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What is the "superpower" of the Khabarovsk Territory?

How to brand the region, pondered on the "days of PR in Khabarovsk" and the media forum

What is the "superpower" of the Khabarovsk Territory?
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Vladislav Shulaev

Co-Chairman of the RASO Committee for Branding and Promotion of Territories, Director for Promotion of the Territories of the AGT Communications Agency
It was really a riotous event - even by Russian standards. In May, in Khabarovsk, the Strategic Communications Forum of the region was held. The first two days - called "Days of PR in Khabarovsk" (organizers - Pacific State University and Far Eastern School of PR), the third day - as Khabarovsk media forum (organizers - the government of the province).

The organizers have set a serious task: to discuss existing projects to promote the Khabarovsk Territory and to develop priorities.

Here it is necessary "on the margins" to note that the discussion of the brand without the presence of a strategy almost always leads to a dead end. Everyone already understands that the brand of the territory is not only a logo (although modern visual style is also very important). The brand is not only associations and symbols. But a very responsible step - the public formulation of the communication strategy - is not solved in all regions. The regional media forum boldly chose Khabarovsk Krai as the territory of dialogue as its motto, which, I hope, reflects the intention of publicly defining communication priorities.

Participation in the intense discussion in various formats of the Khabarovsk "strategic" forum and some media studies conducted by the AGT communication agency and the analytical agency Smyslographia make it possible to formulate a number of positions that, in my opinion, would be useful for developing a strategy and program for promoting the Khabarovsk Territory.

The strategy of the territory largely reflects the public consensus on the issue, in which the "superpower" of the region. In Khabarovsk Krai, its advantages are not seriously discussed yet and, accordingly, are not realized. And the advantages of the territory need to be identified (or grown, if they do not exist) in different directions, not limited to the awareness, for example, of the industrial leadership of the region in the Far Eastern Federal District.

And therefore, first of all it is necessary to determine the platforms for dialogue (on, as stated, the territory of the dialogue) - in key areas of promotion. There is a Civil Forum to discuss social issues. There is a forum "Cupid", which is still perceived as a youth camp at GLK "Haldomi", and not as a platform for strategic discussion and development of new management decisions. Although the June Forsyte Camp on the Amur showed its potential. There is a forum "Our Choice - 27", which, in theory, is designed to provide mutual understanding in the program of promotion of Khabarovsk products

Without the annual territory for dialogue, today there are three important areas for promotion: tourism, education and, paradoxically, investment and economic. Turning to the design mode, we can say that the Khabarovsk Territory needs its own tourism exhibition-fair. It will be useful for your university forum-festival at the intersection of professional education, science and self-realization of students. And there would be an effective investment forum, focused on the undoubted advantages of the region.

As a hint on priorities, possible projects and site themes, Khabarovsk Krai reflected on the pages of the federal and foreign press. Media drivers are something that the media often write about - they are projects with large communication capital, whose "promotion" will take significantly less time.

The analysis of the presence of Russian regions in the leading English-language media - a joint annual study by the Smyslography agency and Dow Jones - shows that at 2016 overseas the most popular news stories in the Khabarovsk region were news related to the extraction and processing of oil with the KHL HC club " Amur ", with the implementation of the" Far Eastern hectare "program, as well as with commemorative events in honor of Kim Jong Il, born in the Khabarovsk Territory.

Pilot analysis of the presence of "Khabarovsk words" in the Russian federal media field (January-April 2017) gave the following group of medialists of the region: Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Sukhoi Superjet / Sukhoi Superjet, football SKA Khabarovsk and Amur tiger - more than 2000 mentions. The second group of media drivers - the Far Eastern hectare (in connection with the Khabarovsk Territory), the Amur River, the Neftyanik (ball-hockey) SKA, the governor Vyacheslav Shport, the Vanino Port - more than 1000 mentions. And a group of media "assets" that, with certain communication support, can also become edge media drivers: Alexander Mogilny, Amur (hockey), Platinum Arena, KnAAZ, TOR / TOSER Komsomolsk, TGU-Pacific State University - more than 300 mentions.

What do these media studies suggest?

First, in Khabarovsk, in the capital of the Far Eastern Federal District, it is necessary to "charge", at least, an annual conference on the practice and prospects of the state program "Far Eastern hectare." It will be interesting for Russian and foreign media, residents and the leadership of the country, investors and business. And I would recommend not to postpone the start.

Secondly, in the territory of the TKS "Komsomolsk" obviously a forum arises that is connected with aircraft building. At the same time, its urgent need as a "platform for dialogue" does not depend on whether an extremely complex airshow in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is organized in 2018. The interest of media, industry experts and business to the aircraft building forum, judging by the relevance of topical news - is guaranteed.

Thirdly, the TOP Khabarovsk also needs its own "forum of investment dialogue". And here it is necessary to choose the topic very accurately, considering both media drivers and additional circumstances - the railway capitol of Khabarovsk, the forthcoming Free Port regime not only for Vladivostok, the key oil refining position of the region in the Far East, the intermodal uniqueness of the region's transport system.

Fourthly, the data of these media studies tell us, in the Khabarovsk Territory there is a colossal front of work in the field of tourism and in the field of food of its own production. Not a single product brand, not a single festival, not a single tourist attraction gained more than 70 mentions in the 4 month. In part, the exception can be considered Shantary (140 mentions).

Therefore, the regional support program of the local manufacturer "Our Choice 27" is timely. And even nothing that says for the external observer the number of 27 at this stage is normal. For the Khabarovsk Territory, it is now important to take care of one of the most stable branches of the national economy - food. Now in Khabarovsk shops mainly products from Blagoveshchensk, Primorye, EAO, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, and, of course, from Korea and Japan. In Khabarovsk - almost 600 thousand people, in the province - more than 1,3 million. This is a tremendous challenge for the government, the agro-industrial complex and the communication community of the region to raise their product lines and technological chains in several segments of the food industry. At the current stage, "Our Choice 27" is a good answer to this challenge. But in the next step you need to design other programs, events and names. And within the framework of the "Days of PR" such design has begun.

Hence one more conclusion: The Strategic Communication Forum of the Khabarovsk Territory as a platform for discussion of the complex communication strategy of the region has proved its effectiveness and usefulness. Although, perhaps, it would be more effective with dates at the beginning of the calendar year.

The design of the communication component of the tourism strategy presupposes a clear strategy for the development of tourism, which so far, apparently, the region does not have, and which could be discussed and updated at a possible annual trade fair. But for two moments you can pay attention now.

Khabarovsk, justifying one of the connotations of its name, can consciously become a tourist hub for guests from the bordering countries of the Asia-Pacific region, traveling to fabulous countries of the Far Eastern Federal District - Yakutia, Kamchatka, Kolyma and Chukotka. And offer guests a package of two regions (together with the Khabarovsk Territory) and logistics.

The Khabarovsk Territory has a historical place that could potentially become a unique international site for visitors. It is about the place of service of Kim Il Sung, later the leader of the DPRK, and the possible place of the first years of his son Kim Jong Il's life.

Exit SKA football club in the Premier League of Russian football is not yet realized in the province, as an event of increased importance. However, this is so. Thanks to the performance in the elite division, the Khabarovsk Territory practically staked its presence in the top 10 Russian regions in foreign media following the results of 2017 and 2018. Moreover, a significant number of sports fans number one of the neighboring regions (primarily the Amur Region, the EAO and Primorye) will come to the matches of the leading Russian clubs, and this is an additional opportunity for the development of domestic tourism. The successes of the Khabarovsk sports teams against the backdrop of the speeches of the seaside clubs somewhat counterbalance the increased federal activity in Vladivostok. And the rapidly growing popularity of football from the closest neighboring countries to Khabarovsk will allow to design interesting formats of cooperation at least in the tourist sphere.

And the last, although it was not discussed at the Khabarovsk forum. The upcoming 2018 year is the year of the 100 anniversary of the Komsomol. It would be logical to hold the annual federal program of the anniversary of the Komsomol in the city, which is called Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
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