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Valuable footage in the focus of "Polymetal"

The mining company pays special attention to the training and development of employees.

People who say that money is not the main thing, graduates of prestigious universities who have bought a ticket to their workplace even before the rector's signature on the diploma has dried out and experienced professionals who sincerely consider their company to be family. Miracles - say skeptic. Reality - will be answered at Albazino Resources LLC, which is part of the Polymetal mining company.

Valuable footage in the focus of "Polymetal"
Photo: courtesy of Polymetal

Shift method

Anna Chernyaeva is 26 years old. She has been working for the second year as a laboratory technician for an express laboratory at the Albazinskoye field. And before that, three years after graduating from the Amur State University, she worked in her native Blagoveshchensk at a local dairy plant. There, the knowledge in the field of chemistry acquired by the girl at the university was in demand, but only partially. She was able to fully realize herself as a specialist at Polymetal.

“I sent my resume, they called me pretty soon, clarified some details,” says Anna.

The former authorities, having learned about the girl’s intention to quit, and even for the shift work, tried to keep with the promise of increasing the salary, and after that, having exhausted clear arguments, she was frightened by the upcoming hardships. But the young chemist wasn’t even stopped by the prospect of “walking from morning till night in a special clothes” without hair and makeup.

It turned out on the spot that in the shift camp the employees who worked the shift can not only have a hearty meal and sleep in comfort, but also work out in the gym, watch their favorite movies (good now in the taiga wilderness, high-speed mobile Internet is available), read, play billiards , football, volleyball.

- Active rest contributes to the formation of good corporate relations between employees. And this is also a big plus for quality work. Recently held a corporate football tournament. Hockey is also our rest. As, actually, and volleyball. All opportunities for recreation here are created, - says Alexei Sharabarin, managing director of Albazino Resources LLC.

Counting on one hundred percent result at each production site, a convenient microcosm is carefully formed here: in the campus there are more than 500 people at the same time and the same number of employees of contract organizations.

- Desires of people are taken into account. A year ago, a new gym was commissioned. Now we are building two hostels, a dressing room, with the advent of which living conditions will be close to our social and living standards. They are developed by the management company, - says Pavel Zhukovets, Deputy Managing Director for Personnel of Albazino Resources for Personnel.

Comfortable and well-planned temporary life is one of the conditions affecting the stability of the workforce and the number of people willing to come here to work. Seven years ago, when Pavel Vasilyevich himself began his career at the enterprise in the area named. Polina Osipenko, the turnover rate was quite high. Now, in many specialties, especially those that are in demand at the mining sites (dump truck drivers, loader drivers, etc.), those who want to get into the company are literally standing in line. Moreover, unqualified staff makes up only 13% of the total number of GOK employees. Having the desire, each employee can improve their skills and get career prospects.

- I have a higher education, I am a chemist by profession. I can be a further engineer, finish my studies at the Polymetal training center, ”Anna Chernyaeva, a lab technician at the express lab, shares her plans.

There would be a desire

For professional development, the company gives almost unlimited prospects. Unlimited they, including geographically.

- It all depends on the desire of the person. If it is initially aimed at professional development, then career growth can be very fast. The only nuance is that they can offer you jobs in various regions or even countries, for example, in Magadan or in Kazakhstan. So, in order to achieve goals, one sometimes has to give in to territorial preferences, ”the managing director of Albazino Resources LLC said.

The specialists demanded at Albazinsky GOK - personnel of quarries, underground mine, processing plant, mechanical repair shop, power and mechanical service, laboratories, geological, surveying service and other people enthusiastic in the common business - have their own unique skills, owners of so rare knowledge that they collect like gems all over the country.

- There are specific professions that you will not find in the labor market in the Khabarovsk Territory. These are very highly specialized areas that require detailed knowledge of certain computer programs used in our work. It is difficult, for example, to find people in the department of mountain planning, - says Pavel Zhukovets.

Holders of the necessary knowledge and skills are selected at the stage of study. Their task is to build a career model, draw perspectives on the extraction of precious metals, determine where it is economically advantageous to mine ore, and where not. They can also calculate what changes will occur in the rock mass.

- We have identified several universities with which we work. This is Tomsk State University, St. Petersburg Mining University. And we try to attract young shots from there. There is no such base in the Far East yet. We are even ready to pay for tuition if these are the children of our employees, ”explains Pavel Zhukovets, deputy managing director of Albazino Resources LLC.

The engineer of the department of mountain planning Ivan Veresov at one time came to study at St. Petersburg Mining University from Izhevsk. The guy thoughtfully approached the choice of a future profession: he found out what specialties are now in Russia, and in the world, are best paid. The choice in favor of "Polymetal" made when the time came for an internship.

- A lot of friends already working in Polymetal, highly recommended to try to get here. He threw off his resume, first came to practice, - says Ivan Veresov.

When it came to obtaining a diploma, a young specialist sent a request to the "Albazino Resources" about the availability of vacancies. The place for him was found immediately. In February, 2018 received a certificate of higher education, and two weeks later he was already in the Khabarovsk Territory.

To the very suburbs

The geography of personnel potential of “Albazino Resources” covers not only the Far East and the cities where specialized universities are located. Knowing about the high level of requirements for personnel and carefully created internal corporate microclimate, people come here from traditionally mining regions of Russia - Kuzbass and Bashkiria.

In the underground mine almost a third of the shift comes from Bashkiria. Experienced drifters and operators of boring machines secure mentors of youth. Everything is under control not only on the surface, but also underground.

- I like to train. I myself came to it in my time, 16 years ago, I was trained, and I work in this specialty. Internship is usually seven to ten days. All the guys quickly mastered, well done. The equipment is good, reliable - the drilling rig operator Ildar Syngizov modestly shares his experience.

The masters trained at the mine at the Albazinsky GOK then go to work in the Polymetal structure in Magadan. This exchange of knowledge and experience strengthens the company's position in the market.

- We have such conditions that a person practically does not feel far from home. Very good infrastructure, relations between people are extremely friendly, we are like one big family. Well, to trainees in general, a special relationship. They seem to be adults already, but for us it’s almost like children, ”says Nikolay Kosyakov, deputy chief mechanic of the energy-mechanical service of Albazino Resources LLC.

All interns, by the way, are officially accepted into the state and receive a salary in accordance with the report card.

“But money doesn't solve anything here.” This is prestige, the ability to apply their knowledge, to replenish them, to develop constantly. Polymetal is a global leader. And everyone wants to be involved in this leadership. My son graduated from high school last year. When the question arose of where to go, I finally chose the St. Petersburg Mining University. I plan to come to the company with time too, ”says one of the company's top managers.

The venerable pro claims that mentoring is a mutually beneficial process. Interns are immersed not only in production, but also in how the results of work are drawn up.

- Now young people are very advanced, with knowledge in the field of computer and information technology. There are such that the support programs that we use in our activities, they understand faster than we do. We add up our experience and their fresh brains, - they deduce the formula of success in Albazino Resources.

Recruitment is so delicate work that the managing director himself tries to study each candidate for a particular position. This primarily concerns those who manage the divisions, but also candidates for other positions, Alexey Sharabarin, is trying to look at the coordination stage. As a result, a unique puzzle is assembled, which gives efficiency and moves enterprises forward.

- I trust my employees. We are one team. And my task is to make this team work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That everyone who works in Albazino Resources, regardless of position, considers himself a member of the team and plays for the overall result, ”Alexey Sharabarin, Managing Director of Albazino Resources LLC summarizes.

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