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Uranium Forge of Transbaikalia

Underground mines began to be actively developed in the region

Priargunsky industrial mining and chemical association continues the implementation of the program for updating machinery and equipment for underground mining. UXH-1P new drill mine shaft arrived at underground mine No. 221. It is intended for drilling holes when driving horizontal mine workings, drilling frontal faces and other works. The new equipment was adopted by the mining team of the working face of site No. 8.

Uranium Forge of Transbaikalia

“UBSh has two arrows, and not one, as on an old car. New technology allows you to increase productivity. Less time is spent on drilling and repair, ”says team leader Yevgeny Vishnyakov.

In total, five such machines will be delivered to the mines of the PIMCU this year. UBSh are produced in the Trans-Baikal Territory, at the Darasunsky plant of mining equipment. At the underground mine No. 1 of the PIMCU, a rock reloading complex was put into operation.

The equipment is necessary for the separate distribution of ore and gangue separately, shortening the shipment time, and eliminating one of the stages of ore sorting on the surface. The complex consists of two tipper trolleys mounted on different ore passages. Productivity - up to 200 wagons per shift.

The design of the Rosatom production system was developed and implemented under the leadership of Vladimir Koshechkin, Chief Engineer of Underground Mine No. 1. It is planned that the economic effect of its implementation will be about 6,7 million rubles per year.

“The team style of work, the development and implementation of activities using the RPS tools, the desire to achieve a common goal give vast experience and professional knowledge to project participants. Reducing the time of the processes, improving the quality of mining, reducing work in progress has a positive effect on the financial result of the entire enterprise, ”said Ivan Kiselev, Director General of the PIMCU.

From September 1, wages were raised for employees of the Priargunsky industrial mining and chemical association. Wage indexation is carried out annually in accordance with the PIMCU collective agreement. The monthly indexation payout will be actually up to 10% of the salary. Last year, indexation was 7% of salary.

At the meeting of the chairmen of the workshop trade union organizations, the fulfillment by the employer and other provisions of the collective agreement was noted.

“At the end of the 2019 of the year, a reporting conference of the employer and the trade union on the execution of the collective agreement is planned. It can already be noted that since the beginning of the year, the amount of financial assistance to employees in connection with the birth of a child and other payments have been increased. The opportunity to get a ticket to the sanatorium on preferential terms appeared for honored and honored pensioners. The funding for the sanatorium treatment program for employees has been substantially increased. The provision on the payment of travel of employees to the vacation spot and vice versa has introduced the possibility of using this benefit for family members of large workers, young professionals and family members of workers with dependent children with disabilities, ”said Natalia Dmitrieva, chairman of the PIMCU trade union.

Annual social expenses per employee are constantly growing. So, in 2011, they amounted to 10 thousand rubles, in 2014-m - 25 thousand rubles, and in 2019-2021 years they will exceed 30 thousand rubles.

“The annual indexation is certainly a positive achievement of the parties to social partnership. The implementation of social programs should encourage each of us to have a conscientious and responsible attitude to work, to a safety culture, ”said Ivan Kiselev, Director General of the PIMCU.

Earlier in the government of the Trans-Baikal Territory, a working meeting was held between the head of the region, Alexander Osipov, and the general director of Uranium Holding ARMZ (JSC Atomredmetzoloto / Mining Division of Rosatom State Corporation) Vladimir Verkhovtsev. They discussed issues of further development of the "uranium capital" of Russia - Krasnokamensk and Krasnokamensky district. Alexander Osipov noted the constant contacts of the leadership of the region and the Mining Division on this topic.

“First of all, we are discussing the construction of Mine No.6. The schedule is implemented without disruption. In addition, our task is to maximize the distribution of Far Eastern development mechanisms in Krasnokamensk and Krasnokamensky district. Together with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, work is underway to create an area of ​​priority development in the Trans-Baikal Territory, the city and the region will become one of the sites of the TOP. This provides more opportunities for development. Five investment projects have already been developed for Krasnokamensk today, we will increase their number in order to diversify the economy and create new jobs, ”said Alexander Osipov.

According to Vladimir Verkhovtsev, cities like Krasnokamensk are the backbone of the state. The city should stand forever, and people should be provided with work. Therefore, there is diversification of production aimed at creating new jobs.

“For us today, the most important thing is to implement social programs for the development of the city. These are measures to improve Krasnokamensk and create favorable living conditions. This work is carried out by the government of the region, the leadership of the district and the city. I am sure that we will do everything in this part, ”concluded Alexander Osipov.

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