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Figures growing in the warming investment climate

The Kamchatka economy is gaining weight, as the authorities understand what business needs

In the Far East, in front of which the tasks of "advanced development" were set several years ago, it would seem that no one will be surprised at the growth of various kinds of indicators. But not all regions are in the same position here. And when Kamchatka, actually located on the "island" position, grows, which has to import "from the mainland" since the Soviet times, if not all, then very much is surprising. And the economy of the Kamchatka Krai in recent years has reached the trajectory of sustainable growth: this is a fact.

Figures growing in the warming investment climate
For 2017 year, 2 billion rubles increased own revenues of the Kamchatka budget, its tax base, for which the subject has been encouraging the federal Ministry of Finance for the second consecutive year, allocating additional tranches from the country's budget. In general, in recent years, the entity's own budget revenues have doubled. The volume of the gross regional product of the Kamchatka Territory in 2017 exceeded 209 billion rubles, which is 2,3% more than in 2016. Behind these seemingly abstract figures are real people and businesses, and primarily - the Kamchatka business, which builds new enterprises, expands the range of products, and is expanding into new markets.

Over the past two years, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Kamchatka Territory has increased to 19 thousand - 2 thousand units, and the amount spent on business development increased by 2017% over 32. Over the year, the number of investors who enjoy preferential treatment in Kamchatka has doubled, which is the best indicator in the Far East: today, on the peninsula of 78 residents of the territory of advanced development and a free port with projects totaling more than 23 billion rubles. And even greater investments are ahead: large investors have come to Kamchatka to build a new terminal and terminal for transshipment of liquefied natural gas, to absorb years of neglected deposits.

Obviously, in a place with a bad investment climate, such growth would not have been observed. This, of course, does not mean that everything has been done on Kamchatka in this regard. Business traditionally awaits from power, be it Kamchatka or Moscow, above all stable working conditions, improving legislation, creating infrastructure. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that the overall standard of living of the population is growing - this directly affects the ability to pay customers, so that credit resources become more accessible, the rights of businessmen are protected, and administrative pressure is reduced. Business needs qualified personnel, simplification of various administrative procedures, development of a "one-stop-shop" system, creation of cooperative systems.

All these wishes, the governor of Kamchatka Vladimir Ilyukhin stated during the announcement of the next investment message, are taken into account in the plans of work for 2018 year. At the end of last year, the authorities of the region developed a "Plan for quick wins", which allows them to focus on the most important points relating to the quality of the business environment - the execution of its points is monitored on a monthly basis - and the "Business Club" was created from the most active entrepreneurs. In February, a large-scale conference "Business and Power" was held in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where representatives of the business community could communicate directly with federal and regional officials and experts. 

The head of Kamchatka recalls that in the Soviet years he worked in the Kamchatka center of NTTI, supervised the project activity, that's why he "knows what business is and how he is sick." "Business will always say that it is being harassed, the authorities will always say that it does not have enough control over the business." I need a "golden mean," Ilyukhin is sure. "" In Kamchatka, whatever they say about us, in recent years there has been a lot in this There is a certain kind of formalization of relations on the part of the authorities: of course, there are more than 30 control and supervisory bodies, and all federal subordination, and they can not be accused of doing anything - they are doing their work. However, here, too, some kind of liberalization relations occur. more than a business that has long stood on its feet, practically does not complain about the fact that "someone oppresses it." Those who are just starting out, who do not get something, complain that this is an inevitable risk of entrepreneurship, not everyone can get it. But we work in a state where there are laws and all of them need to be executed.We need to find a balance, and we are on this path: it begins to come to understand that respect must be paid to those who do the work, and it does not matter whether it's their business or service to the state. "

I am glad that there are a lot of local businessmen among the large investors receiving preferences in Kamchatka, Marina Shabota, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Kamchatka, says. "People who have earned money on fish, food production, invest in the region, I think this is a very good process: the money does not leave the region, they work here," said the deputy chairman of the government. But helping investors through the federal TOR and free port regimes is only one part of working with the business, notes Marina Saturday. The authorities of the region also subsidize the most diverse costs of entrepreneurs, which have always been objectively large in Kamchatka: they compensate part of the rental rates for fairs of local commodity producers, transportation costs for the delivery of flour for bread production.

"We have electricity for agricultural producers - only about 1 rubles per kWh, and for many years, we have taken up subsidizing on this line for a long time, since entrepreneurs often lacked working capital for timely payments, and" the switch operated " I do not say that this is a lot of money, but the effect is that, by compensating for rent, we are trying, for example, to ensure that the products of local producers are exhibited at the site at less high prices.This is a joint project of the government and the food association and this also works: with both farmers and fishermen.The main requirement for traders is not less than 80% of their own products in the range and acceptable prices.This project now extends to the districts, "Marina Saturta cites examples.

Priorities for business support in Kamchatka, the historically "fishing region," are shifting, officials say: the system for supporting the development of fish processing has already been built, the turn of other promising sectors - tourism, food production, mining. One of the largest projects in the sphere of tourism is the construction of LLC "New House" a unique hotel and entertainment complex worth 2 billion rubles. in the heart of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Until recently, this place was not once going to build a hotel, but before the emergence of new measures to support investors, it did not go. And now the construction is in full swing: the supporting structures are almost finished, several floors are to be completed, facade works will begin in the spring, and closer to the autumn, internal ones.

"This hotel will be the first in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and probably the only one," says project manager Dmitry Kotov, "The complex will be able to accept whole" charters "of tourists, first of all it will allow developing charter programs with China, Japan and South Korea, giving all, what is very important, the same level of services.This is now the main problem of the infrastructure of Kamchatka: a charter flight arrives, and the current hotels accommodate all tourists with one level of comfort not m Often, guests are often dissatisfied.In addition, the company-investor owns a private helicopter company that provides all services for tourists to inspect the beauty of the peninsula. " The authorities help the investor to simplify the connection to engineering networks, in addition, in addition to tax benefits, the company counts on customs - all in order to introduce a free customs zone on the site is almost ready.
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