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TORES leave "anchors"

The Far East intensified the process of termination of agreements on the implementation of investment projects

Over the three years of the functioning of the territories of priority development in the Far East, EastRussia has calculated, eight investors-residents have prematurely terminated agreements on the implementation of projects without excessive noise. This week at a closed meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev, representatives of the Minsk region proposed to initiate early termination of the agreements "due to obvious default of obligations" with three more investors in the TOP of Khabarovsk Krai - Samarga-Holding, Toreks and Khabbs "and as it turned out, only eight projects have problems with financing in the region." EastRussia tried to figure out exactly what it is that makes it impossible to turn these announced investments into those that have been implemented.

TORES leave "anchors"
Photo: Yevgeny Pereverzev
Special project TORA and Free Port

Residents of the TOP in the Khabarovsk Territory took upon themselves the obligation to invest in the projects 33,8 billion rubles. private investments (5,8% of the total amount of declared investments in TOP for DFO) and requested state support for infrastructure construction in the amount of 7,4 billion rubles. (11% of the total state support for TOP in the Far East). This was announced on Wednesday at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, first deputy head of the Minsk region, Alexander Osipov. He noted that the authorities put 34 billion rubles as a target indicator for the Khabarovsk TOR. investments (agreements for 23 billion rubles have been concluded), for Komsomolsk TOP - 11,6 billion rubles. (8,4 billion rubles in actual fact), for the top Nikolayevsk - 3,1 billion rubles. (2,4 billion rubles), that is, under all three TOPs, there is a shortage of investments. Of 29 announced projects in the TOP, eight were put into operation - by 2,2 billion rubles. 

According to the First Deputy Minister, 14 projects in the Khabarovsk TOPs are being implemented within the terms stipulated in the agreements, but four projects have problems. LLC "Investor DV", which planned to deploy the production of shore protection elements from concrete, can not attract debt financing. Similar problems for OOO "Fridman Fish", which was supposed to build a fish breeding complex, LLC "Extruded feed", who declared a project for processing biowaste, and an investor in the distribution complex of agricultural products "Agrohab" - the latter is considering the issue of obtaining funds from the SME-Bank and Rosselkhozbank. The waste management project also identified the need for an environmental impact assessment, and therefore "retired", Mr. Osipov added. 

"And we propose to approve three projects for dissolution because of obvious default of obligations," Alexander Osipov told Yury Trutnev, after which the media was asked to leave the meeting room. 

According to EastRussia, early termination of the agreement is proposed with OOO "Toreks" (2 resident in the register, metallurgical production), OOO "Far Eastern Production Company" Khalibs " (67 resident in the register, production of finished metal products and electrical equipment) and OOO "Samarga-holding" (82 resident in the register, the activities of land and pipeline transport).

Of the three listed only, "Torex" has a valid reason. The company, we recall, proposed to build a mini-steel plant near Khabarovsk for 4,53 billion rubles, bought a land plot for the project, agreed with equipment suppliers and worked out the issue of attracting a loan. But in the process of preparing the first project "Torex" bought the bankrupt factory "Amurmetal" and now will be closely engaged in the reconstruction of this asset. The first deputy prime minister of the Khabarovsk Krai for investment and priority projects, Yuri Chaika, confirmed to EastRussia that the anticipated early termination of the agreement with Torex is more a technical matter, and the investor does not leave a project for the development of metalworking. 

"Samarga-holding" at the second Eastern Economic Forum in 2016 announced a huge cost of the construction of a railway line through the Sikhote Alin ridge. The company received the certificate of the resident of the TOR "Khabarovsk" for the first stage of the project - the logistics complex in Rakitnoye for 5,99 billion rubles. But even in 2017, the company announced the absence of its own funds, although head of "Samarga-holding" is still confident, that the project will someday be realized. The Khalibs project has never been publicly announced. Alexander Osipov, according to a source EastRussia, at the meeting told Yuri Trutnev that "the investor disappeared from the connection." "Khalibs" announced the project for 36,5 million rubles, he clarifies.

Investor DV (130th resident in the register) initiated a housing construction project, the amount of investment was not disclosed, Friedman Fish (162nd resident) - a salmon reproduction plant worth 3 billion rubles. Both belong to the Fridman family of Khabarovsk businessmen. LLC "Wholesale and distribution agro-industrial park" AgroHub "(35th resident in the register, 80% belongs to LLC Amurzerno and is a part of the same-name group of companies, co-owner of 20% - Moscow LLC Dalinvest) declares a project for 3,24 billion rubles ., for the first stage the investor needs 550 million rubles. "Extruded feed" LLC (196th resident in the register) announced a project to modernize the enterprise into a complex for processing and destruction of biological and medical waste, the amount of investment was not disclosed.


Meanwhile, according to EastRussia, there is no funding and "there are delays in the schedules" and at least four projects in the Komsomolsk TOP - Yuri Trutnev was also reported by Alexander Osipov. The official said that of 20 projects in the TOP are put into operation four - for a sum of 1,2 billion rubles. Problems with attracting investments are experienced OOO "Epsilon-2" (1 resident in the register, production of finished metal products), LLC "Akor tool" (113 resident in the register, a similar type of activity), OOO "New Russian pulp" (205 resident in the register, construction of a plant for the production of soluble cellulose) and LLC "Komsomol meat-packing plant" (207 resident in the register, production of chilled meat and meat products).

"New Russian pulp" applied for the construction of a pulp and paper mill in Amursk for 40 billion rubles, "Akor tool" - carbide tool factory for 675 million rubles, "Komsomol meat-packing plant" - sausage factory for 500 million rubles. The group of companies "Energia" claimed 7,17 billion rubles. investment in the plant for machining parts through OOO Epsilon-2. But the problems with the project of the once "anchor" resident of the TOR "Komsomolsk" became clear in 2016 year: the company, despite the support of Minvostokrazvitiya, and could not agree with the United Aircraft Corporation on the guaranteed order of work. 

According to EastRussia, at the meeting, Yury Trutnev asked to clarify whether exactly Energia GC refused to implement the project for machining parts for the Sukhoi corporation, while Khabarovsk governor Vyacheslav Shport proposed to convene a meeting on the prospects for the development of the Komsomolsk TOP and the " which is not enough for investors to go actively there. " Yuri Chaika confirms that the authorities do not intend to refuse to specialize in the Komsomolsk TOR for servicing the interests of the USC and UAC industries.


It should be noted that problems with the projects of the residents of the TOP arise not for the first time, but also early termination of agreements with the "Corporation for the Development of the Far East", as already written by EastRussia, began in the summer of last year. So, in June of 2017 year the agreement on conducting activity in TOP "Nadezhdinskaya" (Primorye) was dissolved OOO "SATO", intending to produce thermal underwear. In August of last year, the project left LLC "Nevada-Khabarovsk", which planned to build a logistics complex in Rakitnoye (Khabarovsk Territory). "Losses" amounted to 45 million rubles. and 1,5 billion rubles. the declared investments accordingly, and the initiative about cancellation proceeded from the residents themselves. Both of the company's refusals were explained by the unavailability of the infrastructure of the sites: both Rakitnoye and Nadezhdinskaya are greenfield, that is, all the networks to them have to be pulled from scratch.

As follows from the published register of residents, since then there have been six more such cases. In November 2017 year ahead of schedule terminated the agreement on the activities in the TOP "Komsomolsk" Carbon LLC (61 resident in the register). The investor announced an investment of 161 million rubles. in the enterprise for the processing of wood waste - the final products were to be coal for barbecue and technical carbon. In December, the same TOP OOO "Trading House" Yukon " (16 resident in the register). The company announced a project to modernize the fish processing industry at the Amurlitmash site for 95,5 million rubles. 

Among the abandoned projects - LLC "Clay Career Sakha", 23 resident in the register, who worked in the Yakut TOR Industrial Park Kangalassy. "The company announced a project for the production of ceramics and bricks at 300 million rubles. LLC "Nevada-Nadezhdinskaya" (70-th resident) came from the TOP "Nadezhdinskaya", where it announced a project similar to Khabarovsk for a logistics complex for 1,6 billion rubles. and was considered one of the "anchor" investors. LLC "Amur Plant of Metal Constructions" (84-th resident) came from the TOP "Belogorsk", where it planned to build production with investments of more than 715 million rubles. In January of the year 2018 from the TOP "Nadezhdinskaya" came out Primorsky Fishery Cluster LLC (200 resident in the register). The company, which signed the agreement in November of the year 2017, announced the project of a fish fillet processing plant with the capacity of 20 thousand tons of products per year and intended to conduct design and survey works at 2018. The amount of the declared investments was not publicly disclosed.

Thus, from 259 residents included in the register, 8 companies have already left the TOP in advance. In their projects, as stated, should be invested at least 4,4 billion rubles. In case if 11 problem residents mentioned at the meeting in Khabarovsk are problematic residents, the losses in the declared investments (in the rhetoric of the Minsk region, they are called "attracted" and form the notorious 3,7 trillion investments attracted to the Far East), according to EastRussia, will be not less than 68 billion rubles.

Back in January of this year, Yuri Trutnev recommended an audit of the TOP with the closure of those sites that were not in demand by investors. In early April, the press service of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East cited a statement on the topic of the head of the department, Alexander Galushka. "Let me remind you that priority development areas in the Russian Far East are created in a cluster structure, when several sites are united by one government decree on a common territory. And some of the sites are not in demand today by investors," the minister said. "Some sites within the TOP, where investment projects are not being implemented today, will be closed - their number (specific weight) does not exceed 5% of the total. Moreover, when a request for the implementation of investment projects at such sites appears, the TOP regime will be restored there." , - the ministry said in a statement. 


But the problems raised at the meeting in Khabarovsk are much broader than the ineffectiveness of individual sites of TOP: the main problems of investors are the lack of funds for the announced projects. 

"We found an investor, the banks say: give 20% of your own funds and we give a loan." The investor says: I can not invest now, because the loan is not guaranteed, although there is a guarantee letter from the investor for an investment of 570 million rubles. said the representative of "Fridman Fish." - The loan agreement with a precondition is an exit, it's the usual way. There are no risks for the bank, it's a simple decision: as long as there is no own money in the project, the credit line will not open. "Rosselkhozbank, The branch here shows full understanding and is ready to meet, at the level of the head office in Moscow to agree such a solution still can not. " The investor has already received a technical assignment for the installation of equipment from the supplier, but first you need to build a workshop, and the construction "holds only financing."

AgroKhab has a similar problem: Amurzerno usually works with Rosselkhozbank, but the group decided to borrow financing for the investment project in the SME Bank, which recently opened a representative office in Khabarovsk. "The SME Bank itself offered to enter the project, it was September of last year, we need 500 million rubles, and we also asked for a loan agreement with a precondition, but we were offered to refinance on the whole group of companies, restoring liquid assets," said the representative of AgroKhaba, "In principle, we were not against the terms, we offered good terms, until February we were engaged in providing documents for on-lending, but even the first question has not been decided yet, we have not switched to the investment project phase." We returned to work with Rosselkhozbank. " Credit organizations, he complained, often ask for security in the form of money that guarantees future interest payments, thereby "freezing" working capital. 

For both projects, investors say, it is crucial to receive financing in the spring, as it is necessary to go out to construction work in the summer. "Moreover, our Dutch equipment supplier has already manufactured it and is waiting for an advance payment.We can go to our own resources in the ground, start the work of the" zero phase ", but we need to make an advance payment of about 25% of the equipment cost - this is about 80 million rubles," - specify in "AgroHab". "We have already signed a construction agreement, they are ready to go to the site as soon as the credit line is guaranteed." It is necessary to begin construction in May, and then by the end of the year the building will stand and installation of equipment can begin in a warm shop, "they say. "Fridman Fish".
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