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Three quarters of the sociality of the treasury

The budget of Primorye for 2017 year, proposed by the regional authorities, preserves an unconditional social focus: more than 72% of costs will be for health care, education, culture, social support for the population, provision of housing and compensation payments, including the liquidation of the consequences of last year's typhoon "Lionok"

Three quarters of the sociality of the treasury
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The Primorye budget for 2017 year proposed by the regional authorities retains an unconditional social focus: more than 72% of costs will be spent on health care, education, culture, social support, housing and compensation payments, including the liquidation of the consequences of last year's typhoon Lionrok.

In key areas of the social and cultural sphere, expenditures were increased even without taking into account the parameters of federal subsidies, experts emphasize. The administration of the Primorsky Territory, together with the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, continues to work on introducing amendments. The quality of budget planning in Primorye remains proper, the RF Ministry of Finance confirms.

When making the budget of the Primorsky Territory for 2017 year and the planning period of 2018-2019, the compilers managed to solve several tasks at once. President Vladimir Putin instructed entities to reduce inefficient spending each year "by at least 5% in real terms." Each expense item from 2015 year is subjected to a careful audit - it is a promise to reduce costs, more rational use of treasury funds. At the same time, the budget should ensure the unconditional fulfillment of all the obligations on social security of the population, the cost of implementing the "May decrees" of the President on raising salaries in the budgetary sphere and financing all instructions of the governor is a guarantee of stability. In addition, the regional budget should remain a "development budget", which is especially important for the Far East, whose development has recently been outstripping.

The budget of Primorye on 2017, adopted in the first reading, proved that all tasks can be implemented in one document. As in the outgoing year, the budget-2017 remains socially-oriented: the share of expenditures on the socio-cultural sphere has grown. “The priority is still the areas of education, health, sports, culture, social support of citizens. The expenses of the regional budget in these areas will be increased, ”said, introducing the draft budget to the deputies of the legislative assembly of Primorye, First Vice Governor Vasily Usoltsev.

At the same time, it can not be said that the region invests all funds in the "social sphere" without leaving them to their own development. The expenses managed to be balanced in such a way that all the Oblast's commitments, for example, on the creation and development of infrastructure in the areas of outpacing socio-economic development, Mikhailovskiy and Nadezhdinskaya will be fully implemented. The "road fund" is filled with funds in accordance with the needs. Total capital investments in state-owned objects will exceed 7,4 billion rubles. - they are supposed to be directed to the objects of public health, culture, road activity and infrastructure of TOP.

The budget formation for 2017 year had one more peculiarity connected with the Primorye experienced natural disaster - the most powerful typhoon “Lionrock”. Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky drew attention to this: “Ahead is the complete restoration of roads, bridges and other infrastructure after a typhoon. This is a huge layer of work, and, of course, the budget of the region for the 2017 year must be formed to take this into account. It is necessary to do everything so that life in the affected areas will return to the same course as soon as possible. ” In 2016, the regional budget has already provided significant assistance to flood victims: 392,43 million rubles were sent for compensation, and 669,7 million rubles from compensation funds from the RF government reserve fund. But in 2017, reconstruction work on the destroyed infrastructure is to continue.

In general, the implementation of state programs for the development of health, education, culture, sports, social support, employment promotion, provision of housing for certain categories of citizens and reimbursement of expenses related to the establishment of preferential tariffs, 72,5% of the amount of expenses is planned to be sent to the social sphere. The budget priorities, 2017, are visible from the distribution of expenditures by government programs, through which 97,5% funds are allocated. The next year, the largest expenditure commitments were on the programs “Development of education in Primorsky Krai for 2013-2020 years” (22,4%), “Development of health care in Primorsky Krai for 2013-2020 years” (21%), “Social support for the population of Primorsky Krai on 2013- 2020 years "(15,4%)," Providing affordable housing and quality housing and communal services for the population of Primorsky Krai for 2013-2020 years "(11,1%)," Development of the transport complex of Primorsky Krai for 2013-2021 years "(9,6%).

According to the Primorsky Krai Administration, the cost of the regional budget in the amount of more than 17 billion rubles is provided for education. The main share falls on the “General Education” subsection - 59%. 26,2% of expenses will be allocated to preschool education, secondary vocational education - 11%. The principal amounts will be spent on the wages of workers in this sphere and on the operation of school buildings, colleges, centers of additional education and the family arrangement of children. “Compared to last year, an increase in the volume of budgetary assignments under the state program“ Development of Education ”is planned for 5 million rubles for the purchase of school buses for municipal schools; 2,9 million rubles - for scholarships of the governor of the Primorsky Territory for gifted children; 301,6 million rubles - for the construction, reconstruction of buildings ", - transfer to the regional administration. In particular, the construction of a kindergarten in Bolshoy Kamen on Gagarin Street and the construction of schools in seven districts of Primorsky Krai, the reconstruction of the Olginsky district in the Timofeevka village school and the preparation of design and estimate documentation for the Ussuriysk school are planned.

The cost of the regional budget for health care for 2017 year is provided in the amount of more than 16 billion rubles. The section includes: inpatient medical care, outpatient care, medical care in day hospitals of all types, emergency medical care, procurement, processing, storage and ensuring the safety of donor blood and its components, sanitary and epidemiological well-being and other health issues. Compared to last year, 277 million increased expenditures on the provision of activities of institutions, on the detection of tuberculosis, on the reconstruction of an oncologic dispensary. There will also be purchased vehicles in the Olginsky district hospital.

The regional budget expenditures under the Social Policy section for 2017 are foreseen in the amount of 24,46 billion rubles, which is 43,3% higher than last year. The state program will finance social services for the population, protection of families and children and other issues in the field of social policy. 2 billion rubles will be allocated for regional additional payments in Primorye. "In particular, it provides for the costs of organizing distance education for children with disabilities, subsidies to organizations in which people with disabilities and people with disabilities go in for sports, social assistance to the poor," the administration notes. The increase includes expenses for supporting foster families, payments to guardians, regional maternity capital, child benefits, monthly payment for the birth of a third child, payment for housing and communal services to labor veterans and teachers working in the countryside, subsidies for housing and utilities.

Expenses of the regional budget under the section "Culture" for 2017 year are provided in the amount of more than 1,3 billion rubles. According to this article of the budget, expenses are planned for the International Film Festival of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region "Meridians of the Pacific", support for the Gorky Theater, the Arseniev Museum, the Regional Philharmonic Society and the Youth Theater. At 2017 year for the construction of clubs, houses of culture in villages will be spent 51,8 million rubles, for current and major repairs - 18,9 million rubles. "Compared to the 2016 year, the capital repair expenses of the Vladivostok Circus have been increased by 160 million rubles, a complex reconstruction with elements of the restoration of the historical and cultural monument of the administrative building of the Kunst and Albers trading house and its modern adaptation to the branch of the exhibition center of the State Hermitage - on 126,5 Million rubles, as well as for the acquisition of cultural objects by the region's districts for municipal needs - by 20,5 million rubles, "the Primorsky administration notes.

On the development of physical culture and sports in 2017, Primorye's budget will send more than 1,6 billion rubles, which is higher than last year's level by 6,9%. "The main growth in the 2017 year is associated with an increase in the subsidy to municipalities for the construction, reconstruction, repair and purchase of sports facilities for municipal needs - by 136,5 million rubles, as well as the inclusion in the bill of expenses for the acquisition of sports equipment, equipment and sports vehicles - this Another 46,5 million rubles, "the regional administration reported. At 2017 year, inform the administration, it is planned to build a fitness center in Nadezhdinsky municipal district for 70 million rubles, ZATO Fokino - for 31,5 million rubles. In the school of the village of Vladimiro-Alexandrovskoye there will be a gym for 15 million rubles, the stadium Shakhtar in Partizansk and the football stadium in Luchegorsk will be reconstructed, the costs will be 24 and 30 million rubles, respectively.

Natalya Kolomeytseva, leading political scientist, expert of the Center for Social Innovations “Black Cube”, draws attention to the fact that the debate among the expert community and the deputies themselves during the discussion of the draft budget of Primorye for 2017 year “is caused by the fact that it’s social is quite relative. " Mrs. Kolomeitseva explains that the criteria for classifying budgetary expenditures as social depend on how you look at these expenditures - “their significance for a wide range of the population or the extent to which they actually reflect the interests of these circles”. “In fact, almost all government spending can be called social to varying degrees,” she says. As an example, the expert cites expenditure items on support of budget enterprises. On the one hand, they can also be called social, since enterprises "provide water, heating, tidy streets and squares." But for the population, “social budget items will be those that provide for an increase in salaries, pensions, tax cuts,” the expert emphasizes.

Primorye's budget for next year, says Natalia Kolomeitseva, has limited reserves for such expenses: "The whole country and the region in particular are going through the hardships of the effects of the external economic crisis, which did not disappear at all, but took on a protracted character that only aggravates our domestic economic situation." He also compulsorily contains expenditure items that are difficult to call social, and their expediency is difficult to explain to the public. First of all, these are spending obligations in the framework of projects already started, for example, 1,2 billion rubles for the completion of Hyatt hotels, although 96% of Primorye respondents, citing CER Black Cube, are categorically against additional allocation of funds for long-term construction.

“If we talk in general, this year there is a tendency in the adoption of the main financial documents at various levels of government, consisting in the growth of the social component. We see this in the draft federal budget, which is now also being adopted in the State Duma. In many cases, the explanation lies in the initiatives of the federal center, do not forget that the deadline for the implementation of the "May" presidential decrees is nearing the end; besides, the authorities at various levels need to carry out the impressive social bloc of presidential instructions voiced as part of the annual messages of the head states, ”summarizes Natalia Kolomeitseva.

Head of the Legislative Assembly on Social Policy Igor Chemeris emphasizes that only regional surcharges for a pension in the 2017 budget are 492 million rubles, which allows them to be provided at a level higher than the federal standard. "Analysis shows that even without federal funds, which will only be spelled out in the budget for the second reading, the growth of spending on social spending has already occurred at 4%. This is for all despite the fact that we have not yet received federal subsidies. Further we enter the phase of amendments, "- says the head of the committee.

Taking fully into account the needs of financing the social sphere is extremely important, since in the absence of the means pledged to it, it is not only the quality of the process that suffers. This showed a recent discussion of the problem of children's textbooks, held at the Committee on Social Policy and the Protection of the Rights of Citizens of the Primorye Legislative Assembly. Despite the provision of 2016 million rubles from the regional budget to the municipalities of 236,5 for the purchase of textbooks and bringing the school staffing level to 98,5%, in some educational institutions they continue to attract parents' funds to buy textbooks. However, it is illegal, and in all educational organizations, it does not matter, the municipal is a school or gymnasium, textbooks should be issued free of charge, the acting president emphasized. Director of the Department of Education and Science of Primorye Oksana Martynenko. Parents also need to buy manuals and workbooks on their own initiative - they facilitate the work of the teacher, but are not required. And the legislation allows municipalities to allocate funds for these purposes.

Budget planning in Primorsky Krai is traditionally of high quality, which is confirmed by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. At the end of 2015, the region was in the group of subjects with the proper quality of financial management (it included only 37 regions). Primorye has the highest score in the Far Eastern Federal District in terms of the openness of budget data for the reporting fiscal year - 89 (the closest in result Khabarovsk Territory is the total 69). In Primorye, all the indicators set by the President’s May Decrees were achieved, according to the rating of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation: by the ratio of the average salary of doctors and medical workers, middle and junior medical staff, workers of cultural and educational institutions, social workers and the average salary in a subject of the Russian Federation.

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The main parameters of the regional budget for 2017 will be: in terms of income - 84,3 billion rubles, in terms of expenditures - 90,9 billion, deficit - 6,6 billion. The total amount of revenues was increased by 13,45 billion rubles due to the clarification of the distribution of federal budget funds. The bill was considered and adopted in the first and second readings.
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