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Jilin Courtesies

Jilin Courtesies

Dmitry Shcherbakov

Editor in Chief EastRussia

Dmitry Scherbakov, editor-in-chief of Kommersant.Dalniy Vostok

Just 10 days ago, Khabarovsk Governor Vyacheslav Shport met with a delegation from the Heilongjiang Province (wrote about this here), and today with representatives of Jilin Province, the second neighbor of the Far Eastern constituent entities of the Russian Federation in bordering China. “The landing force” was headed by the secretary of the CPC Committee of Bain Chaolu Province, and it was not anyone who joined him, but Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui. The governor received foreign guests early in the morning - at 8: 30, because then he flew away to Tokyo (the 21 numbers will host the Third Russian-Japanese Forum, and the main party on its eve begins today).

Bainh Chaolu was in Khabarovsk for the first time, although there were no numbers for contacts between the region and Jilin Province (2014 - early 2015 had meetings between delegations of the two regions, as Vyacheslav Shport noted later, 9 passed: “During this time to get to the point ”. A very positive impression is, I want to tell you, the secretary of the CPC of Jilin Province.

Along with Mr. CCP secretary, several officials arrived, as well as businessmen near 50, who will literally have to hold a bilateral business forum with Khabarovsk people during these hours. Part of the businessmen, as can be seen from the list below, was awarded a meeting with the governor:


Bain Chaolu


Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Province of Jilin, head of the delegation


Li Hui


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to the Russian Federation


Su fanciu


General Consul of the People's Republic of China in Khabarovsk


Wang Zhiwei


Head of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Jilin Province


Qin Fui


Head of Construction Department of the People’s Government of Jilin Province


Tsun Hunsia


Head of the Commerce Department of the People's Government of Jilin Province


Wang Zhihou


Head of the Department of Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People’s Government of Jilin Province


Zhao Xiaojun


Head of the Tourism Department of the People's Government of Jilin Province


Liu Sijie


Secretary of the Siping City CPC Committee


Zhang Baoxiang


Chairman of the Board of Jilin Bank; Secretary of the Party Committee


Wang Weichi


Deputy Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Khabarovsk


Bo Guangxin


Chairman of the Board of the Forest Industry Group


Dow Baopin


Deputy Director of Jilin Branch of Bank of China JSC


Sun Zhiping


Chairman of the Board, Jilin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Kannair


Cong Lianbyao


Chairman of the Board of Changchun Meat Industry Co., Ltd. "Haoyue-zincheng"


Xu Guangpin


Chairman of the Board of the Jilin Corporation "Haozhun" Ltd., secretary of the party committee


Ming Sheng


Deputy Head of the Europe and Asia Department of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Jilin Province, translator

“We see Jilin Province as one of our strategic partners in Northeast China. The issues of investment in the wood processing, mining, coal industry were discussed. In March, negotiations were held to explore the possibility of opening a direct route Khabarovsk - Changchun. The Jilin partners are already showing a very deep interest in the construction of a new airport terminal in Khabarovsk, the reconstruction of the sea terminal in the port of Vanino, and participation in priority development areas. The regional government supports these projects and is ready to further create favorable conditions for investment, ”Vyacheslav Shport outlined in a few words the state and prospects of cooperation between the two regions.

Bainh Chaolu, like the Secretary of the Heilongjiang Province, Wang Xiankui 10 days ago, was extremely kind. He praised the “great time - Khabarovsk summer” (it was raining outside the window, which gave the Khabarovsk governor a reason to joke: “Although you can't call it today in the summer”) and the governor himself, saying the following: “Visit to the Far East, as advised by the Chinese ambassador in Russia, Li Hui, we decided to start from the Khabarovsk Territory, since the region has a great potential for developing cooperation. There are three circumstances that determined your choice: you (Vyacheslav Shport) You are an authoritative governor among the governors of the Far East. Under your leadership over the past year, the socio-economic development of the region has had positive results, and last year you overcame the consequences of a large flood and adopted an anti-crisis development plan in the face of Western sanctions. I also know that you are a major specialist in machine building "(Vyacheslav Ivanovich answered:" Thank you "). "The region has rich resources and a solid foundation in the form of industry. This is not only a political and cultural, but also an economic center of the Far East, "added Bain Chaolu. However, he did not forget to praise himself: "Jilin Province is the cradle of China's automobile industry and cinematography, we have a wonderful object for tourism in Changbai Mountain" (all these objects I seen last fall and confirm: there is something to admire).

But back to the business. By the way, Jilin is a really powerful industrial region. In 2010 year consulate general of Russia in Shenyang published the monograph Heilongjiang and Jilin: A Study of Opportunities for Organizing Business and Investing in the Provinces of Northeastern China Adjacent to Russia, which contains some rather interesting facts. Let me quote this fragment:

«Important for Jilin Province is the sphere automotive industry. In principle, the automobile companies of the province strive to actively develop international cooperation, primarily in the field of technological developments. Due to the lack of advanced technology in Russian companies in this field, further study of the production of cars in Jilin Province is not necessary.
Chemical Industry. It is key in Jilin City. Revenues from the production of chemical products account for about 30% of the total industrial turnover of the city. The Russian chemical industry has low chances to enter this market, since this area is divided between large state-owned companies, which may be interested only in foreign technological developments, but not the arrival of foreign manufacturers in this area.
Forestry, pulp and paper industry, woodworking: The government pursues a policy of restoring forests and lands, and substitute materials are used in construction. Forests are imported, mainly from Russia. Paper production is insignificant.
Production of construction materials Is not a priority. Due to a lack of energy resources, economic production (including building materials) may be of particular interest.
Sphere of computer technologies and production of software is backward. At the same time, the growth point of this field is the development of hardware and software in the field of photoelectronics.
The developing industry in the province is in dire need of supplies energy resources. In addition, the production in Jilin is extremely energy intensive, so energy saving technologies are of particular interest. In this regard, Western European companies working in the field of energy saving are showing increased interest in this region.
Agriculture and Food Industry remain the main areas of the province’s economy. The main direction of development here is the production of "green" (environmentally friendly) agricultural products. For Russian companies, such areas of cooperation with Chinese partners could be of interest: technologies to increase the production of meat and milk, dressing leather and furs, raising quality standards and ecological purity of products.
Biotechnology - Jilin Province specializes in the production of medicines used in the field of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Russian enterprises are closed to this area due to the lack of such technologies and the ban on certification of TCM drugs in the Russian Federation.
Ecotechnologies: due to the particular pollution of the environment in Jilin (all rivers in this province have pollution status from “high” to “extremely high”). Problems in ecology significantly affect the quality of life of people. Technologies for water purification and the supply of clean drinking water may be of interest to the province.
Petrochemistry is one of the main directions of development of the economy of the province. In this area, large state-owned enterprises operate on the territory of Jilin. Projects that are being implemented in this area in the bulk are only possible for large-scale corporations with sufficient financial and material resources: they may be of interest to Russian oil and gas companies. ”

And yet, from there: "At the moment, more than 50 of 500 largest world transnational corporations, including Bombardier (aircraft building), Siemens, Basf (sound recording), Henkel, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Du Pont, Genal Electric, Ford, Hyundai, Phillips, Wallmart, IAB, Royal Dutch Shell, etc. In Jilin, there are 18 Russian companies, mainly in entertainment and food, with a total investment of about 2,62 million US dollars. More than 30 Jilin entrepreneurs opened their businesses in Russia, mainly in the areas of wood processing, construction materials and food production, medicine and textiles (total investment - about 6,5 million US dollars)».

At the business forum, as the secretary of the provincial cell of the CCP said, the Chinese side hopes to find "common ground". What they may be, he clarified, though a little. In particular, Jilin entrepreneurs are interested in cooperation in coal processing, said Bain Ciaolu, adding: "As far as we know, President Putin is interested in exporting coal to China, and with your support, our cooperation, I hope, will be successful." There was a place for the unexpected. Thus, Jilin Province is a region where the world's largest Internet site is actively operating AliBaba. “We want to develop cooperation in the field of cross-border e-commerce, the well-known company AliBaba works on our territory, and we want to make the Khabarovsk Territory the center of e-commerce in the Far East,” said Bain Chaolu. It is interesting whether these specific points were included in the agreement, which the provincial representative and Vyacheslav Shport eventually signed.

Of course, the parties did not have time to say a lot about the protocol meeting - this is the subject of discussion of the business forum. But some idea of ​​the interests of the Chinese side in terms of cooperation with the Khabarovsk Territory is provided by the information of the regional Ministry of Economic Development, which was distributed on the eve of the event. In the list - 40 companies participating in the forum, and their proposals. Many concern the plans of Jilin Province in Primorye. The promising areas of cooperation are quite broad: here, the import of vodka from gaolyan, and the production of foie gras, and the development of contracts for the construction of hydroelectric power plants, and the import of automotive parts. But the majority are described literally in a couple of words (that is, their status: “it was written with pitchforks on the water”).

But the most specific are two.

Jilin Forestry Group of China
Investment cooperation proposals: merger, reorganization, acquisition and consolidation of existing industries, creation of industrial production together with the Russian side:
1. Joint creation of the production of deep wood products (the volume of planned investments is 200 million Yuan to create a factory for the production of furniture and building materials with the capacity for processing 150 thousand cubic meters of timber per year.) Main products: furniture parts, planed sawn timber, flooring, Other wooden products.)
2. Joint construction of a chipboard plant (the planned investment is 300 million RMB. The design annual capacity at the first stage is 100 thousand cubic meters, with a prospective increase to 200 thousand cubic meters depending on the market situation.

"Transport Investment Group of Jilin Province" Ltd.
Proposals for investment cooperation: the creation of a joint timber enterprise with planned volumes of harvesting and supply - oak logs of 1 grade - more than 200 thousand cubic meters. M per year, ash - more than 100 thousand cubic meters. M per year. It is planned to purchase 100 thousand cubic meters. M oak logs, 80 thousand cubic meters. M logs of ash.

And it seems to me (although I am perhaps a pessimist in this) that everything, if I may say so, will be the forest.

Why? The case is familiar.

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