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Double payment and 40 vacancies: doctors await doctors in the Amur region

For seven years in the program "Zemsky doctor" in the Amur region took 379 people

The Ministry of Health of the Amur Region in the eighth year of the Zemsky Doctor program announced large-scale plans. Now, doctors and paramedics who go to work in medical institutions in rural areas will receive more money, and age restrictions have been lifted for them. The main selection criteria are the desire to work and “clean” documents.

Double payment and 40 vacancies: doctors await doctors in the Amur region

The Zemsky Doctor program, developed as part of the national Healthcare project, is designed to eliminate the shortage of medical personnel in the villages and villages of Russia - there are always not enough doctors in remote settlements. In district and district hospitals there is a lack of general practitioners and a narrow profile, there is a constant need for qualified diagnosticians. To fill the deficit of employees is gradually possible due to contract payments. In the framework of the Zemsky Doctor program, since 2012, specialists with higher medical education could count on one million rubles in exchange for a five-year term of work in a rural hospital. The project was gradually expanded: for several years it has been available for paramedics. Thus, in the districts the staff deficit in FAPs and at ambulance stations is leveled out.

In the coming 2020, the health workers of the Amur Region, who received the status of “Zemstvo doctors”, doubled the amount of lifting. Now for doctors it will amount to two million rubles, and for paramedics - one million. This year, 70 million rubles from the regional and federal treasury are provided for this purpose in the budget. The money will go to payments under contracts for 30 doctors and 10 paramedics. In addition, the “age qualification” was removed from the conditions of the program: before, specialists no older than 50 years old were accepted into it, but now this criterion has been canceled. The Minister of Health of the region, Yevgenia Zharnovnikova, announcing the changes, explained that in this way the Zemsky Doctor would attract even more personnel.

Planned and actual recruitment of doctors

“Starting this year, the age of the doctor or paramedic does not matter. If he is ready to move from city to village to continue his activities there, if his documents are in order, then he has every chance to become a participant in the program. The shortage of medical personnel in district and district hospitals, FAPs, rural outpatient clinics persists. Cardiologists, anesthetists, resuscitators are most in demand in the institutions of the region. But thanks to the Zemsky Doctor and a range of other measures to attract specialists to various, including remote, territories of the region, we nevertheless have made significant progress in staffing our institutions, ”said the head of the Amur Ministry of Health.

In the Amur Region, the Zemsky Doctor program works from the very beginning - it was launched in 2012 year. In the very first reporting period, the Ministry of Health managed to close 69 vacancies in district hospitals. Under an agreement with the Ministry of Health, 21 therapists, nine pediatricians, six obstetrician-gynecologists, three resuscitation anesthetists, five surgeons, psychiatrists and neurologists, as well as other specialists: phthisiatricians, dentists, and ultrasound and functional diagnostics went to villages and villages. One of the most "host" was the Ivanovo district, and curators of the program already noted that doctors prefer to work in municipalities near Blagoveshchensk. Already at that time, specialists were not very willing to go to the north of the Amur Region: Mazanovsky, Tyndinsky and Selemdzhinsky districts received one or two people each.

The demand for doctors in the Amur region in 2020

In 2013 The status of “Zemsky doctor” was accepted by 31 specialists. In 2014 this figure has grown by a dozen. In February, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Amur Region adopted amendments to the regional budget, allocating 41 million rubles for payments to doctors. Half of this amount came from the federal treasury, and from March to December 41 doctors signed a corresponding agreement. The “Zemsky Doctor” still had a significant limitation: specialists no older than 35 years could participate in the program.

But already in 2015 year There were suggestions for adjustments: officials started talking about removing the age limit, as well as adding the Zemsky Paramedic subroutine. The first proposal was to increase the flow of doctors wishing to work in rural areas, and the second was to solve the staffing problem in medical facilities and ambulance stations. In the same year, the Amur Ministry of Health completely fulfilled its own plan: 45 doctors went to work in the countryside.

The demand for doctors in the Amur region in 2020

In 2016 year the age limit was raised to 50 years - in this way, the authorities opened the Zemsky Doctor program not only for young specialists, but also for doctors with extensive experience and practical experience. The Amur Region allocated 22 million for payments to doctors, another 33 million were obtained from the federal budget, and 55 employees were chosen for employees wishing to find jobs in rural hospitals. From March to December, 52 of them were closed.

The number of people wishing to go to work in the villages and villages of the Amur region again fell in 2017 year. During the year, only 34 specialists signed agreements with the Ministry of Health of the region. At the same time, most doctors again chose settlements close to Blagoveshchensk in the Ivanovo, Tambov and Seryshevsky districts as the new duty station. Five experts went to these municipalities. The remaining doctors went to Magdagachinsky, Oktyabrsky, Konstantinovsky and Bureysky districts.

The demand for doctors in the Amur region in 2020

In 2018 the Amur Ministry of Health again raised the bar - 50 people took part in the Zemsky Doctor program, closing the department’s annual plan. Moreover, the agreements were signed not only by doctors: 20 paramedics went to work in villages and villages, who were paid 500 thousand rubles each. This made it possible to close empty rates in eight FAPs, three hospitals and nine ambulance stations.

Departed 2019-th For the Ministry of Health of the Amur Region, 35 more vacancies were closed. 25 doctors and 10 mid-level medical workers went to the districts of the region. At the same time, interestingly, some experts returned to their small homeland - to the settlements where they were born and raised.

Karina Lopareva works as a therapist in the outpatient clinic of the village of Kozmodemyanovka (Tambov district). In addition to local residents, this health care facility serves patients from Lazarevka, Lipovka and Chuyevka - a total of 1 adults and about 404 children. The work, according to the doctor, is abundant. The woman got into the program "Zemsky doctor" unexpectedly for herself. Karina, being a medical doctor by training, worked in the social protection organs, and after the reduction she was offered to get a job as an outpatient therapist, who had just freed herself.

“I was offered to work, told about the Zemsky Doctor program, and I agreed. Then I lived with my children with my mother - here in Kozmodemyanovka, and built my house. I was paid one million rubles, and with this money I paid off the loan that I took to build my own housing. Since January 2019, a year has passed already, as I work under the program. Of course, there is a lot of work: I’m not only leading the reception, but also going to one village, then to another. But I am not complaining. There is work, the children are in kindergarten and school. I don’t even think about future plans, ”the therapist said.

Another resident of Tynda, Irina Skyrdenko, shared another story of her return home. She has been working in the BAM main hospital since May 2019, taking the position of a local pediatrician. According to the young doctor, in addition to paying one million, she was offered assistance with housing - the local administration took the initiative.

“I was born in Tynda, and then I went to study and work in another region. But the family situation developed so that I had to return to the Amur region. We had housing in Tynda, and then it turned out to join the Zemsky Doctor program. I had a confirmed experience of two years, and I got a job as a pediatrician. The mayor's office offered me to move into municipal housing or compensate for the rental of an apartment, but this was not necessary, and I refused. A million rubles laid down under the program were transferred to me. So, I’ve been working for six months, even a little more, ”Irina said.

The demand for doctors in the Amur region in 2020

While working as a pediatrician, a young woman receives at least 20 patients daily, and also goes to calls. The load of the local doctor, according to her, is the same as that of colleagues: there is enough work, but there are no special difficulties.

“There are more patients in the disease season, of course. But this is the expected growth, that's okay. I manage, I don’t plan to leave somewhere - here I have relatives and friends, ”shared the tyndinka.

The plan that the Ministry of Health of the Amur Region announced for the current year 2020 is 40 doctors and paramedics. To date, according to official data from the department, the shortage of specialists of higher and secondary medical personnel is 179 people. The most popular are therapists (30), pediatricians (22) and obstetrician-gynecologists (26). In addition, in district hospitals there are not enough 11 anaesthesiologists-resuscitators, eight ophthalmologists, seven surgeons, six neurologists, eight otolaryngologists and general practitioners each. Some institutions claim a lack of multidisciplinary specialists, neonatologists and psychiatrists-narcologists. An endoscopist is waiting for the endoscopist in GBUZ JSC “Shimanovskaya Hospital”, a pathologist in the Bureysky district, and a urologist in Svobodnensky.

The demand for doctors in the Amur region in 2020

At the same time, municipalities are ready to provide their own measures of support for visiting doctors. So, in the Belogorsky district, in addition to the “Zemsky Doctor” program money, they are ready to provide physicians with comfortable housing or partially compensate for rent, promise monthly payments in the amount of 12 rubles during the first year of work, and are also ready to provide opportunities for professional retraining. In the Zavitinsky district, newly arrived specialists can count on a service apartment, a lump sum in the amount of 500 thousand rubles and a monthly incentive surcharge of 100% of the salary for three years. Additional bonuses are also offered in other municipalities - medical workers in the outback are appreciated in advance and are very waiting.

“Health care is an area that we traditionally pay a lot of attention to,” said the Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov. - Clinical examination, staffing medical institutions from FAPOs to highly specialized medical centers, prevention, modern methods of treatment. There are a lot of questions. But if there is no chief in the system - a doctor or paramedical worker who can make a diagnosis, perform manipulations - then nothing will work. Therefore, the issue of staffing health care institutions is of great importance. If we talk about FAPs, this year we will build several more new ones. And now we are working on the option of building a FAP immediately with housing for a paramedic. Such a FAP should be located in the center of the settlement. I think this should interest potential employees and make the Zemsky Paramedic program even more attractive. " 

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