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Flew, but promised to return

Oleg Kozhemyako came to the Amur Region to give the latest instructions to his former team

Flew, but promised to return

To place arrested in receiving on suspicion of astronomical bribe ex-governor of Sakhalin Alexander Khoroshavin Governor of the Amur Region Oleg Kozhemyako appointed swiftly. So much so that, having assumed the post of acting head of the Sakhalin region, Kozhemyako was forced to return to the Amur region - once again gather his team for a meeting and give out the last valuable instructions.

“I tried to work honestly, giving all of myself to the region, and you saw it. For six and a half years, there has not been a single criminal case under the government of the Amur Region: no one was accused of corruption, no one was arrested. And this was not because of a lack of funds - we were implementing multibillion-dollar programs here. This allows us to conclude that the right foundations were laid in the Amur Region, "the ex-governor admitted in his speech.

At the meeting, there was a lot of talk about how to "maintain the current pace", continue "stabilization work in the economy and social sphere", "implementation of federal programs" and the like. As an example to the current Amur residents, the ex-Amur resident Kozhemyako put them themselves. “If we compare the budgets of Blagoveshchensk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (about 3 billion rubles versus 20), it turns out that the amount is not the issue. This does not prevent the capital of the Amur Region from looking beautiful and well-groomed. The same is with culture: 200 million and 2 billion. But there are no fewer cultural events. Clubs and libraries work - we have learned to take not by numbers, but by skill. We have learned to value every penny, learned to use it effectively, - said the ex-governor of the Amur Region. “I have met such a collected and real team of experienced managers like you, people committed to the earth, in few places.”

Noted Kozhemyako and teamwork with the heads of municipalities, including the elimination of the consequences of the flood of 2013, the construction in a short time of housing for underflooders, the restoration of settlements after the fires.

“During these years of joint work, we have made a qualitative breakthrough. The Amur Region sounds on the scale of Russia. We have prevented social unrest. This is how it should be continued, ”the former governor of the region admonished the heads.

“But I don’t understand him, to be honest,” says Sergei Abramov, head of the LDPR opposition faction in the Amur Legislative Assembly, offended. - When he was elected and took the oath, he promised to work for the entire period for the benefit of the region, i.e. until 2017. Now that promise has been broken. Weren't there any other options? Did you leave us at the first opportunity? "

But, it turned out, he did not quit. The ex-governor himself indirectly confirmed the assumptions that Kozhemyako would exert influence on the Amur region, being the head of Sakhalin, during a press conference. “I will oversee, and help, and transfer experience somewhere, and we will participate in some joint projects. I also bear responsibility for the situation in the region. Therefore, I leave the same phone number and all connections with the Amur residents, - noted the new Sakhalin head. - For me, this proposal of the president came as a complete surprise; here is a part of my soul, the graves of my grandfathers, my parents were born here, my home - I value all this very much. Besides, after all, I planned to work here until 2017 and then go to the polls again. We have finally formed a government. But the needs of the state require something different. "

At the same time, the new Sakhalin governor assured that he would not take the Amur team with him to the island. “I'm not going to do it en masse, because people are needed here to bring to mind the projects started here. All members of the Amur government were going to work until 2017. Except for those who wish or who will be released due to laziness or other reasons, added Oleg Kozhemyako. - I plan to involve some as advisors from time to time, on a private level, but no more. For example, construction is actively developing on Sakhalin, and the construction minister was dismissed by the court, and I need advice from an experienced and honest person. "

Far East in essence

As Kozhemyako noted, he has known Sakhalin since 1998, when he went there first as a businessman and then as an official. Therefore, he knows many of the leadership personally and intends not to change the system.

“I understand the inhabitants of the island, their fears, but at the same time I am not the worst option. I think if someone came from the outside, it would have been worse, - Kozhemyako commented on his appointment. - I do not plan to change the team on Sakhalin at all, as they know their home region, its problems and peculiarities. But if for someone, as for the Minister of Construction, cases are opened or he does not correspond to the position, you will have to leave. On the whole, I am determined to work precisely for the benefit of Sakhalin. For example, one of the primary tasks is to hand over about 20 kindergartens. "

Among the main achievements as governor of the Amur Region, Odeg Kozhemyako named the start of construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, the Nizhne-Bureyskaya hydroelectric power station, the second stage of the Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP, the reconstruction of the Blagoveshchensk airport, the program of resettlement of residents of the BAM zone from dilapidated housing, as well as 8 thousand new places in kindergartens. swimming pools, housing for orphans and veterans. “This is agriculture. The foundations that we have laid for beef cattle breeding, while maintaining the pace, will not leave any chances for other regions to catch up with us, ”he said.

Finally Kozhemyako outlined the main tasks that need to be addressed by the Amur Cabinet, along with the new governor.

Thus, documents were signed on financing the preparation of the reservoir bed of the Nizhne-Bureiskaya HPP, as well as on the cable car to China; Work continues on the allocation of land for gas processing and gas chemical complexes. It is also necessary to implement the agreement on the hippodrome and finish the second turn of BAM... In general, Kozhemyako expressed hope that the Amur Region will successfully pass the difficult 2015-2016 years. “Starting from 2017, the Amur Region will begin to receive more taxes from new hydroelectric power plants, from Power of Siberia, from gas processing and gas chemical plants being built here, and the Vostochny cosmodrome. I think 2017-2020 will be the heyday of the Amur Region. The residents of Amur deserve it. The Amur region is a region in which the state will invest unprecedented amounts of funds. It will be the most dynamic and industrially developed territory of the Far Eastern Federal District, ”he said.

The meeting with journalists was not without personal questions. So, Kozhemyako said that he did not have time to transport his belongings completely, and he would finally be able to do this not earlier than in a few months - there is too much work on the island. “The same applies to dogs (Kozhemyako has a husky - approx. author), and my dacha with a farm in the village of Chernyaevo, - he noted, - but there will be a reason to come here more often. Now direct flights are organized here. By the way, I think that we have something to please each other: Amur residents will be conquered by first-class ski slopes, Sakhalin nature and seafood, and Sakhalin residents will be able to travel to China. "

At the end of the curtain, the question arose as to why the head of the region, albeit temporarily, appointed man from the city administration, and not from the regional government (which is more appropriate according to the logic of things and hierarchy). “In general, it is correct when the mayor of a city becomes a governor: he knows the problems, the residents of the city partially voted for him. Such a governor will never leave the city (as an administrative unit - approx. author) without attention. This is the most correct scheme ", - answered Kozhemyako.

And as an admonition to the Amur residents, the ex-governor asked his voters to support the current head of the region, Alexander Kozlov, in the upcoming elections.

“He is a local, from the Amur hinterland, he achieved everything on his own, without the help of even his parents - this is what impresses me,” explained Oleg Kozhemyako. - Many people reproached me (and do) with his age, but up to that moment he coped. So, I consider the president's actions justified - with his (Kozlova - author's note) youth can still do a lot of useful things. Look: in 2025 he will be only 46 years old! We have discussed with him in advance: the projects that we have begun to implement, he will continue. He himself was a member of the government, participated in all meetings, knows and understands the economy, the agro-industrial complex, the social sphere. Therefore, I think that this is the person around whom you need to unite and help him. The foundations are right, the important thing is to continue what we started. "

Alexander Kozlov became the youngest head of the region in the country (34 years old). He began his managerial career about 10 years ago at the Amurskiy Ugol company, which he later headed. Then there was the post of the first deputy minister of construction, architecture and housing and communal services in the regional government, which Kozlov headed less than a year later. At the beginning of 2014, he was appointed acting head of the administration of Blagoveshchensk and in this position he managed the municipality until September 14 last year. On a single voting day, the townspeople elected Alexander Kozlov as the mayor of the Amur capital, with whom he worked until the presidential decree.

“The President and the Government pay great attention to the development of the Far East, including the Amur Region. We must participate in all programs, keep up. It is necessary to remove administrative barriers, create jobs, - emphasized Alexander Kozlov in his first press approach in his new capacity as Acting Governor of the Amur Region. - The main thing is not to forget that our subject is an agrarian one, and today a lot of work is underway to increase capacities, to organize processing. And, of course, we need to make the most of our opportunities as a border region. "

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