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Difficulties of extraction

Why to conduct exploration of complex deposits in the East, found out EastRussia

"Rosgeology" in 2017 will focus on exploration of oil and gas reserves in Yakutia and Irkutsk region. The working conditions in these regions are not simple, and most of the reserves of the fields are hard to recover, experts say. But the interest of Rosgeology, in their estimation, is explained: it seeks to expand the resource base of already operating pipelines, including the ESPO pipeline. Why does Russia need complex deposits in the east and its technologies for extracting oil, EastRussia has studied.

Difficulties of extraction
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Director General of Rosgeology Roman Panov said that his company in 2017 will continue to be interested in work in Eastern Siberia - the intelligence there allows to provide a resource base of already operating infrastructure projects. "Gas is to us less relevant," he admitted, adding that priority would be given to oil. The adviser to the director general of Rosgeology Anton Sergeev explained to EastRussia that the most interesting regions from this point of view are the Irkutsk region and Yakutia: they are located in close proximity to the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline (ESPO), have a relatively developed infrastructure and significant prepared reserves on the deposits of the Nepa-Botuoba oil and gas region.

EastRussia help. JSC "Rosgeology" is a state holding uniting more than 60 geological exploration enterprises. Revenues for the last year - 31 billion rubles. 70% of it brought projects for geological exploration of oil and gas, 30% - on exploration of solid minerals. According to analysts, the total volume of geological exploration work in Russia last year was about 250 billion rubles. Thus, "Rosgeology" provided about 12% of geological exploration in the country. Key players in the hydrocarbon production market in Yakutia and the Irkutsk region are Gazprom, Rosneft, Surgutneftegaz and Irkutsk Oil Company LLC (produced 2016 million tons of oil and gas condensate in 7,8). In Yakutia is located Chayandinskoe oil and gas condensate field, in the Irkutsk region - Kovykta gas condensate. Both plan to produce both gas and oil.

This year, Rosgeology will spend 16 billion rubles. on exploration in the Irkutsk region and 21 billion rubles. In Yakutia. In the first region, investments must provide at least 60 thousand m of exploratory drilling and 2,5 thousand km of seismic operations. In the second - not less than 75 thousand meters of drilling and 5,5 thousand km of seismic prospecting, the representative of "Rosgeology". According to Anton Sergeev, in Eastern Siberia, almost all reserves can be attributed to hard-to-recover (TRIZ). Collector rocks accumulating hydrocarbons are characterized here by low filtration-capacitive properties and mosaic spread, and deposits - a complex block structure. Therefore, oil production is often impossible without the use of intensification.

Analyst GC "Finam" Alexei Kalachev believes that the priorities of "Rosgeology" due to the need to replenish the resource base of the industry. “If the gas of explored fields is enough for a long time, then for oil in conditions of low prices for it the companies are focused on the development of well-developed fields with low production costs. This may lead to a reduction in production in the future, ”he believes. Siberia and the Far East remain a priority for Rosgeologia also because it is interested in the execution of the Power of Siberia and Nord Stream 2 projects, believes leading analyst of Algorithm Fuel Integrator Viktor Kostyukov.

The executive director of the public organization "Green Arctic" Andrei Ivanov agrees that the volume of gas reserves in Russia is multiple of that of oil. "There is a lot of gas in Russia. 70% of total production is produced by Gazprom, 12% by Rosneft, 10% by Novatek. The gas industry is oligopolitan. And oil is a short-term trend. It is more promising to develop it. Take, for example, the situation with TRIZ. We have shale oil more than we would like - now this trend. All market participants pay more attention to TRIZ, "the expert explains.

Leading analyst of the National Energy Security Fund Igor Yushkov emphasizes that there is no sense in investing in the exploration of gas fields: huge reserves have already been discovered, and the gas "we do not buy - the problem in marketing, in demand." "We would have bought oil, but we can not extract more. The old Soviet deposits are in a state of exhaustion and a natural fall was extracted. To support production volumes, it is necessary to open new oil and gas provinces, "Mr. Yushkov argues. Due to the fall in oil prices and technological sanctions, the development of the Arctic shelf has been suspended, he recalls. "But you can still work on land. But this requires a cost-effective technology. "Rosgeology" is one of those structures that is looking for technology that is applicable in Russian conditions, "says Igor Yushkov.

“To extract TRIZ, both foreign and Russian developments are used. Some Russian companies create target units that conduct research in the field of intensification of hydrocarbon production. Among foreign technologies are used, for example, Shell developments in the field of horizontal drilling. Among the Russian people there are various achievements of domestic chemists, ”said Alexander Frolov, deputy general director of the Institute of National Energy. “It is reasonable to carry out work on TRIZ where there is a need for them and an infrastructure has already been created or is being created. The greatest difficulty in working in Eastern Siberia and the Far East is connected precisely with the lack of infrastructure - there are few roads, difficult transport accessibility. And in Yakutia and the Irkutsk region, this problem is already being solved, ”the expert adds.

However, Andrey Putivsky, technical director of Tekhpolimer Group of Companies, warns that the implementation of work in Yakutia still has its own specifics. For example, “the construction of driveways for equipment to the field is very difficult and requires a special approach,” the materials market is not developed, and the construction season does not last long. “There is a need to use special technologies to provide access to technology. This can be both the use of a flat reinforced geogrid and the installation of mobile road surfaces in the construction of temporary driveways for large-tonnage vehicles, ”he says.
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