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One third of the "Most Beautiful Country" is the Far East

In the final of the national photo contest-2017 it was confirmed by the jury of the Russian Geographical Society

One third of the "Most Beautiful Country" is the Far East
Photo: Andrey Shpatak

For half a year, professionals and amateurs of all ages downloaded broker your photos. Foreigners were also allowed to participate, as long as Russia was in the frame. From the 52 of thousands of pictures the jury of the Russian Geographical Society chose the 12 best, the users voted for the 13 n nomination Were like the traditional headings "Birds", "Peoples of Russia "," The most beautiful country. Landscape "," The World in Our Hands "," Wild Animals "," Underwater World "," Macromir "," Young Photographer "and" Audience Choice Award ", as well as novelties -" From Dusk Till Dawn "," Caves of Russia " , "Cultural Heritage of Russia", "Russia from a bird's eye view". The works were evaluated by well-known public figures, photographers and art historians.

Photographers of the Far East took 4 places out of 13. Which is logical: the region occupies 36% of the territory of Russia. Although from 9 Far Eastern regions and regions the judges admired only the beauties of Kamchatka and Primorsky Krai, but twice at once.  

1 place in the nomination "Wild animals" - "Hid". Denis Budkov, Kamchatka, the village of Thermal. The chanterelle, like a toy, stands under the two-meter-long dried flowers of the cow grouse. 

"In the finale there was a tough fight between the fox and the walrus, if I'm not mistaken, but my picture won. This chanterelle dwells near an abandoned village where old sewers are left, there is a hole in it. My photo-hunting lasted 2 weeks. The fox character is funny, curious, I was not particularly afraid of me, at one point I went for a walk and stood in a pose. It was a winter still-life. 


There is always a lot of snow in Kamchatka, under this animal there is still a meter and a half. So after the snowfall to her burrow she had to dig. And once a fox came to visit her, I have a series of pictures of how they are played. In the summer she went to live behind the hill, and, probably, to take out the foxes, "Denis shared with EastRussia.

1 place in the nomination "Caves of Russia" - "The Ice River. " Marina Malikova, Kamchatka.


“A tunnel in 760 meters in the thick of snow and ice broke through a river near the Mutnovsky volcano. You can be sure that next year there will be no such photos. Nature is skillful and unique. But jokes with her are bad! Only a miracle saved curious photographers! Frozen and wet through and through, we left the tunnel to warm up, and it was at this point that the entrance collapsed, " - wrote the author.

1 place in the nomination "Underwater World" - "Octopus and its environment." Andriy Shpatak, Sea of ​​Japan, Rudnaya Bay. 

“My picture of an octopus took 1st place in the" Underwater World "section. Doflein's giant octopus chose a narrow cleft in the rock as its home. Flocks of small oriental perch already live here, which can serve as food for it. After all, the octopus is especially active at night, when these fish are sleeping ", - signed the author his work.

Doflein's octopus is also called giant. There is information that some individuals of this octopus can reach a length of 960 cm and a weight of 270 kg.


1 place in the nomination "The world is in our hands" - "There is no hope." Yuri Smitjuk, Primorsky Krai, the city of Ussuriysk.


«My heart-rending portrait of a bear, which I called No Hope, won in the sad nomination “The world is in our hands”. In this nomination, I declared two pictures and another twenty to others. There were beautiful birds, huge whales and killer whales, bright landscapes of Kamchatka. I was very worried about the photo with the bear - it hurts provocative and screaming. It seemed that there was no place for such stories in this competition.

Prehistory. 26 August 2015 in the Primorsky Territory hit a powerful typhoon "Goni". In the city of Ussuriisk, a mini-zoo with brown bears was flooded, with which the fate to face the impact of the elements face-to-face fell. Animals were sent food on a motor boat. A few days later, thanks to activists from the zoo, 18 small animals were taken out, 14 bears remained on the flooded territory. At noon 2 September evacuation began. The bears, the chilled waters, were taken out on boats and helicopters. This look I will remember all my life, "-
 Yuri admitted on his page in Instagram.

The photo contest of the RGO "The Most Beautiful Country" is held for the third year, it is dedicated to preserving the wild nature of Russia and fostering a careful attitude to the environment through the art of photography.

The most talented photographers, according to the version of the "Russian Geographical Society", were received at the Central House of Artists in Moscow at a festival that takes place from 3 on 12 November. At the opening, each was awarded a diploma, 250 thousand rubles and a memorable plush toy - a snow leopard. 

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