tatiana Everstova, the author of the film.

But Tatiana is not a professional film director, and she has no special education. She studied economics. And she was born in a small village of Mayagas in the Ust-Aldansky district of Yakutia.

- I have always been fond of movies. But his first work - it was not even a short film, but something like a clip, a mini-movie - made by accident. I never thought that I would aim for serious direction. I and creativity allowed myself to do it after the children grew up, - says Tatiana. - Then in Yakutia the boom of cinema just started, and I joined one creative collective. And now our group had to go to another region, to shoot this mini-film. And the director who was supposed to work on him, for some reason did not appear. Then Innokenty Ammosov, cameraman, chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Yakutia, who also took part in those shootings, said to me: "Tatiana, try it yourself."

Tatiana came up with a script for this little movie. And, as she confesses, "in the depths of her soul she was already a director." Imagine how this mini-film should be, constantly called the director - they say, it would be so good to do so. But it's one thing to shoot a film in the imagination, the other in practice.

- I was very nervous. I knew perfectly well how everything should be. Explained to the actors what heroes should do, what plan the operator should take. And no one understood me, because everything was only in my head. There is no clear script, no storyboards. Nevertheless, we somehow managed to finish this sketch. And on the second same mini-film, Innokenty Ivanovich told me: "Do you know, please, write something, at least in brief, what and how it should look like. Let's work in an adult way so everyone understands what you want. "

After that, there were a few more mini-films, very short (there were only six of them, Tatiana calls them clips). Then - two short films. With one of them, the painting "Apocalypse", Everstova went to the Cannes Film Festival. The film drew attention. Tatyana met with French colleagues, and several of them agreed to work on her first feature film (in particular, the cameramen Vesley Mrozinski and Fred Valle). This film also was "His daughter".

- The idea of ​​the film appeared for me a very long time. And I started shooting in 2010 year. I took off the tape for two months, but the subsequent work and waiting took six years. I did everything on my own money. At us in Yakutia all on the money remove, then from hire means repuls. Many people then thought that I was working slowly, artificially dragging out the process in order, so to speak, to savor it, - says Tatiana Everstova. "But it's not." It's just that many people make movies, and we had a low-budget film, all on personal agreements. Someone undertook to work and tossed, promised, but did not do it. Who was I then? Some woman without a name, which is why she wants something from all. In addition, then in Yakutia, a lot of films were shot, I was helped only by those who took time out. Yes, there were specialists from France, but they were also busy ...

Tatiana says: it was very difficult to work with the little actress Sveta Portnyagina. The director compares shooting with children with attempts to agree with the weather: you never guess what will be the mood of nature in a minute. In general, when the film was finished, Tatiana for a while thought that she would not approach the cinema: the process was too complicated and tense.

However, the doubts turned out to be temporary. Now Tatyana Everstova is finishing her second film, "Closing". This story is no longer a little girl, but 17-year-old girl. The time of action is the beginning of 1980 years. And autobiographical motifs in the tape, too. In the plans and the third project. It is already known that it will be financed, including the republican government.

"His daughter" critics often compared to Japanese cinema. And I myself always said that its roots are in our Yakut epic Olonkho: I would say that the narrative in it goes not so much through words as through images. This is also my first film. And in the "Closure" of unspoken things will be less, it is in a sense easier, - says Tatiana Everstova. - He shot my money and the means of patrons: now I have a name - they meet me halfway. I tried to get funding from the Ministry of Culture for him - failed. Now I think: for the better. Without unnecessary formalities and delays, the picture was completed quite quickly, in just six months. But I'm not yet ready to talk specifically about the plans for his hire, the time of the premiere. Cinema in fact such thing - suddenly the tape people will not like? I'm all wondering how they work there in Hollywood - they did not start shooting yet, but it's already decided when and where the first session. Well, probably, if you deal with big producers and big money, you can imagine that. Meanwhile, I do not plan anything further than one week.

With Hollywood money, Tatiana does not really work yet. But with world-class experts - yes. Now in the studios of "Mosfilm" she finishes work on the sound, color correction of the new film. And help her, for example, Alexei Lebeshev - the son of the famous operator Pavel Lebeshev, the Hollywood sound engineer Harry Bourgeois - the owner of the Oscars. Composers - Zhiri Eger, marked by the main French film award "Cesar" (he collaborated with Tatiana and "His daughter"), and Ilya Zudin, the soloist of the group "Dynamite".

As Tatyana tells, for Western colleagues, work on "Closure" is not a possibility of earning, but a manifestation of professional solidarity, support for low-budget cinema.

Tatyana Everstova herself never thought about leaving forever from Yakutia.

- To go to work in Europe or America would be interesting. But to leave forever - so for me the question never stood. I am inspired and nurtured by my homeland, people who live next to me. Here I look at a man, an occasional passer-by who with some kind of string bag is hurrying to his family - my heart is melting. Where will I go from here? My dream is to create my own special cinema world. Do not just reproduce what was, and build your own universe, you know? Here Tarkovsky had his own world ... For the time being I'm catching up to the time.
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