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Are you bogged down in the swamp?

How the Great Ussuriysky Island looks from the window of a car and an airplane

If you are particularly lucky, and you will fly from Khabarovsk airport in clear weather with the south wind - you can see several new economic "brands" of the region from the airplane at once. Here is the platform "Vanguard" of the future TOR Khabarovsk, it is immediately noticeable thanks to its wind generators. Here is the perfectly maintained and clean city center of Khabarovsk. And now, just beyond the river - the Great Ussuri island.

Are you bogged down in the swamp?

From the window of the plane you can see everything in great detail. Here is our bridge, and on the horizon is the Chinese. Here is the pagoda - the tallest building on the island, it can be seen from everywhere. Here is the dam that separates the central Russian part of the island from the surrounding marshes. The road is on the dam. On our side there are several cultivated plots of land. There, by the way, cowsheds - it seems like 500 lives head of cattle. The dam, by the way, is unique on the island - due to the canal system it allowed to irrigate the fields very clearly and dosed in the presence of the state farm here.

The border between Russia and China from the aircraft is not visible. A striking stripe is the Chinese road leading along the border to the pagoda. Apparently, it is better than the dead gravel on the ridge of the dam on the Russian side. These two roads are not connected to each other, there is no border crossing. But it should appear - at this point it is very logical.

The question of the formation of the border crossing, in fact, has already been resolved. He will surely be - but how? It can only be for people, and maybe for people and goods. The Chinese side convinces that it is necessary to follow the second - a broader scenario: to let both people and cargo. On the Russian side, the documents and publications of the media state only the passenger checkpoint. The reasoned logic, why it is impossible to start up cargo here, the author did not meet. But it was found that, allegedly, such a position "above", so it should be so.


At the same time, as the "Far East" informs referring to Minvostokrazvitiya, the concept of the development of Bolshoi Ussuriysky island is coordinated with 14 federal executive bodies and is almost ready for submission to the government. The document provides for "three key aspects: the creation of a passenger checkpoint, the construction of a system of hydraulic structures that will ring the island with a dam and protect against floods, and a special regime for the stay of foreign citizens."

Within the framework of this approach, it is expected that a tourist-recreational cluster will appear on the island, aimed at visitors from Russia and China. At the same time, Chinese tourists will be allowed to enter the Russian part of the island, but not further - in the area of ​​the bridge over the Amur channel a post will be installed, after which the guest from the Middle Kingdom will not pass.

According to some reports, the wetland park, which already operates on the Chinese side of the island, already attracts up to 1 thousand tourists per day. Unfortunately, this thousand people can not see the plane. The only thing that can be said is that "wetlands", which are abundant in the Russian part of the island, do not attract tourists-Russians much. During the trip across the island by car vacationers and fishermen, we met only fifteen.

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