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Chain on neck and red folder

How did the new governor of the Khabarovsk Territory accept its authority?

On Friday, Sergei Furgal, for whom 325,5 thousand people voted in the second round of governor elections in the Khabarovsk Territory (69,57% of those who came to polling stations), took the oath of the highest official of the region. As a candidate from the LDPR entered the hall, full of United Russia, and watched EastRussia.

Chain on neck and red folder
Photo: Olga Shabalina

From the minor interpretation of the Beatles' Yesterday to the jolly croatian chardasha - half an hour before the inauguration ceremony of the new governor, the chamber quartet, which entertained the guests in the foyer of the regional philharmonic society, reproduced with artistic means practically all the ups and downs of the last election campaign.

The audience invited to the inauguration ceremony of Sergei Furgal was traditional - deputies zakdumy, who had not yet had the prefix "acting", the regional government, siloviki, various production "bumps", including the director of KnAAZ named after Yu. Gagarin Alexander Pekarsh and CEO of Gazprom gas distribution of Far East, George Shperling, chief secretaries of many regional media (but not all). Plus, high-ranking servants of the cult (from the Orthodox ones was Metropolitan Vladimir of Khabarovsk and Priamursky with a fairly large suite) and those who call themselves "public figures" - beginning from the top of the regional Public Chamber and ending with the figure of the local zoo-defender Natalya Kovalenko. Places in the first row went to applicants for the post of governor in the first round - a reference to Igor Glukhov, young Communist Anastasia Salamakh and "green" Andrei Petrov.

The messengers were led by the protocol staff, the same as under Vyacheslav Shport. The press service, by the way, was also present at the event, excluding its head Svetlana Litvinova. Well, it's worth noting that from the Ministry of Internal Policy and Information, we noticed only the first deputy minister Yevgeny Slonsky - he nodded his head convincingly, listening to the speech of the new governor.

Despite the persistent air in the air, "Well, on Monday we'll see," those present were mostly smiling and kindly greeting each other. Particularly pleased with the purely human encouragement and the desire "not to surrender" to the head of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Andrei Klimov from a couple of heads of districts. To clarify that, according to the press service of the administration of the city of Youth, Klimov left 25 September on vacation, having submitted to the parliament his resignation - this was insisted by the former head of the region, Vyacheslav Shport. Sergei Furgal, in turn, on the eve of taking the oath, said that the decision would be made after studying the opinion of the Komsomol members.

By the way, all heads of municipalities, including Alexander Kolomytsev, were invited to the inauguration. His district - Komsomolsky - one of two, in which the preponderance of votes was on the side of Vyacheslav Shport. According to insider information, he was invited with his wife, but there was one at the ceremony.

Among the members of the regional government, who occupied two neighboring rows, there were those who did not become bungled "with their own", but dispersed throughout the hall. We noticed the head of the Ministry of Health Alexander Vitko and the curator of the social bloc, Vladimir Chayuk, sitting separately from the ministerial colleagues and vice-presidents. Prosecutor of the province Vitaly Kaplunov, by the way, also located separately from the generals in epaulets.

Particularly confused, as it seemed, was the first deputy prime minister of the Khabarovsk Krai for investment and priority projects, Yuri Chaika. But the two important officials who managed to attribute the blame for the defeat of their candidate over the past week - the first deputy chairman Viktor Martsenko and the head of the apparatus of the governor Arkady Mkrtychev - not only came to the philharmonic hall, but also kept quite spiritual.

Note that all 462 places in the big hall were occupied. Yes, even a balcony. Yes, students were gathered there - according to 15 people from each institution. Some things in this region remain unchanged.


Almost exactly at 16 hours, for which the event was scheduled, Sergei Furgal appeared in the hall. Accompanied by his wife, the same owner of half of the shares of LLC "TOREX" (read - the plant "Amurstal") Larissa Starodubova. The new first lady chose an elegant but discreet trouser suit, and tried not to overshadow her husband. For the same reason, apparently, she refrained from any comments for the press. True, I agreed on a photo with one of the local TV journalists.

To share the joy of the moment with his younger brother came Alexei Furgal, who was a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Amur Region from the LDPR in the previous, sixth convocation (up to 2016), Vyacheslav Furgal, the elected people's deputy from the LDPR in the Khabarovsk Territory parliament, Khabarovsk business lady Galina Shokhina nee Furgal). A young niece of the elected governor adorned this whole related cohort.

It is noteworthy that after the official action, when Sergei Furgal left for the "white house", the relatives stayed on the porch of the philharmonic for some time, deciding where to celebrate the important event. On what have stopped, remains their secret.


Everything went on exactly the academic hour - such a demonstrative "lesson" of the new governor taking office.

Russian anthem performed by the fashionable Khabarovsk man's quartet Triumph (the children were enthusiastically sung by Sergei Furgal - almost the only one who was in the hall). Chairman of the Territorial Electoral Commission Gennady Nakushnov announced the results of the elections, handed to Sergei Ivanovich a certificate of the governor and an official sign - a chain depicting the regional coat of arms. Further - an oath and congratulation (rather - an order) on behalf of the Russian vice-premier - presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev. He was voiced by Deputy Plenipotentiary Oleg Skufinsky.

"Now it is important to fulfill all the promises and instructions of the President of the Russian Federation on the implementation of national projects, the development of the economy and social sphere of the Khabarovsk Territory," Skufinsky said, adding that they will pay careful attention to this at the embassy.

Having completed a short speech, the deputy plenipotentiary presented Governor Furgal with a red folder in which "all the instructions of the country's leadership for the development of the Khabarovsk Territory are contained." The folder was uncomfortable to hold, and assistants took it away. It's for the best - Sergei Ivanovich, standing in the middle of the stage, clearly felt himself stiff. But I tried to hold my face and had time to examine those present in the hall.

The speaker of the legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Lugovskaya, also congratulated MPs on behalf of the deputies (who, a week after the second round of the elections, some bloggers and "almost media" had already been removed from all posts, including the leadership of the regional branch of the party of power). He noted that the elections were held in a heavy competitive struggle and recalled that thanks to the "predecessor in this post" the region received serious support from the federal authorities.

- Most issues related to improving people's lives can be solved only in the interaction of the legislative and executive branches of government. In this regard, I look forward to a constructive dialogue between the government, which you have to form in the near future, and zakduma. Successes to you in a new field, weighted management decisions aimed at the development of the Khabarovsk Territory, - directed Lugovskaya.

Well, and most importantly - what did Sergei Furgal say when he took office as governor?

- I do not refuse the main point of my election program - the creation in Khabarovsk Krai of a government based not on the principles of party affiliation, but on the principles of professionalism and competence. We have already started this work. I promise to present to you the composition of the new government in the near future. We are waiting for proposals from all political forces interested in working together. I believe that these principles should not only govern the Khabarovsk Territory, but also the interaction of all regions of the Far East. We must unite to jointly meet the challenges of today, in order to jointly develop the territories of our entire federal district, "the new head of the region said.

It is noteworthy that Sergei Furgal refused to approach the press. He motivated this by the fact that literally fifteen minutes later he was gathering the government for an extraordinary meeting. On Friday, it became known about the voluntary resignation of at least seven high-ranking officials from the team of Sergei Furgal's predecessor at the governor's post. It remains to wait for Monday and news.
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