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Trillion to the region

In the Amur region, a gas chemical cluster is being created

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to create conditions for the construction and commissioning of industrial infrastructure of the gas industry in order to gasify the regions of Russia and ensure gas supplies to China. Amur Gas Processing Plant entered the system of gas transportation infrastructure facilities for gas supplies along the "eastern" route.

Trillion to the region

Next year, Gazprom will start building a gas processing plant with a capacity of up to 14 billion cubic meters per year at 49 km from the city. The company says that they have not built anything like this, they promise that the company will be the largest in Russia. Investment is also impressive - it is almost 800 billion rubles. Gazprom’s partner in this project, SIBUR, is considering the possibility of building the Amur Gas Chemical Complex. Especially for these projects, an advanced development territory is created.

The construction of the century

Construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) will begin in a year. By March of the year 2016 the facility should be designed, approved by Glavgosexpertiza in June. If everything goes according to plan, in July, experts will start construction and installation works, Igor Afanasyev, general director of Gazprom Recycling Blagoveshchensk, said. He stressed that the Amur Gas Processing Plant construction project will be implemented at the expense of project financing, rather than Gazprom's investment program.

The project will be closely connected with the creation of the "Siberia Power" gas pipeline and will cost almost 800 billion rubles. The first capacities are planned to be commissioned in 2018 year, turnkey delivery is in the middle of 2025 year. The total area of ​​the complex is 853 hectare.

Gas to the future plant will go through the "Siberia Power" gas pipeline from the Chayandinskoye field in Yakutia and the Kovykta field in the Irkutsk region. The plant will produce methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane-hexane fraction and helium. The construction of the plant will primarily involve local specialists - it will take about 10 thousand workers.

Contract of the century

In the beginning of August, a subsidiary of Gazprom, OOO Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk (the project customer) and NIPIGAZ, a subsidiary of SIBUR, OJSC NIPIgazpererabotka (contractor), signed a contract for the construction of the Amursky gas processing plant, which is called "the contract of the century" - The project is estimated at almost 800 billion rubles.

"The involvement of NIPIGAZ, the leading Russian center for designing, engineering and managing the construction of oil and gas refining and petrochemical industries, will make it possible to realize the project as efficiently as possible." NIPIGAS has the relevant competencies, developed a scientific, technical and intellectual base, has successful experience in managing large investment projects for processing hydrocarbons, including with the involvement of foreign companies.NIPIGAS as a contractor will provide training eyes documentation, supply of equipment and materials, construction and installation work on the Amur GEA and carry out the transfer of LLC "Gazprom processing Blagoveshchensk" plant in a state of mechanical readiness ", - said in a joint press release of" Gazprom "and SIBUR.

The companies emphasize that the plant will use the most advanced technological solutions, which will minimize the impact of the company on the environment. The stage-by-stage commissioning of GPP production lines will be synchronized with the development of production capacities in Yakutia and the Irkutsk region.

SIBUR has already secured the support of the government of the Amur region, signing an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of investment projects in the region. "SIBUR is exploring the possibility of implementing the Amur Gas Chemical Complex (MCC) construction project, which will be technologically connected with the Amur Gas Processing Plant." A number of companies are considered as possible partners, but so far no decisions have been made, therefore, we can not name the volume of investments, "the press- service company. SIBUR is looking for a partner who will be able to share financial risks and support the company when entering the Asian market. According to the estimates of Minskostokrazvitiya, the possible amount of investments into the construction of the MCC can reach $ 11,5 billion. It is expected that for 20 years of operation the enterprise will bring 350 billion rubles of tax revenues.

Creating a TOP

An agreement with Gazprom on the implementation of the Amursky GPP project will be signed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation at the Eastern Economic Forum, the head of the department, Alexander Galushka, said. "We are planning to sign an agreement with Gazprom on the implementation of Russia's largest gas processing project in the Amur Region." I recall that Sibur has already joined this project in the field of gas chemistry, it is a grandiose, large-scale project for the whole country, the volume of investments is about 800 billion rubles, "- quotes the TASS official.

According to Alexander Galushka, the territory of advanced development (TOP) "Free" will be created during 2016-2017. "The Government of the Amur Region and the Gazprom and SIBUR companies are jointly preparing the application for the creation of the" Free "TOR, and this proposal will be proposed by the Ministry of Regional Development for consideration by the government sub-commission for the selection of TOP and investment projects," the Ministry of Regional Development said.

The status of the territory of advanced development gives serious preferences - the plant as a resident of the TOP for as many as 5 years will not pay taxes on profits, it will be exempt from paying property tax and land tax. Contributions to off-budget funds will decrease to 7,6%. All this will allow the company to return its investments faster and start paying out funds to the regional budget. "With a view to reimbursing the falling revenues to the regional budget from the activities of the residents of the TOR" Svobodny "they will conclude agreements on the construction of social facilities in the region with extrabudgetary sources," the Government of the Amur region emphasized.

Golden Rain

In Minvostokrazvitiya it is noted that the gas chemical industry will give a powerful impetus to the development of the Amur region: "The benefits for the region are obvious - this is a significant economic leap due to the arrival of a large investor, first it is a large construction, then a large enterprise, a taxpayer and an employer."

The Government of the Amur Region estimated that the total investment in the construction of all gas projects will be more than one trillion rubles. The receipt in the consolidated budget of the region for the construction period is estimated to be more than 10 billion rubles, over the period of operation - more than 100 billion rubles.

Preparing specialists to work at the gas processing plant will be the Amur Technical College, located in Svobodny. The plans of training programs for such professions as laboratory technologist-ecologist, oil processing operator, engineer of technical pumps have already been agreed upon. These professions are licensed, 1 September classes will begin. After graduating from college, graduates are guaranteed jobs at the gas processing plant. In addition, 1 September 25 eighth-grade school № 1 Free will go to the class of Gazprom. Students were selected for training, demonstrating success in chemistry.

A project of a residential area in the town of Svobodny was prepared, in which the employees of the future Amur Gas Processing Plant will live. In the residential complex will be built 3-4-storey capital houses and townhouses, they will be inhabited by more than five thousand people. The settlement is supposed to create a modern social and household infrastructure. In particular, it is planned to build a school for 900 students, two kindergartens - for 360 places, polyclinics - for 220 visits per day, a leisure center, a covered sports complex, a stadium, a shopping center.

"Gazprompererabotka Blagoveshchensk" LLC - customer of the gas processing plant construction project, Gazprom transgaz Tomsk LLC - the customer of the construction of the Siberia-Siberia gas main pipeline - sent a list of enterprises of the construction industry, engineering, education, business community of the Amur Region, describing the production, types and volumes of services provided for the account at a choice of executors by kinds of works. The active phase of constructions has not begun yet, but we already actively and persistently promote our commodity producers to participate in alizatsii projects, "- noted in the Government of the Amur Region.


The Government emphasizes that the Amur Gas Processing Plant is a unique enterprise not only for the region, but for the entire Far East. The construction of the plant is an influx of investments and taxes. The full-scale gasification of the Amur region will follow: "Natural gas is an environmentally friendly and economically efficient energy resource, and the introduction of new high-tech gas-using equipment in the housing and utilities sector will reduce fuel costs, improve the quality of utilities and competitiveness of regional producers."

On the instructions of Gazprom, in 2008, the general scheme of gas supply and gasification of the Amur Region was developed. In 2015, it was corrected. The draft of the updated Scheme was approved in the municipal formations of the region and sent to OAO Gazprom Promgaz for consideration. In accordance with the updated Scheme, the length of inter-settlement gas pipelines will be 280 km, the number of gasified settlements - 372, the number of gasified yards (apartments) - 307,4 thousand units. The gasification agreement between Gazprom and the regional government is being negotiated in Gazprom. After the signing of the Treaty, the stages of gasification, sources and mechanisms of financing, directions and forms of Gazprom's participation in the implementation of the Program will be determined. The construction of the gas pipelines and the inter-settlement gas pipelines is financed by the company's funds, in addition, Gazprom has already received consent for the construction of gas pipelines to large consumers also at the expense of the company. Distribution networks in settlements, in-house networks will finance the region. Beginning of gasification of the Amur region is possible in 2019 year - after commissioning of the main gas pipeline "Power of Siberia", the Government of the region reported.

Budget revenues

The Amur Gas Processing Plant is really a large-scale project, agrees the head of the Department for the Economy of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation Victoria Gimadi. And in order to talk about the advantages for the Amur region, you first need to decide on the timeframe. "On the one hand, the launch of the project will attract a large number of labor resources, which will affect the region's economy positively in the near future." On the other hand, the launch of the plant is associated with the need to put the GTS "Siberia Power" into operation, at the Chayandinskoye field, therefore, the commissioning of the GPP will not start before 2019, and several years will be required for the plant to reach its designed capacity, which in principle does not allow us to say that the budget revenues of Amursk the region will grow at the same time and in 2015.However, if the organizations registered in the region are involved in the construction of the GPP, then the budget revenues will grow already during the construction of the plant, and with its commissioning there will be much more significant growth of budget revenues " , - predicts Victoria Gimadi.

The expert does not mind that such a large-scale construction starts during the economic crisis and sanctions, Victoria Gimadi believes that Gazprom has many opportunities to attract financing. The prospects for the project will depend on the prospects for demand for GPP products - ethane, propane, helium and other products - both on the domestic market and on external ones (primarily the Asia-Pacific region). "It is expected that by the year of 2022, the gas chemical plant will be launched there, which will receive ethane gas from the GPP, from which it will produce gas chemistry products." Here, an important issue is the prospect of selling a whole range of products both to the domestic market and for export From the point of view of demand in the domestic market, the growth potential of the Far Eastern economy is important, which in many respects will depend on the success of such large investment projects. and the Asia-Pacific region are attractive, but the competition on them is higher, so much will depend on the ability to compete in quality and price.There is one of the advantages of the complex is the proximity of the city of Free to the border with China, which will allow working with lower transport costs for the export of products. "

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