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Transbaikalia has increased income

Deputies of the regional parliament unanimously adopted changes to the regional budget

At an extraordinary session, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Trans-Baikal Territory unanimously adopted changes to the regional budget for the 2019 year and the planning period. The revenue part of the budget will be increased by 4,6 billion rubles from earmarked federal funds after the region joins the Far Eastern Federal District and its own revenues.

Transbaikalia has increased income

The consequences of emergency in billions

Commenting on the adoption of the budget for the 2019 year, the speaker of the regional parliament Igor Likhanov noted that the basis of the proceeds is federal money.

“3,5 billion rubles were mainly allocated to us for the Trans-Baikal Territory. In particular, in order to solve a number of such important issues as the elimination of the consequences of the emergencies of the spring of 2019, ”said Igor Likhanov.

Another 1,3 billion rubles was allocated by Transbaikalia for monthly payments in connection with the birth of the first child, about 500 million rubles to support families with children. This money came to the regional budget due to the entry into the Far Eastern Federal District. Another 375 million rubles will be allocated to ensure road activities.

About 264 million rubles will go to equip warm toilets in 156 schools of Transbaikalia, 119 million rubles to issue state housing certificates to flood victims last year, 93 million rubles to exercise certain powers in the field of forest relations. Due to the additional revenues that have already actually arrived in the regional budget, the regional road fund will grow by 184,6 million rubles.


For a balanced diet

The speaker noted the allocation of funds for salaries. The Ministry of Finance of the Territory has set a new target in 34 273 rubles, according to which salaries will now be calculated.

Another important decision is the increase in the cost of nutrition for students from low-income families. The cost has more than doubled - from 21 rubles to 45 rubles. But, according to Igor Likhanov, these funds will not be enough for proper nutrition of children, and the issue of increasing will be still being worked out. Nevertheless, what has been done now is already a big step.

“I want to say that work is underway to further increase the cost of nutrition for children in schools in order to reach the amount that is necessary for proper nutrition. Work on this issue is also being carried out by the government of the Trans-Baikal Territory, deputies of the Legislative Assembly. I note that the initiative was on the part of the deputies. A lot of work has been done, implementation is underway, ”said the speaker of the regional parliament.

Additionally, 68 million rubles in Transbaikalia will be directed to the anti-terrorism and fire safety of schools.


On equipment and roads

58,6 million rubles were allocated in the regional budget for the acquisition of new road equipment and the creation of a motor transport company in Chita. Six buses have already arrived in Transbaikalia; another 36 will arrive in the regional capital by the end of September. In total, according to the plan for the social development of the centers of economic growth, 77 buses will be purchased.

And about. Svetlana Chikicheva, Minister of Finance of the Region, noted that of the additional revenues, 24 mln rubles will be used to provide preferential travel on city and suburban passenger vehicles, 13,6 mln rubles - to support the Fund for the overhaul of apartment buildings, 40 mln - to replenish the reserve fund of the Trans-Baikal Territory government, 12 million rubles - for measures to prevent the spread and elimination of especially dangerous foci of animal diseases, including foot-and-mouth disease virus per ter Torii Transbaikalia and 10 million rubles - to support small and medium-sized businesses for the capitalization of business support infrastructure.

Given the proposed changes, revenue will amount to 74,5 billion rubles, expenses will increase to 76,6 billion rubles, and the deficit will remain unchanged at 1,5 billion rubles.


Adopted unanimously

Commenting on the adoption of the budget of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy, deputy of the Legislative Assembly Alexei Saklakov noted that at an extraordinary session, parliamentarians unanimously adopted amendments to the regional budget. The budget increased by 4,5 billion rubles, of which 3,5 billion is federal money, and one billion is the region’s own income.

“It is gratifying that a significant part of the financial resources will be directed to solving the social problems of our fellow countrymen. I will name the most important, in my opinion, expense items that will be significantly increased: 70 million is allocated to provide free food for children from poor families, 353 million - to implement additional measures to support the family at the birth of children, 69 million - to exercise the powers to ensure housing for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, 65 million rubles - to provide assistance to citizens affected by natural fires in the spring of this year, 47,4 million - to create additional places for children from two months to three years in children their gardens, 100 million rubles - for the provision of medicines to citizens, 35,3 million rubles - for the payment of ambulance services.

As you can see, a significant increase in the budget of the Trans-Baikal Territory leads to the solution of the most pressing and painful issues of today. In this, the deputies are unanimous together with the governor and the government of the region, ”explained Alexey Saklakov.

Earlier, the head of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Alexander Osipov, speaking about the region’s budget, noted that much more money is needed to give an impetus to the economy.

“We are preparing an appeal to the federal center so that the Trans-Baikal Territory will be allocated additional funds to balance the regional budget,” said Alexander Osipov.

According to him, the budget is formally fully balanced in terms of income and expenses, but these funds are extremely insufficient for the progressive socio-economic development of Transbaikalia.

Last year, more than five billion rubles were allocated for various social payments from the regional budget. As a result, 337 thousand people became recipients of social benefits, almost every third resident of the region received state support. In this and next years, the budget will also be socially oriented.

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